40 Best Patio Designs with Pergola and Fireplace – Covered Outdoor Living Space Ideas

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Many patio ideas fall out of style, but pergolas are here to stay and have been for a very long time. Whether you opt for a gable, pitch, or sail pergola, it not only adds structure to the yard but also provides shade and seclusion. With one of these patio designs with pergola and fireplace, you can create a beautiful outdoor living space that can be the envy of all.

Sale, gable, and pitch pergolas are covered and provide protection from the weather. With such designs, you can enjoy a fireplace under the roof while it’s raining outside. However, pergolas are essentially open structures with support beams. They can be open-topped or feature a decorative lattice roof that provides only partial covering. Still, having a pergola built around a fireplace is some if the best ideas for a patio. It makes your outdoor living space look inviting and stylish.

Best pergolas are truly versatile and can add that little bit of oomph to the patio. You can opt for a freestanding pergola or have it be an extension of the house. The latter can create a wonderful indoor-outdoor living space in the form of a semi-covered or covered patio. Attach a fan with the structure’s lattice, add a fireplace in the middle, and you can enjoy the patio all year round.

If you don’t want a fireplace obstructing the space in the middle, you can instead opt for a stone-surround wall fireplace on one side of the structure. It creates a more free-flowing space that is ideal for parties. Add a coffee table in the middle, and you have a dreamy outdoor dining area.

A freestanding lattice works just as beautifully, and perhaps away from any solid structure is where it truly shines. You can add drapes to the sides for functionality. Decorate the structure’s lattice with decorative wines and flowers to add beauty and charm. Include a fireplace with the structure, and you have the perfect outdoor living space regardless of the temperature.

Many might shy away from pergolas because of their avant-garde appearance. However, you can instead opt for smaller structures as decorative elements. You can use them to provide shade over your outdoor kitchen. Have the latticework extend from the yard wall to save space and yet add the decorative element in your backyard. You can even use the beams to install additional yard lights.

Opt for sail pergolas if you want to create a more modern look as they don’t have extravagant lattice roofs. A plain piece of cloth extending over the structure protects the environment while simultaneously adding a charming structure to the patio.

The best part about these structures is that you can buy DIY vinyl or wooden kit and erect one up yourself. Upgrading your patio has never been easier. Have a pergola extend over your outdoor fireplace, and space will end up looking like a million bucks. It immediately increases the value of the house.

You can even opt for a custom-built pergola to fulfill any specific design requirement you may have. Whether you opt for a small structure, a large one, or for something in between, it is bound to look amazing. Paint it white and it will look nothing short of magical.

Here are a few pergola with fireplace patio ideas to help you with your yard design process.

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