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The key to creating an outdoor space that you’ll want to use all the time—by day and night, in all kinds of weather—is a sturdy, attractive little structure to serve as your home-close-to-home. At its most basic, a shed provides shelter, storage, work surfaces, and seating; beyond that, you can customize it to suit your interests.

Whether you decide to create a chic, comfy “she shed,” an awesome adjunct to your grill, a well-equipped workshop, or a playhouse for the kids, it’s important to start with a shed that’s soundly built of top-quality materials and sits on a solid foundation. Look to LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® for the goods—from LP ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish®, the only flooring product specifically warranted for shed use, to reflective LP ProStruct® Roof Sheathing with SilverTech® that brightens the shed’s interior while keeping it comfortable. And, thanks to the company’s innovative SmartGuard® treatment process, you can count on its siding and flooring to boast extra strength, durability, and resistance to fungal decay and termites.

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508 Elfinwild Ln, Shaler, PA 15116 | Shaler Real Estate

Property Description

Loads of living space, storage, and potential in this two story Shaler Twp. home! The centrally located kitchen opens up to the family room, dining room, and living room making entertaining guests convenient. A vaulted ceiling, skylights, and wall of windows allow plenty of natural light into the family room. Stairs off the family room lead to a large additional living room, bedroom, full bath, and laundry room on the second floor which would be perfect for an in-law/guest suite or separate private living space. Hardwood flooring can be found under the carpet on the main floor bedrooms, living room, and dining room. The wet bar and game room are ready for guests to enjoy the big game. The lower level also has a laundry room and leads out to a 2 car garage with an additional basement storage room at the rear of the garage. Convenient to major transportation routes, parks, and schools. One year 2-10 home warranty included.

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How We Made Our Outdoor Living Spaces Low Maintenance- The Patio & Deck Makeover – Shine Your Light

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This post is in partnership with Raymour & Flanigan, who I am proud to work with for their quality, customer service and community care!
All opinions about this company and their products are 100% my own.

Summers for us right now mean two of our kids are home from college, our nest is full again, and there are tons of friends and family around. Nothing makes me happier than a warm night with friends, food, music and laughter around the fire, the kids throwing the football around, playing corn hole or laying on the trampoline looking at the stars!! These sweet, ordinary, often unplanned times are what life is all about and I know we will look back on them with such fondness through the years.

Even though all through the winter we can’t wait for warmer weather, every spring Mark’s and my enthusiasm are tempered with ALL THE THINGS we have to do outside before we can relax out there – mow the lawn, clean out the gardens, mulch and plant flowers. We are grateful for our home but sometimes it can feel like endless work! Can you relate? Before you can enjoy, you have a million projects to tackle first? Add to our list the 30+ year old rotting deck that needed boards replaced just to be able to get to our grille safely, and the teak table and chairs that needed to be scrubbed and oiled at the beginning of every summer. Since replacing our deck this year became a MUST with one board after another rotting right through….

….this time around we decided to make it as low maintenance as possible and went with Trex composite decking that has a 25 year warranty and can stand up to our harsh New England winters and hot summers better than natural wood. What a difference!!

As much as we love the look of natural wood, we decided it was also time to say goodbye to our teak table and chairs that I had scrubbed and sealed every summer for years, and find something we could set up at the beginning of the warm weather and just enjoy from Day 1. 

I shared a bit about our new table, chairs and benches from Raymour & Flanigan last week when my rhododendrons were in bloom and we had brunch out here for Hannah’s birthday. They are easy to set up, easy for me to move around on the deck, neutral AND the exact style I wanted, we LOVE them! 

The table and benches are lightweight aluminum but the finish on them is so pretty, just like a driftwood-stained wood. (Holy pollen by the way! I had just hosed off the deck and furniture the morning I took these pictures and when I was editing I could see it had a fresh coat already!)

I opted to go with woven resin wicker armchairs for the ends and these are comfy for lounging after dinner. The chairs and benches came with cushions and I added a couple throw pillows for some color.

The tiled table top is pretty and easy to wipe down.

Also majorly noteworthy about all these pieces – they are all from the Raymour & Flanigan outlet online! There are other pieces from this line that can be bought as a set but I pieced together what we wanted (benches were a must for squeezing lots of people around here in the summer!)

Now onto the patio!

Our deck overlooks our patio and fire pit, and this area got some new low-maintenance seating too! If you’re new here, this is what the view looked like when we moved in – very dark, with tons of trees right up to the deck and a large fenced-in pen for dogs to one side.

We had a bunch of huge pine trees taken down, brought in loam, planted grass and then three summers ago I installed a pea stone patio and built a stone veneered fire pit.

Adding the Adirondack chairs this year was what I had always envisioned for this space and they are perfect here!

A year or two ago I wrote about my search for chairs for this patio and a few of you mentioned that going with a composite material was a total game changer for you, so I took your advice! These chairs are made of a heavy material that is similar to the Trex decking, and won’t warp, rot or need painting through the years! 

