7 Types of Flooring for Your Dog’s Safety and Health

Hardwood Flooring

Whether you’re considering purchasing a new home or remodeling an existing house/apartment, the choice of which floor to use is one of the most important selections you can make, especially if you have dogs. Your fur babies are an integral part of your family and their comfort should be taken into consideration. That’s why you need to consider what the best flooring for dogs is, and how it affects your pets.

With so many  home flooring options out there, it might be difficult to make a wise choice. Most new (and even veteran) pet owners don’t even know what the best flooring for dogs would be, or why dogs would even care. As long as food is provided, who cares, right?

The truth is, dogs themselves do not care about flooring, but there are different types of floors that are better or worse for canines and their health. If you do your due diligence and research the pros and cons of each type of flooring for your dog, you are sure to come out with the right option that would be a compromise between you and your pooch.

Should we even care about dog floors? Science says YES!

Did you know that studies have shown how certain types of floors can negatively impact your dog’s health?

Specific types of floors can cause lameness in dogs, locomotion problems, and allow dogs to injure themselves easier. A type of floor also may cause general dog paw and feet related health problems and simple discomfort.

Further research into this has also shown how certain animals – dogs included – are also affected psychologically by the type of flooring they walk on daily. Moreover, in another scientific study, when given a choice of different flooring types, animals clearly had their preferences and chose one type of flooring over another. Good enough sign, no?

Because your pet will be walking on this floor daily, playing on it and sleeping on it all the time, it simply has to fit your dog’s profile. Surely you want your Fido to be comfortable and avoid health issues that could’ve been prevented. At the same time, you also want to make sure the floor will be beneficial for you, look good and complement home decor.

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What to consider when choosing the best flooring for dogs?

There are several criteria for choosing the best floor for dogs. The following are all factors that you must consider before you make your final decision. The flooring should:

  • Give enough support and comfort for lying, walking, sleeping and standing;
  • Allow your pet to separate himself from his excrement;
  • Be safe for running and playing on;
  • Be easy to clean (for your own sake).

Certain types of floors will be very good at absorbing your dog’s excrement and urine (which is a bad thing). You won’t necessarily see them, but whatever has been absorbed remains as an irritant to your dog’s paws and skin, which causes problems in the future.

Even though the actual scientific evidence on what type of flooring for dogs would be best is scarce, one study assessing interdigital cysts in Beagles has found how specific type of floors affect their paws, thereby providing us with some pointers on what to choose.

Drawing from all the available scientific data we have today, NRC’s Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals has stated that “flooring should be solid, perforated, or slatted with a slip-resistant surface”. This type of flooring helps to avoid lesions and irritations. They also mention that floors made of wire-mesh or slatted cage floors are not a good option for most animals.

Purdue University has put together a great document with scientific references on what owners should consider when choosing flooring, and why it matters. Here it is (PDF).

In conclusion, taking a look at all the above evidence, it seems like any type of floor will have its pros and cons, and there’s no such thing as the absolute best flooring for dogs, including their natural environment. With that in mind, we can pick “the best of all evils.”

So let’s take a look at the types of floors owners can install in their homes, and which ones are considered to be at least semi-appropriate floorings for dogs based on this criteria.

Top Choices of the Best Flooring for Dogs

1. Hardwood Flooring for Dogs

Hardwood flooring is one of the most desirable flooring choices for most people. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, and depending on the type of hardwood floor you get, it usually goes very well with everything at home.

However, when considering our furry friends, some accommodations should be made to make the flooring pup-friendly. Hardwood floors can be especially slippery when they’re waxed and can be a tough surface for your dog to get a firm footing on.

If you choose to use hardwood floor for dogs, make sure you put down slip-resistant mats or area rugs to give your pet a stable place to walk. Doggy mats and area rugs will also come in handy to prevent the scratching of your floors, as hardwood floors scratch very easily. Enough scratches will compromise the beauty of the wood, and the flooring will need to be re-sanded and refinished in order to bring it back to its former glory.