At first I thought “composite” Adirondack chairs were the stackable plastic ones you can buy at the hardware store. Those are just fine if you have them by the way, but we were looking for something heavy duty that could withstand the elements for years. These are solid and so comfortable! And it makes my heart beyond happy to see my people hanging out here together!!!

Over the summer this garden of hostas, tiger lillies and seagrass against the house, and the ornamental grasses and spirea I planted around the patio, will all grow tall and fill in, making this area feel a bit more like an outdoor room (in fact I took down the flower boxes that were under those four windows because they eventually get eclipsed by all the plantings in here!). My clematis on the trellis I just built is starting to bounce back from being moved so that will fill up this wall with greenery too.

This fall or next spring we’re planning on having a mature river birch tree or pear/cherry/apple tree that flowers planted in the garden bed around the patio that will grow and give this area some dappled sunlight and shade.

I picked up a couple of these pretty, soft chenille throws this year…..

….and I could not resist this “picnic blanket” too – I’m such a sucker for blue and white stripes!

Blankets, summer cocktails, stacks of wood and s’mores…..what else could we need for an evening by the fire?

Have you ever had Ghirardelli chocolates (little blue packs) in s’mores by the way? I buy the variety pack but next time I have to hide the caramel ones from my kids because they devour them. Those are my favorites!

One last peek of this area when the sun goes down – that’s when the real magic of an outdoor space comes alive! We haven’t put up string lights yet this year but I picked up these cute woven candle holders with glass inserts and put citronella candles in them. They were so pretty as the day’s light faded away! 

I’m obsessed with the woven texture and pretty light they give off, as well as my little hydrangeas that I picked up for only $20 each and put them in pots after reading this post by Jessica at Four Generations One Roof. I’ll plant them in the early fall when the weather cools off and they are done flowering. 

We love our whole outdoor space from the deck to the patio where we will spend a ton of family time this summer and in the years to come. Even though it’s taken years it has been so gratifying to see our visions for this house and yard unfold little by little!


• ONE • Use building materials that can withstand your climate. In New England, synthetic materials are far more durable than wood for freezing cold winters, ice and snow as well as summer heat that can be into the 90s. 

• TWO • Consider all-weather furniture that doesn’t need annual staining or sealing. Natural teak and other woods are beautiful and classic but how much time or money do you want to put into maintaining them every year? With so many pretty all-weather furniture sets to choose from, you’re not really giving up a lot to go with a composite material.

• THREE • If you’re installing a pea stone patio, I highly recommend at least one but preferably two layers of weed-blocking landscape fabric under the stone! You can read more about the installation of our pea stone, and what I learned from the experts, right here. Who needs to spend their summer picking weeds? Not us!

• FOUR • While there are so many beautiful annual plants out there, choosing perennials that will come back year after year is great investment of both your money and time. This year I’m opting to use hydrangea plants in pots and hopefully next year they will be adding color to my gardens. Choose perennials that work well in your lighting situation (full or partial sun or shade) and then put it in the ground in the early fall while the soil is still relatively warm. Read more about when to plant here.

Many thanks to Raymour & Flanigan
for collaborating with me to share some of their outdoor furniture and help me create a low maintenance outdoor living area that we can enjoy through the seasons! Although I did check out all the outdoor furniture in their showroom, I truly felt comfortable ordering online from the Raymour & Flanigan outlet after seeing the quality of their furniture first hand. For in-stock items Raymour offers free delivery in 3 days or less, 7 days a week, with no assembly required. Everyone at this this company, from the associates in the showrooms to the delivery guys, couldn’t be nicer and more accommodating and I love that with their huge inventory, there are lots of different price points and something for everyone.

These are some of the products we used for our outdoors spaces (and love them so much we went back and bought another piece for the deck!)

Cheers to low maintenance fun in the sun this summer!! If you have any questions about our new furniture or decking let me know, I’m happy to help!

This week is all about reveals!! Hint hint….there’s another one you’ve all been waiting for coming at the end of the week 🙂 

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Andersen energy-efficient windows guide | QualitySmith

Guide to energy-efficient windows available from Andersen Windows

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you may need to install windows at some point. Andersen energy-efficient windows are a good choice if you are looking to save money on your energy bills. When you shop for these windows, you must understand which windows are best for your home. This will help you control your total windows cost, making it less expensive to build a new home or renovate an existing one.

Andersen produces a variety of products that conforms to ENERGY STAR requirements. The company also makes its NFRC ratings available to consumers. These ratings help people understand how well a window resists condensation, keeps wind out of a home, retains heat during winter and prevents the escape of cool air during summer. Having these ratings available makes it easier to compare Andersen energy-efficient windows with other products on the market and select the window that is right for your environment.

A-Series Energy-Efficient Windows

A-series picture windows come in your choice of 11 colors. The interiors are finished with one of 10 finish options. These windows were designed to maximize the unobstructed view from your home, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of your environment without letting cool or warm air escape when you need it most.

400 Series Energy-Efficient Windows

Andersen energy-efficient 400 Series windows: If you are interested in a traditional double-hung window, energy-efficient options are available in the A series and 400 series. The 400 series offers two choices: the tilt-wash double-hung window and the Woodwright double-hung window. Both windows are available in five colors. They feature a double layer of weatherstripping to prevent wind, dust and water from entering your home. Because these windows have a tilting sash, they are easy to clean. The A series double-hung window comes in 11 color and 10 finish options. This window also has a double layer of weatherstripping to protect your home from the elements.

Homeowners interested in energy efficiency have several options for Andersen casement windows. These Andersen energy-efficient windows are available in a variety of exterior colors and finishes, making it easy to match new windows to your home. The A series and 400 series casement windows have a double layer of weatherstripping and a single-actuation handle that makes locking the window as simple as making one motion. The 400 series also includes an energy-efficient gliding window. The window features flexible weatherstripping and low-friction coating for smooth gliding action. This window is available in five exterior colors.

Andersen energy-efficient windows are also available in awning, bow and bay styles. The 400-series awning window is available in five exterior colors and has a double layer of weatherstripping. The A-series awning window gives you flexibility in choosing the colors that you prefer, as you can choose separate colors for the window trim and the sash frame. This window is available in 11 colors. Andersen has four different energy-efficient bow and bay windows, all of which are members of the 400 series. They include the Woodwright double-hung bay window, casement bow window, tilt-wash double-hung bay window and the casement bay window. All four are available in five colors and have advanced weatherstripping systems to keep dust and wind out of your home.

When you are ready to install your new Andersen windows, you should consider hiring a reliable contractor. The QualitySmith service can help you find such a professional in your area who can give a windows estimate and come up with ways to reduce your windows price. If style and energy conservation are your top priorities, Andersen energy-efficient windows may be the right product for your home.

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Discover Mullican Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a popular flooring trend. This type of flooring is ideal for nearly any room in the home, including the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. If you are in the process of remodeling or designing a home, you may be interested in hardwood flooring. Mullican engineered hardwood floors are an excellent option, so read on to learn more about them.

One reason people lean towards Mullican engineered hardwood floors is that this type of flooring is more versatile and durable than natural hardwood. It is also more customized to your needs, making the remodeling process as easy as possible. Engineered hardwood flooring is created with cross-layer construction. This means one piece of engineered hardwood flooring is made with five to nine layers of hardwood. Each layer is stacked in a cross-grain fashion, then bonded together with heat and pressure.

Engineered hardwood flooring isn’t just durable and easy to install, it also fights off moisture. The construction process of this flooring option reduces expansion, meaning moisture is less likely to slip through the cracks.

You can install engineered hardwood over any type of subfloor, whether it be concrete, wood, OSB, or plywood. Engineered hardwood flooring is a top choice because of its versatile installation abilities. The flooring can either be glued or stapled to the surface below, allowing those installing the wood to select an option that is best for your home.

If you’re interested in contemporary designs, opt for engineered hardwood flooring. Because of the construction process, engineered hardwood flooring is often available in a wider range of options that may appeal to the modern homeowner. Plank widths, tones, finishes, stains, and so on vary with engineered hardwood flooring, meaning you’re more likely to find that perfect match for your design style.

Mullican engineered hardwood floors can be yours. Just shop at to find the perfect option for your home. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-689-9006 today!

Mullican Flooring | Discount Hardwood Flooring

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307 E Clen Moore Blvd, New Castle 2nd, PA 16105 | New Castle 2nd Real Estate

Property Description

Stately 2 story brick colonial located on North Hill encircling over 2900 square feet of amplitude living space. This well maintained residence includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room on first floor. Likewise, the first floor includes a convenient first floor 1/2 bathroom and roomy laundry/mud room area at rear entrance. Hardwood flooring incorporated in family room and dining room. Second level consists of 4 sizable bedrooms along with 2 additional full bathrooms. Hardwood flooring in bedrooms. Conveniences covered in this well maintained North Hill dwelling.

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Best Outdoor Living Ideas for Every Part of the Country

outdoor living

No matter whether you live in sunny California, the Deep South or the Northeast, it’s fun to be outside when the weather is nice. If you’ve been dreaming of spending more quality time enjoying nature – or just enjoying your backyard – we put together a list of things you can do to enhance your home’s outdoor living space so you can enjoy every moment.

Keep reading to see our top ideas that will get you started on re-imagining your home’s outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Structures

Create a built-in activity zone to help balance busy work schedules with much-needed family and relaxation time.

Gazebo—add a luxurious outdoor room that provides protection from the elements while you’re cooking, dining, or just relaxing. Locate it near a pool, hide it in the landscaping, or connect it to your deck.