If you do proceed with installing a hardwood floor for your dog, it’s always best to choose harder wood. Some examples of more durable hardwood floorings include:

Be cautious of pet accidents as well, as this flooring stains easily when urinated on. In fact, it often leaves a dark spot and a bad smell, even if it’s cleaned up quickly. If a mat is not used under your dog’s food and water bowls, hardwood flooring is susceptible to warping, should any water get spilled on it.

2. Laminate Flooring for Dogs

Some think of laminate flooring as an ideal option for dog owners; however, there are a few things to keep in mind should you decide to install this type laminate at your home.

The good news is that laminate flooring is pretty durable and scratch-resistant. The bad news is that it is not scratch-proof, and you’ll see the signs of dog’s presence quickly.

If you have a larger or heavier dog, it is very possible for your Fido to scratch the flooring surface. This type of flooring can be affected by water spills over time. But as long as urine accidents are cleaned up promptly, there is little to no damage, unlike hardwood.

Like hardwood flooring, laminate flooring can be extremely slippery. I would advise you to consider slip-proof mats for dogs, as well as area rugs to provide your pet with a good way to get around the house instead of it becoming an ice ring.

Finally, laminate flooring can also be much cheaper for dog owners to buy and replace. You can find tons of affordable options at online retailers like Amazon.

3. Bamboo Flooring for Dogs

Bamboo may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about the best flooring for dogs, but it can definitely be an excellent choice for both you and your pet.

Bamboo’s surface is considered to be hard and durable, but that really depends on whether or not the bamboo wood itself is heated and for how long.

The way to know this is that lighter colored bamboo is heated for less time and is harder, while darker bamboo is heated for more time and is softer. See what fits your home and budget best.

Any type of bamboo flooring is not entirely scratch-resistant, unfortunately. But most bamboo floors are stain-resistant and easy to clean, which makes them a great option. Pet accidents won’t negatively affect the flooring as long as those accidents are cleaned up promptly and thoroughly. Another pro is that it’s extremely renewable and eco-friendly.

It seems like recently, majority of pet owners have chose to go with bamboo floors due to the factors mentioned above and that it’s also fairly affordable compared to other types of flooring for dogs. You can find a huge range of these floors on Amazon.

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4. Cork Flooring for Dogs

Cork floor is one of the winners for dogs, but not for owners who care about home decor.

This type of flooring is another environmentally friendly choice. It is relatively inexpensive compared to hardwood and is a soft flooring, so it resists scratches and pressure from your pooch. However, it is possible for a dog with longer nails to gouge out parts of the floor.

Since it is a soft surfaced flooring, cork is very comfortable for your dog to lay on. It also absorbs sound and will not magnify the clacking of your dog’s nails on the surface, which is one of its best features, in my opinion. It’s also been shown that cork flooring is antimicrobial and reduces the growth of allergens and mold – another pro.

Besides being a softer flooring able to be gouged, cork can also be dented if heavy objects are left in place for too long. This type of best flooring for dogs can become discolored over time due to exposure to sunlight, so while your pet will definitely enjoy cork flooring the most out of the already mentioned options, there are a lot of cons to using it.

Nevertheless, if you decide on cork flooring, take a look at these available options.

5. Linoleum Floor for Dogs

Linoleum flooring is cheaper than most flooring choices, and it holds a lot of benefits for pet owners and non-pet owners alike.

Like other flooring options mentioned above, linoleum is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It is easy to clean, and is a softer, quieter flooring choice for dogs.

Even though it is softer, it’s pretty durable and not easily scratched. However, one thing to consider is that it is prone to fading over time and requires regular maintenance, which isn’t ideal for pet parents themselves.

Moreover, linoleum also looks the cheapest (which it is) out of all flooring types we’ve mentioned so far. So if that’s not an issue with you, you may want to consider this as yet another winner right next to cork flooring, and pick something affordable from here.

6. Stone Tile Flooring for Dogs

Stone tile is an extremely durable and attractive option for your home and your pets. It can definitely be considered as one of the best flooring for dogs and owners for several reasons, but naturally, it comes with its own disadvantages as well.

Stone tiles do not scratch easily, if at all, which is the main selling point of this flooring type. It’s also easy to clean stone tiles, even if the mess is left to stay for a while.

The main drawback to this type of flooring is that it can be hard and cold, which can make it uncomfortable for your dog to lay on. This type of flooring can make things especially difficult for dogs with canine arthritis. However, if you provide your dog with a good quality orthopedic dog bed, then this solves the problem for the most part.

There are a few things you can do to make this truly the best flooring for dogs and a bearable surface for your pooch long-term. You can install radiant heat under your stone floor to keep it warm and comfortable; you can also put down area rugs or doggy mats to provide adequate warmth and cushion for your dog. But the dog bed will be the best.

The disadvantage for you as the owner is that stone tile flooring can be expensive and difficult (or time consuming) to install. Here are some prices for you to peruse.

7. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Floor for Dogs

A tiled floor is generally a good choice for a home with pets, and is one of the most common options pet parents use. It is reasonably priced and is pretty durable. This best flooring for dogs can handle most wear and tear from pets, and it doesn’t scratch easily.

Ceramic or porcelain tile is easy to clean, and pet messes won’t damage the condition of the floor. Again, the only drawback to this type of flooring is that it is hard and cold, which can easily be remedied by area rugs or a nice doggy mat or a chew-proof dog bed.

Ceramic flooring or porcelain flooring is the best looking one out of all these mentioned above (subjective, of course). It’s also one of the most expensive choices. So if you feel you can afford it, this may be the top choice in this list. Take a look at what’s available.

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Take Home Message

Choosing the best floor for a dog is not easily, mostly because there really is no ONE best option. Every one of these mentioned types of flooring has their pros and cons. If you’ve read the provided criteria for choosing the floor for your dog and perused the studies, then you’ll have a good idea of what works best in terms of your pet’s health.

Whatever you choose as the best flooring for dogs for your own home, there are a few things you can do to help keep your floors lasting longer and your pup to be happy:

  • Clean up urine or other accidents as quickly as possible to avoid stains;
  • Use doormats at all your entrances to eliminate most dirt and debris;
  • Use non-slip mats or area rugs on slippery surfaces;

Have you chosen the floor for your dog? What factors did you consider, and how did you come to the final conclusion?

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21 Beautiful Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas – ThefischerHouse

Hardwood Flooring

There is a saying that entails home sweet home! That means the home is the most beautiful place in the world that gives us plenty of pleasure. Living in a beautiful room is the dream of every person, but luck supports only a few. Most of the people lack in the case of insight details of decorating their houses as a mid century modern living room; because lots of technical knowledge, as well as plenty of picturesque views, is required to make a house look like a modern living room.

On the other hand lack of explicit services that provide real support in the construction of stylish and modern living room leads a person to have an ordinary looking house.

Whatever the reason is, in most of the cases you end up with an average house that lures neither you nor amazes your friends. The 21st century is the era of personalization. With a distinct vision and creative idea and meshing these with resin, fiber glass, plastic and other elements you can make a stunning house that attracts everyone.

Well, if you are not sure about the designs of your room, then below is the list of some beautiful ideas to make a modern mid century living room.

Mid Century Modern Living Room in Lincoln

image : 2015interiordesign

If you are looking for a modern living room that let you connect yourself with nature, then try out this Gropius’ modern living room. This one was built in 1940’s and still stands high among the other competitor of mid century living rooms.