Pergola—this open structure offers a variety of options to provide privacy, create a focal point, or use as a transition point. Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to your home with columns and support beams. Add sheer draperies for shading a luxurious spa, a dining table and chairs for family gatherings, or set up a play area where your child’s sensitive skin can be protected while their imagination runs wild.

Arbor—this decorative landscaping structure can be used to separate outdoor elements or the framework for a garden seat. Add some vines to blend with other greenery or create a unique texture.

All Decked Out

With new maintenance-free building materials available, custom backyard decks are more popular than ever. Large or small, decks can be used to create a relaxing retreat, an enjoyable entertainment venue, a way to utilize your entire property, and even increase your home’s resale value.

Choose from low-cost pressure treated lumber, elegant and durable tropical hardwoods, time-tested cedar or redwood, maintenance-free composites, or Ipe hardwood that’s designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and keep it looking great year after year.

The possibilities are endless—layout as a single or multi-level structure; add built-in components like benches, railings, bars, planters, lighting, and cabinets; set up designated areas for cooking, dining, relaxing, or entertaining.

Pave the Way

Ground-level, custom-designed patios are trending across the country for their versatility and durability. Paver stones, flagstone, brick, fieldstone, and textured concrete come in a wide selection of colors and textures to match your unique tastes.

Don’t be afraid to let your inner architect shine by fashioning a multi-level patio that defines the outdoor kitchen from the dining area. Build up a vertical element with coordinating materials—low cobblestone dividers, seats, and planters to start.

Hard surfaces can be warmed up with upholstered patio furniture, a decorative area rug, and brightly colored pillows or umbrellas. Throw in a few potted, flowering plants and you won’t ever want to go inside.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Homeowners living in the northeast rank fire pits and backyard fireplaces among the most-desired features on their home improvement wish lists. It can be an inexpensive portable style or a permanent element in your design that brings people of all ages together during all seasons.

Keep your family safe by building your fire pit into a stone patio or add screening to stop stray sparks from escaping. Then it’s time to break out the marshmallows and get ready for a relaxing evening under the stars.

Now You’re Cooking

Don’t forget to plan a space for your BBQ grill. Fully equipped outdoor kitchens are every aspiring chef’s ultimate dream. Make sure to include zoned areas for food preparation, staging, and cooking.

Extras you might also want to consider to enhance your backyard retreat are:

  • Bar area
  • Refrigerator
  • Rotisserie burner
  • Pizza oven
  • Concrete or granite countertops
  • Drop-in sink with high-neck faucet
  • Dishwasher

Be careful – you may never want to cook inside again!

Nature’s Bounty

You’ve probably spent some time planting and maintaining your front yard landscaping, and while that’s an excellent way to add curb appeal to your home, you shouldn’t ignore the backyard.

Imagine your own backyard oasis with a kaleidoscope of perennials, annuals, flowering shrubs, and water features to enhance your outdoor living space. Fountains, ponds, and water gardens are among the most popular trends for their affordability, accessibility, and environmentally friendly approach.

Don’t worry if you’ve got a small yard or urban property, you can have some fun with nature too. Consider a green roof garden, decorative pots with tall ornamental grasses as a room separator, or a pergola covered in lush vines and hanging planters to offer an intimate sanctuary in your city setting.

Do you love fresh fruits and vegetables but don’t think you have the time or space to grow your own? Think again. Plenty of weekend gardeners are creating blended gardens that include edible and ornamental plants. This unique concept lets you enjoy the convenience of city living while your taste buds savor flavors only nature can provide.

Hide in Plain Sight

Every backyard living space seems to accumulate an endless amount of equipment and accessories that need to be organized and hidden away. A garden or storage shed can provide the perfect home for all that patio furniture, pool toys, landscape equipment, tools, and every other outdoor gadget.

Pre-built sheds come in all sizes, shapes, styles, and price ranges. Look for something that has double doors and a window or two to let in some natural light. If you want something specially designed, you can opt for a custom-built shed that will incorporate every feature you’ll need.

By adding even a few of these outdoor upgrades to your home, you’ll create the perfect destination for family fun and entertaining. You don’t need a giant yard or budget to make your space amazing. You only need a little inspiration and imagination to be on your way to creating the best outdoor retreat ever.

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Creating a Cozy and Comfortable Outdoor Living Room for Summer Nights

outdoor living

Sponsored Content: A huge thank you to Article for providing me with the furniture for this post. All opinions are my own. Scroll down to the end of this post for a very special giveaway!

The following is the story of how an online furniture shopping spree inspired me to create a cozy outdoor living room in my garden. Now my family and I are spending these long summer evenings curled up in homey comfort while ensconced in nature outdoors.