The house was constructed with a great artistic view. It has two walls made out of big windows, and other two were made out of concrete. Thus it enables you to see lots of scenic beauty through its glass windows. On the other hand glasses war-toughened enough to withstand any potential dangers. The inward posture of this house rejects the traditional design of England that makes it more eyes soothing.

Remodelling of 1958 Mid Century Modern Living Room

image : houzz

Though this house was built back in 1958 but still today it holds its uniqueness and amazes everyone. Beautiful roof supported by high beams and the graphic design of the walls make it ideal one in the present day for a living.

The colour scheme of this house is abstract, and this uniqueness gives it much required attention. Danish rosewood and organic teak inspire the design theme of this house that gives it beautiful look as well as strong built quality too.

Mid Century Modern Living Room in Lincoln

image : houzz

Natural tone is required in your loving home! Well, then go with this one because throughout the house you will see lots of inspirational motifs. And the interesting part is that all of these are influenced by nature.

Earthy colour, earthy pattern all over the house make you feel like you are staying in a house which is somewhere in the middle of a forest. But don’t be afraid it looks like this but actually isn’t. Modern equipment is installed in this house, which is always ready to provide their service whenever you want.

1958 Mid Century Modern Remodel – Sun room Conversion

image : suncityvillas

It seems like the designer of this house was profoundly influenced by the importance of nature. Thus this house is designed in such a way that it can represent 4 seasons with the bright colour options. Moreover, all the furniture are made out of recycled materials that make it nature friendly and saves a lot of money for the user.

Remodel Mid century Modern Living Room San Francisco

image : brucedamonte

An idle place to live with your family because it is spacious as well as beautiful enough that be it a child or an older adult; everyone will get amazed seeing it. Lots of windows and glasses can be seen here and there in this mid century living room that gives an opportunity to connect you with nature.

With new lights and equipment. This house is always ready to support the busy lifestyle of San Francisco.

Midcentury Modern Home Addition

image : houzz

If you love hardwood flooring along with the big windows in your house to let yourself connect with nature, then try this mid century modern living room for an outstanding experience. Hardwood flooring gives it a stylish look, and along with vivid colours, this house is always ready to amaze everyone.

Midcentury Living Room Calgary

image : houzz

If you are a bit sceptical about yourself and your family, then Calgary is the best option for you. With enclosed structure and alesser number of windows as well as doors, this house is always ready to provide you with a lot of security. The fireplace is standard, and the beige flooring offers a lot of good look to the home.

Ranch Mid century Living Room

image : Pinterest

If you don’t want to decorate your home right after shifting into it or even you are reluctant few years later about decorating the house after moving, it will amaze you every time.

With excellent flooring combination and vivid colour on the wall will certainly make you fall in love with the modern living room. The fire place is located in the centre of the main hall, and the historical era structure gives it a unique look.

Mid century Living Room with Tan Sofa

image : houzz

Sofas and the beds are an essential part of a house. These are the perfect place to stretch your back after a long day of the hustle and bustle. With the mid century living room meshed with tan sofa coloured in yellow, with a coffee table at the centre of the hall, a large basket holding lots of books and a waterc olour round will certainly let you fall in love with this.

Herne Hill Flat Living Room London

image : houzz

If you have a small house and you are bashing your head because you have no idea how to make it over, then try out this mid century modern living room. This will let you accommodate your dining table as well as sofas in the same room. Moreover, decoration with beautiful curtains, vivid colours will make you amazed.

Cottage mid Century Living Room

image : mcmdaily

Love to live in a home where everything looks like a big cottage! Then try out this modern mid century living room. With a wood roofing and hardwood flooring, this house possesses incredible beauty. If you can decorate it with a big centre table and modern chairs all around it, then believe it or not; everyone will die to visit your home again and again.

South Austin Home Mid Century Modern Living Room

image : houzz

South Asia is considered as one of the most vivid places in the whole world regarding culture, harmony and modern technology. This beautiful house has a false wood ceiling, which is supported by a timber beam. Semi-glossy colour and south Asian designs on the walls make this South Austin home a stunning one.

Modern Retro Midcentury Living Room

image : houzz

History repeats itself! This is true and the retro mid century rooms are a perfect example of that. With a simple centre table, matt-finished colours, and few sofas, this house is damn gorgeous.

Vintage Mind Century Modern Living Room

image : rilane

This is a perfect example of Scandinavian modern mid century living room. With lots of toughened glass walls and straight line design format promotes great harmony, peace and beautiful appearance.

Mid Century Modern Loft Living Room

image : houzz

Oh! This one is another stunning living room design. This form of houses is designed in such a way that it has a glass wall on its one hand and the remaining three walls possess white colour to reflect the outer scenic beauty. If you love nature, then this design is the ideal one for you.

San Diego Mid Century Modern Living Room

image : Curbed

Old is new again, and history is repeating itself. Carpeting the whole roof was not in fashion for few years, but in present days, it is making a comeback. People love to watch their hard floors covered by the carpet. With some comfy chairs, along with a stylish fireplace, you can make your house a gorgeous place to live.

Remodel Mid Century Modern Living Room

image : Pinterest

If you already have a mid century living room and want to repair it, then this task is a bit daunting. However, it is good to try out various other models with whom you are accustomed because it will ensure that you won’tlose your money without gaining anything.

Make your new house in such a way that it have all the essential equipment as well as have the necessary items like a fireplace, dining hall at the right place.

Gloomy Mid Century Living Room

image : dwell

Are you a moody person and faces mood swing frequently! Then you must try out the dark living room design. It will ensure that you don’t have to meet lots of sun heats and more over fall in love with this place. Coloured in vivid bases like red, brown, etc. this is always ready to amaze you.

Boston Mid-century Remodel

Boston is one of the most modern places in the whole world, and thus it requires some beautifully designed houses that lure everyone. If you want to have a great house in Boston that provides a good external view as well as let you place your sofas and dining table at a separate site, then try out this option.

Carmel Residence mid Century Living Room

image : pinterest

Big! Massive is your place of living? Then remodel with the carmel mid century living room. Made out of vertical wooden pillars, this place looks more like a library than a house. With some leather chairs and well-cushioned sofas, you can make it seem like a living room. Utilise its space for organize a party, and your friends will love a visit over again to your place.

Formal mid Century Living room

image : rilane

Lots of modern and old mid century living room were mentioned above. What about some formal living room that provides the good look, good safety and best in kind quality. Though this is not made in such a way that can amaze you utterly, but this is certainly able to provide you lots of pleasure.

Light mid Century Living Room

image : interioridea

If you want 50’s look in your 21’st century house, then try out this one because they are modern in built quality but provides some stunning 50’s look. Hardwood flooring and mindfully designed geometry all over the walls and floors make it the most vivid one.

Well, these are some of the best in kind modern mid century living room designs. The seare made in such a way that it can provide you lots of pomp and joy during your stay. Vivid colours, beautiful patterns and gorgeous flooring makes the overall aesthetic of the house stunning that everyone will love to spend time at your place.

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What’s a Subfloor? « Hardwood Flooring Guide

Hardwood Flooring

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

The Foundation of a House

One of the most important factors of a house’s structural integrity comes from how strong the flooring system is. Essential elements include strong foundation footings, properly spaced support columns and appropriate sized and spaced floor joists.

The consequences of a poorly structured flooring system could definitely affect how flooring choices in the future perform as well as the structural integrity of your home. Movement of the floor system, sagging subfloors, unbalanced heights, separation of flooring and squeaky subfloors can all develop from inadequate floor foundations.

Types of Subfloors

Once you have a stable flooring foundation, your subfloor creates a base for your actual flooring. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older one, it’s important to know the differences and benefits of standard subfloor types. Knowing what your subfloor is will help guide you to what type of flooring you can use as well as how much work will be involved with installing a new floor.