About Article

The folks at Article started a modern online furniture store so they can bring great designs directly from designers and manufacturers while keeping the customer’s prices low. The lack of brick-and-mortar retail stores saves you money, but there has to be a trust factor in online shopping, and that can be hard with large purchases like furniture. To help with that, I’ll share my experience with Article as a first-time online furniture shopper.

I first scrolled through the outdoor collection looking for something to add to my backyard and found the Ora Beach Sand Basket Chair and Sofa. Love! Article has expanded its outdoor collection, which includes a range of outdoor sofas that look so good you could use them indoors or out. The delivery was scheduled via phone by a local moving company who unpacked and set up all the furniture for me, which is great because the sofa is heavy!

Usually online purchases underwhelm me, but this time it was different. When the furniture arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I mean, look at those wood legs! And the cushion fabric is both durable and water resistant for outdoor use.

I also ordered two Balla Mushroom Sheepskin pillows from the indoor collection and love how they add warmth and texture to the outdoors. The pillows were larger than I expected them to be and one has curly wool while the other has more straight wool. I didn’t expect them to be different, but as it turns out I like that they look like a coordinating set.

As I unpacked all of my new stuff, the plump cushions of the couch and chair, the luxurious softness of the sheepskin pillows, and the calming neutral tones and variations in texture of all of the pieces made me think of the Danish concept of hygge, which celebrates cozy furnishings and creating a quiet, peaceful oasis within the home.

So I thought, why not make an outdoor hygge retreat? The Article items inspired me to put together a whole outdoor living room with little touches that make everything a little warmer, comfier, and more luxurious so I can really enjoy these long summer nights outside.

As a first-time online furniture shopper, I learned that you will still be surprised by online purchases, but if you shop somewhere you trust, like Article, then it will be a great surprise that can even inspire you in ways you didn’t expect.  Read on to see how I put it all together, and then I have a surprise for you at the end of this post (HINT: I’m giving something away!).

There is nothing better at the end of a long summer day than cozying up in an outdoor lounge to sip a cool drink and enjoy the breezes. As the summer winds down, the evenings can start to become cooler and my new outdoor living room has all the elements of warmth and comfort that speak to summer nights. Read on for five easy ways to inject a little summer hygge into your life this season!

“Hygge,” the Danish concept that roughly translates to “coziness,” is all about adding warmth and comfort to daily life. It’s not a word that gets much play in the summertime, but hygge is just as beneficial during the hot, sunny months as the cold, dark ones.

5 Ways to Add Hygge to Your Summer Nights

Furnish the Outdoors like a Living Room.

Hygge is all about making the home into a space of comfort and happiness, and in the warmest months we have the opportunity to extend that hominess to the outdoors. The weather is dry, the nights are warm, and you’re probably spending a ton of time outdoors anyway, so go ahead and create an outdoor living room! The Ora Sand Basket Chair and Sofa set are sturdy and cushy, almost like indoor furniture. They are the perfect base for my summer hygge sanctuary. Set up your outdoor furniture somewhere with a natural backdrop. I chose to place mine in front of my espalier apple tree which gives me a peaceful view and fresh apples to snack on if the mood strikes.

Get Cozy with Soft Blankets and Plush Pillows.

I love a soft throw blanket and this chunky knit wool is just the thing to snuggle up under.

The Balla Mushroom sheepskin pillows add texture and coziness to the hammock chair. They are so soft and luxurious and add the perfect amount of warmth to a summer night. As you can see, my son is a big fan.

The colorful pillows are made with photographs of flowers from my garden – a pink Masterwort (Astrantia) and a coral double coneflower (Echinacea). I photographed the flowers in a light box with a macro lens to pull out all the details, then I had them printed on a soft linen/cotton blend fabric and sewn into pillows. The pillow form is a puffy down in a size bigger than the pillow to make it really poufy (the pillowcase is 18”x 18” and the pillow form is 20”x 20”). I bring these in at night and when it’s raining, but they are machine washable if they get a bit dirty.

Keep Bugs at Bay.

Mosquito bites are decidedly un-hygge. Protect your outdoor evening oasis from bugs by placing DIY citronella candles around the perimeter. You can see how to make citronella candles here. I originally made these citronella candles in cans back in 2011. They got rusty and I fell in love with the look of the rust. When the original candles were finished, I made new candles in them and they look fab!

Add Ambiance and Warmth with Outdoor Lighting.

The candles also add warm flickering light. Candles, lanterns, and fairy lights are all a big part of hygge as they add a sense of warmth and symbolize a connection to the light within. Lighting up the night is also very practical because it allows you to extend those luxurious summer evenings as late as you like. I love the warm glow of my candles and rechargeable camping lantern.

Use Warm Tones like Terracotta, Copper, and Coral.

I love how cool the Beach Sand color of the Ora chair and sofa are, but I also wanted to balance them with the warm light of summer. Warm colors are relaxing and inviting, so try to add a few accents to an otherwise neutral color scheme. The terracotta pots of succulents are easy maintenance and work with the tone of the pillows.

I also like a metal cup to drink from when I’m outdoors, and these copper mugs have the same rosy + rusty tones as the other accents. Some people believe that drinking from a copper mug also helps to build your immunity. I’m not sure of the truth behind that, but I think that the cups look beautiful and my immunity can use any help it can get as we start moving into fall.

We only get so many long, warm nights every summer, so make the most of it! Get outside, light some candles, snuggle under a blanket, and breathe in the fresh summer air. Let me know your favorite way to hygge in the comments section below.

Giveaway Time!

I’d like to send a little of my garden to you! Leave a comment on this post telling me how you find comfort in the summer months and I’ll randomly choose one of them to receive one of the botanical pillows from my Etsy ShopTo enter, simply leave a comment on this post by August 14, 2018. Be sure you are also signed up for our newsletter to make sure we have your permission to email the winner. You’ll get news and special offers we don’t share anywhere else. This contest is open to residents of the continental US and Canada, except Quebec and where prohibited.

5 ways to hygge in the summer

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You Can Properly Clean Your Hardwood Floors with These Tips!

Hardwood flooring adds beauty and warmth to any space. When purchasing hardwood flooring, you are making an investment in your home, which you want to protect. Get the most out of your hardwood flooring by maintaining it. For tips on how to properly clean your hardwood floors, just keep reading.

When cleaning hardwood flooring, start by vacuuming or dry mopping the surface to get rid of any surface dirt or dust. Then, use a damp mop to clean the floor. Mop along the grain of the wood with a water-based cleaning solution to safely clean the floors without chemicals. After you’ve washed the floor, don’t forget to dry them with a soft cloth.

There are several things you want to avoid when cleaning your hardwood floors. For one, you don’t want to use any oils, waxes, or furniture polishes. These solutions can leave behind a residue that is slippery and streaky. They can also damage your floors if they are too strong. You also don’t want to use ammonia or alkaline products either, as these are too abrasive for hardwood flooring. Finally, don’t use too much water. Excess water can seep between the cracks of hardwood flooring and cause permanent damage or mold.

With a little bit of water, cleaning solution, and elbow grease, you can maintain the high quality of your hardwood flooring for years to come. Following these tips can protect your floors, while also keeping them clean.

If you’re considering hardwood flooring for your home, you can find an outstanding selection of choices at Shop for hardwood flooring for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and so on by visiting our website today! If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 800-689-9006 or email us at

Discount Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Tips

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Striking modern home in East Hampton expressing indoor-outdoor living

outdoor living

This striking modern home was designed by Zone 4 Architects in collaboration with builders Design Development, located in the East Hampton hamlet of Wainscott, New York. Boasting 6,000 square feet of indoor living space, there is also an additional 3,000 square feet of integrated indoor/outdoor living — with every detail thought out. DMS Interiors, was responsible for the interior design of this project, with lighting design by Robert Singer & Associates Inc.

This home begun with its humble origins as the modernization of an already existing home found at the edge of East Hampton. The residence then underwent a major transformation “into an all-inclusive statement of contemporary architecture and the embodiment of indoor-outdoor living for summertime living.” Yet, with its warm tones and clean lines, the house brings its owners a livability that is year-round.

Great attention was given to both the lighting and architecture at the exterior living spaces. Linear slot lighting harmonizes with the structured design and manicured landscape. Uplights and downlights are used in conjunction with sculptural and art elements, creating points of interest with intense highlights and shadows. Completely lamped with LED sources, this remodel greatly reduced its energy consumption with custom details that accentuate the updated architectural forms. A fully integrated control system assists with energy savings and ease of use.

What We Love: The project team did a fabulous job of creating a striking modern home that makes full use of its environment. Fully optimizing indoor-outdoor living, this home can be enjoyed by family and guests throughout the summer months. We are especially loving the outdoor living spaces, the swimming pool looks ultra-inviting, with plenty of space for cooking and lounging. We could imagine enjoying a summer vacationing in this outdoor oasis!… Readers, what are your thoughts on the overall design of this home. Would this be your idea of the ultimate dream house? Please tell us in the Comments!

Note: Have a look at another wonderful home tour that we have featured here on One Kindesign from the portfolio of Zone 4 Architects: Extraordinary modern-rustic home in Aspen by Zone 4 Architects.

Photos: Steve Mundinger

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How Wooden Flooring Can Add to Your Home’s Essence and Decor

Looking for a way to add a little more prestige and class to your home? There are many ways for you to revitalize your home without breaking the bank. One way to make everything feel fresher is to simply swap the floors in your high traffic areas, where they are most likely to become worn and tired.

If you are considering wooden flooring as a replacement, here are a few different types and how they can add to the appeal of your interiors.

Use Real Wood Flooring, it’s Definitely The Right Choice

Real wood flooring definitely oozes with quality and if fitted correctly, it gives a professional look to any room it is in. Whether it is the bathroom, living area, hallway or kitchen, real wood flooring has its place in your home. 