**Keep in mind that all manufacturers have their own installation instructions. The information provided below is for generic purposes only and we always recommend consulting the specific installation instructions for the particular brand you’re installing prior to installation to avoid voiding that manufacturer’s warranty.**

Plywood Subfloor

Plywood has been the most popular material used for subflooring for homes built within the last 40 years. Plywood is typically made of cross layers of birch or pine. The cross layers of plywood offer a myriad of benefits. They reduce splitting, reduce expansion and contraction and reduce warping. Overall, a plywood subfloor’s cross layers will increase the collective dimensional stability of the foundation. Plywood subflooring is typically either 5/8 IN. or 3/4 IN. thick and comes in sections of 4 FT. x 8 FT. sheets. CDX plywood sheets have tongue and grooves, allowing for the sections to be connected to each other for a strong connection. It’s recommended, when installing, to apply a thick bead of subfloor caulking adhesive to the flooring joists before using 2-1/2 IN. deck screws (every 8 IN.) to attach the CDX plywood subfloor.

Plywood subfloor

As long as it’s securely attached, flat and not flexing, plywood is the perfect subfloor to install virtually any type of flooring over (solid, engineered, click lock floating or laminate). If you’re installing a floor type that is thinner than 1/2 IN. thick, you may want to consider strengthening the subfloor with an additional layer of 3/8 IN. or 1/2 IN. thick plywood.

If you’re stapling or nailing down, it’s important to use a layer of 15 lb. black felt paper between the plywood subfloor and the new flooring to prevent transfer of anything that may travel up through the subfloor. For floating applications, you will need to use the manufacturer’s recommended foam underlayment.

Plank Subfloor

Sometimes, in older homes, homeowners will tear up old flooring and find that their subfloor is wood planks. These planks are usually 3/4 IN. thick and anywhere from 4 IN. to 8 IN. wide. Typically the planks are made from pine boards which are nailed to the flooring joists. When installing new flooring over plank subflooring, it’s important to make sure each plank is securely fastened to the flooring joists and, if not, re-secure them prior to starting the new install.

Plank subfloor

Once planks are deemed secure and flat, you can pretty much install virtually any flooring type over this subfloor (with a few caveats). When installing solid flooring, it’s important to install the length of the boards perpendicular to the subfloor planks, otherwise you run the risk of having the new flooring pull apart with expansion and contraction of the plank subflooring. If running the new solid board in the same direction as the subfloor planks is important in your situation (running the boards parallel to the longest wall will make the room appear larger), you can install a layer of plywood (3/8 IN. or 1/2 IN. thick) over the plank subfloor (glued and screwed down) to increase strength. The same goes for installation of engineered flooring when it’s stapled or nailed down to the plank subfloor.

If you plank on floating an engineered floor (or a laminate), using a click lock floating floor, it’s important to make sure your plank subflooring is flat. If there are discrepancies, you will need to add a layer of 3/8 IN. or 1/2 IN. thick plywood (glued and screwed down) prior to installation. With floating installations, as with solid/engineered staple or nail down installs, you will want to install the boards perpendicular to the planks in the subfloor. However, if you add that extra layer of plywood, you can install in any direction you’d like.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

OSB is a surface made from wood chips glued together. Usually OSB subfloors are 3/4 IN. thick. These subfloors are typically both glued and screwed down to flooring joists, as this will make the OSB more stable and will eliminate squeaking.

OSB subfloor

Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, click lock floating floors and laminate can all be installed over OSB subfloors. It’s always recommended to install flooring planks perpendicular to the flooring joists for added stability. When stapling or nailing floor boards down, as always, 15 lb. black felt paper is recommended as an underlayment and a foam underlayment is recommended for floating applications.

If the OSB subfloor seems weak or flexible in some spots, it’s recommended to add a layer (glued and screwed down) of 3/8 IN. or 1/2 IN. plywood to the subfloor for added stability.

Concrete Slab Subfloor

Concrete slabs are usually poured everywhere from 4 IN. to 6 IN. thick. Keep in mind that when concrete floors are first poured, it could take 3 months or more for the water in the mix to evaporate and for the subfloor to dry out. It’s important to perform a moisture test on any concrete slab subfloor prior to installing hardwood flooring. Additionally, most manufacturers will have guidelines as to the limit of how uneven a concrete floor can be for installation of their product. Installers need to make sure to refer to these guidelines as warranties will be void if the differential across the subfloor is too high. Old, uneven concrete subfloors can be fixed easily by using a self leveler. Self leveling agents dry within 1 to 8 hours, depending on the thickness of the pour. If any adhesive residue from previous flooring has been left on the concrete, it needs to be cleaned off with a scraper.

Concrete slab subfloor

3/4 IN. thick solid hardwood flooring cannot be installed over concrete slab subfloors; there is just way too much moisture transferring up from the concrete and the thick solid can’t handle it. The results would be cupping, buckling and warping of the boards. If solid hardwood flooring is an absolute necessity over a concrete subfloor, a sleeper system can be built over the concrete slab or you can glue down and screw two layers of 1/2 IN. thick plywood into the concrete. Both options are quite labor intensive and will add significant height to your subfloor. With the majority of hardwood installs over concrete, the homeowner goes with engineered hardwood flooring.

Engineered flooring was designed specifically to go over concrete slabs and can be installed either by direct glue down or by floating. If gluing engineered down, it’s important to make sure the concrete subfloor is at less than 4% moisture year round. It’s also recommended to use a water resistant adhesive with included moisture vapor protection. When floating an engineered floor, click lock floating floor or a laminate over concrete, it’s important to use the recommended foam underlayment with an attached vapor barrier. For extra protection against moisture transfer, we also recommend using an additional 6mil plastic sheet over the concrete.

Particle board

Particle board is a material usually found when old carpeting is ripped up. It is not structurally appropriate for installing new flooring over and is basically a glorified cushion. Particle board has excellent potential to absorb extra moisture and fall apart, becoming burdensome to any type of flooring installed directly over it. Additionally, particle board does not hold staples or nails well. Hardwood flooring adhesives have the potential to eat right through it over time. It is highly recommended (and usually required by manufacturers) to take up any particle board prior to installing new hardwood flooring. If absolutely necessary, engineered, click lock floating or laminate flooring can be floated over particle board but it’s definitely not recommend because of moisture and structural integrity problems. Additionally, with most manufacturers of hardwood flooring and laminate flooring, if you install over particle board, you’ll be voiding any warranty offered with the new flooring.

Installation Over Existing Flooring 

Sometimes, homeowners looking to save time and money inquire about installing new flooring directly over their old flooring. This option is typically not recommended. Several problems can emerge affecting the overall room appearance, door clearance (both inside doors and doors leading to the exterior of the home), appliance space and transitions to adjacent rooms. Installing new flooring directly over old flooring is also going to significantly add weight to the subfloor and floor joists, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the entire system. If installation over existing hardwood flooring is absolutely necessary, installing perpendicular to the existing hardwood planks will help to prevent gapping.

Installing new flooring over existing ceramic tile is also not necessarily recommended, but if absolutely necessary, engineered flooring, click lock and laminate flooring can be floated over existing ceramic tile as long as the tiles are still adhered securely to the subfloor. Of course, an underlayment would be required and it’s very important to make sure the tile floor is flat, with nothing protruding from the surface.

Fixing Old Subfloors

With use, everything has potential to wear out and become less pristine than it once was when first installed. Subfloors are no different. Prior to installing new flooring, it’s important to always check how your subfloor is holding up and fix any trouble spots. Plywood and OSB can become weak and flexible in spots. Plank subfloors can shift with expansion and contraction and become loose and/or unattached from the floor joists. Concrete subfloors can become uneven over time. Taking the time to fix these problems prior to installation of new flooring can prevent headaches down the road.