Prices for real wood flooring can be a bit on the higher side, in comparison to other flooring types including laminate and vinyl, so you should consider whether this is the right option for you.

However, it is definitely worth investing in as it will last for many years to come if treated fittingly. It creates a stunning base which is literally the foundation of the room. Choosing the right one could transform your room without having to go through the process of a lengthy renovation.  

How to choose hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring generally comprises thick timber planks, which last for a long time. These are more time consuming to install and require a professional to do it (unless you can back your woodworking and DIY skills). If not laid correctly, gaps can develop between two planks, which would make a creaking noise when you walk on them. Another downside, these have an issue with humidity, the planks can budge due to moisture and create wider gaps between each other.

Engineered hardwood is the new thing to go for, it is made with a thinner top layer and bonded with several layers to prevent the floor from expansion and contraction due to moisture. More so, it is slightly easier to install and maintain. If you are really looking for a prestige finish to your floors then real wood parquet flooring can also make a good choice.

Laminates Come in Different Styles and are Almost Woody

If you like the look of wooden flooring but cannot commit to the price, you should definitely consider laminate. There are many stylish laminate solutions out there which look as good as the real thing and are definitely worth investing in. Laminate resembles traditional hardwood very closely, in fact, it sounds like hardwood when you walk on it. With the right maintenance, laminate can last for years, it is very durable and looks just as good to the discerning eye as an expensive hardwood floor.

Why choose laminate?

It’s a good idea to upgrade home’s flooring with durable laminate flooring since it’s easy to install. Also, laminate flooring is water-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about accidental spills, splashes and of course moisture, laminate water-proof flooring is easy to maintain. This facet ensures you can install laminate flooring in rooms when you typically wouldn’t put hardwood.

Most homeowners are lately opting to install their own laminate flooring, this is since laminate planks are designed to interlock. This makes the flooring easy to install. Moreover, laminate flooring can be installed on all types of existing floors including concrete, wood, and tile.  

Wood Flooring is as Good as its Installation

In your head, you may already be thinking that fitting flooring could be a nightmare of a task. However, it doesn’t need to be if you make careful and sensible options in the planning stage. There are options for you to use click flooring (even with real wood options) that can take some of the stress away. 

Another option might be to actually get an individual or outside company to handle the installation for you. When it comes to installation, make sure you have a good quality underlay to place underneath your chosen floor. The cheapest option might not be the best as you may hear creaks when walking on it and have other issues as it ages. 

Upkeep is Easier than You Might Think

The general upkeep of wooden flooring is pretty easy. A light vacuuming and a clean with a microfiber cloth should be all it needs. Don’t mop your floors as this can cause water to trap in the wood, potentially warping it. All you need is a gentle but dry cleaning method to keep your floors looking as good as the day you laid them. It’s natural for hardwood flooring to lose its sheen over time due to exposure to sun or excessive use, instead of wasting money using paint or lacquer to re-color problem areas, you can simply use rugs

Don’t be put off by the amount of work wood flooring appears to need. You can very easily find high-quality wood floors which are certain to bring a little essence to your home.  

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BoHo, Minimalism Top Zillow’s 2019 Outdoor Living Trends – May 21, 2019

outdoor living

SEATTLE, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — It’s easier than ever to create an outdoor oasis that’s an extension of your home, and this summer’s biggest trend is creating a backyard space that is as comfortable as your indoor one.  Design styles like bright and bold BoHo and Scandinavian minimalism are heading outside, according to Zillow®’s 2019 Outdoor Living Trends Report.

“The lines have been blurred between what’s indoor-only and what you can use outside, which means it’s never been easier to create an outdoor space that’s cohesive with your indoor design,” says Kerrie Kelly, Zillow’s Design Expert and founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

2019’s Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends

Mixed Materials.  This summer, design elements that were once considered for indoor use only – brass, rope, textured upholstery and webbing – are being combined in new, unexpected ways for outdoor spaces. Chandeliers, soft rugs and cozy floor cushions are now popular for outside, and new fabric options now include outdoor-safe velvets, leathers and nubby chenilles. 

Minimalism to the Max. Scandinavian minimalist design, beloved by social media, is now showing up in outdoor furnishings. Lounge chairs, loveseats and bistro tables are trending this summer in lightweight, powder-coated aluminum.  Make it Pinterest-worthy with neutrals like black, white, grey or mix-and-match with a natural material like teak. 

Some Like it Hot. This summer it’s all about elevated outdoor spaces that feel as stylish, comfortable and functional as interiors – with all the amenities.  Fire features and outdoor kitchens continue to be extremely popular, providing a sense of “indoor cozy.”  Beyond adding ambiance, the latest Zillow research found home listings mentioning outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces sold for significantly more than expected.

Pops of Color.  Splashes of bold color are brightening up neutral upholstered furnishings.  This summer’s top color trend of citrus bright oranges, reds, yellows and pinks are lively and vibrant outside. Think about adding a touch of Living Coral, Pantone’s Color of the Year, or play with newly trending emerald green in your accessories.

Go Green Outside.  Eco-conscious landscaping, outdoor furnishings and fixtures have gained traction this year. Living walls make a design statement and reduce your carbon footprint, and solar-powered LED accent lights provide upgraded illumination without complex wiring or tricky installation.  When it comes time to sell, listings mentioning outdoor lighting were associated with homes selling for 19 percent more than expected.  

Outdoor Trends to Leave Behind in 2019
Matching Patio Sets.  With more options than ever, there’s no need to rely on matching patio sets for a pulled-together look.  Instead, curated, eclectic outdoor spaces continue to rise in popularity.  Own a patio set?  Add mix and match multi-patterned outdoor pillows, a textured ottoman and a vintage rattan side table for a unique look. 

Rustic Farmhouse.  Weathered barnwood dining tables and industrial metal chairs are getting a 2019 makeover with a sleeker combination of teak and aluminum.  Take your existing farm table and give it an upgrade with a set of bright, cheery mesh aluminum dining chairs. 

Zillow is the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place they call home, and connecting them with great real estate professionals. In addition, Zillow operates an industry-leading economics and analytics bureau led by Zillow Group’s Chief Economist Dr. Svenja Gudell. Dr. Gudell and her team of economists, data analysts, applied scientists and engineers produce extensive housing data and research covering more than 450 markets at Zillow Real Estate Research. Zillow also sponsors the quarterly Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, which asks more than 100 leading economists, real estate experts and investment and market strategists to predict the path of the Zillow Home Value Index over the next five years. Launched in 2006, Zillow is owned and operated by Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:Z and ZG), and headquartered in Seattle.

Zillow is a registered trademark of Zillow, Inc.


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1215 Meadowbrook Dr., North Strabane, PA 15317 | North Strabane Real Estate

Property Description

*Well Maintained & Move-In Ready Townhome!*Hardwood flooring throughout main level, sundrenched living room & dining room features a gas fireplace and beautiful French doors with decorative lead glass open to the low maintenance and private Trex patio, fully equipped kitchen boasting quartz tops & stainless appliances, main floor powder room, 2nd floor offers laminate wood flooring throughout, spacious master suite with large closet, conveniently located to Route 19, I79, shopping, dining, entertainment & more! Buy with confidence a 1 year home warranty included!

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3014 Wiggins St, Pittsburgh (Polish Hill), PA 15219 | Polish Hill Real Estate

Property Description

Move right into this beautifully updated home in Trendy Polish Hill Neighborhood! Attached garage and driveway offers ample amount of parking! Large deck overlooks level fenced in back yard! Brand new gourmet kitchen with ceramic flooring, Granite counter tops, high-end stainless steel appliances, and an island! Hardwood flooring in living room and all bedrooms! Two Gorgeous full baths, one with a custom stand up shower! Basement for additional storage or could easily be refinished to add additional living space! Quaint cul de sac street with fabulous views!

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Discount Hardwood Flooring | Buy Wood Floors Online |

Hardwood floors are a notable investment, so you want to get the most possible bang for your buck. Maintaining hardwood flooring can extend its life span. When buying new flooring for your home, make it last by following these care tips:

Tip #1: Keep your floors dry.

One way to maintain the quality of your hardwood flooring is by keeping it dry. Damp flooring can stain, warp, and even rot. To avoid wet floors, place mats in your home near areas that may collect water, such as your entryway, your bathroom, and your kitchen. Also, instead of mopping, try using detergents to clean your floors.

Tip #2: Be gentle.

Even though hardwood flooring may seem durable and tough, it requires gentle care to maintain its quality. Vacuums and steam cleaners may be a little aggressive for hardwood flooring if used too often. Instead of using these cleaning tools, try a microfiber to pick up dirt and reach those nooks and crannies.

Tip #3: Polish your floors.

Hardwood floor polish can add shine to your flooring, as well as protection. Polished flooring has greater durability, as well as a more attractive appearance. To polish your flooring, remove all of the furniture, give the floors a good cleaning, and apply the polish with an applicator. Once the polish sets, your flooring will look remarkable.

Tip #4: Strip and refinish your flooring.

As your floors age, they may require greater care. If you have old hardwood flooring, consider touching it up by stripping and refinishing it. By doing so, you are breathing new life into the flooring and increasing its ability to withstand heavy traffic. Stripping and refinishing your flooring is easier than it sounds, and can take as little as a day. You can also contact professionals to get the job done if needed.

Looking for the perfect hardwood flooring for your home? If so, look no further than Visit our website for an outstanding selection of flooring options today! For more information, give us a call at 1-800-689-9006.

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