If you notice squeaky subfloors under flooring that you don’t plan on replacing anytime soon, there are solutions that don’t involve taking up your flooring. Squeaks are typically caused when the subfloor isn’t joined securely enough to the floor joists. Repair kits are available, enabling homeowners to use snap screws to secure loose subflooring through hardwood or carpet. Additionally, joist bracket systems are available if you have access to the flooring joists (from the room below) which will tighten the connection of the joists with the subfloor.

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Hardwood Flooring as a Tabletop – My Repurposed Life®

Hardwood Flooring

curb find coffee tableI told you about this table over a year ago, in my post Recent Finds June 18, 2012.  This table landed on my doorstep. I love it when I don’t have to hunt for junk, so fun when it finds me.

junky coffee tableI wonder why this has a number stenciled on the bottom of the top.

topless coffee tableI removed the top.

Homeright Paint SprayerI used my Homeright paint sprayer to give it a quick coat of black paint.

coffee table painted black hardwood flooring tabletopThat was last year.

reclaimed fenceI contemplated putting a reclaimed fence top on it.  It was rough, and when I sanded the wood, all of the patina was gone.

then.I.put.it.aside.     for.a.year.

hardwood floor topI recently dug it out of storage, and decided to use some spare hardwood flooring on it for a top. I was short one board using full length boards.  I had to opt for adding two rows with one long and one short board.  This picture is from a dry fit, to see if I like it.

I decided to go for it, I had nothing to lose.  The table and the flooring were both just waiting for a purpose, and they both were freebies.

ripping the tongue and grooveI had t rip the tongue off of one of the boards, and the groove off of another.

tools neededI worked on putting the boards together and gluing them.

supports addedFor added strength, I decided to use two supports underneath. I used two scrap pieces of wood.

measureI used my combination square to adjust the boards all the way around.

screw in supportsI screwed the supports to each board. I drilled pilot holes in the original brackets on the table, and attached the top to the brackets with screws.

coffee table with hardwood floor topHere is the new coffee table.  I’m not loving it.

coffee table with flooring as a topI do like the thickness of the table top, but being heavy, it makes the table a little wobbly. I believe I need to add another spindle about midway to the top.

black coffee table with hardwood floor topYou can see the little ripples in the flooring on each end.

Have you ever used flooring for a table top?  This is not my first time, I used it on smaller side tables a LONG time ago.

Thoughts? Is this a project fail?  Did I waste my time?

Thanks again for showing your readers Hometalk. I’ve had some great responses to my posts!

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The Beerhunter: The Art of the Basement Brewpub

Hardwood Flooring

The motto for the town of Dalton is “heaven in the heart of the Berkshires.” And much like heaven, a lot of people never make it there. With fewer than 7,000 residents, Dalton is a sort of transitional space in rural Massachusetts, cushioning quiet little towns like Windsor and Peru from the busier Route 7 corridor, which runs from Great Barrington through Pittsfield and up to Williamstown.

Many of those traveling west from the Valley simply pass through Dalton, continuing on to Pittsfield a few minutes down the road. Dalton has a small handful of restaurants, churches, gas stations, and a mighty fine package store called Kelly’s. But since August 2017, the town has been home to an ambitious brewpub called Shire Breu-Hous, which is developing an under-the-radar following in the basement of the Stationery Factory.

Co-founders and brewers Andrew Crane and Nick Whalen run a full bar with liquor and wine, and they serve seasonal menus in the dining room. Shire Breu-Hous is open for dinner Wednesday to Sunday, with brunch on the weekends as well. The well-rounded list of food options range from small meals and snacks like nachos, flatbreads, and french onion soup to larger entrees like shepherd’s pie, rack of lamb, pan-seared trout, and tagliatelle.

But it’s the in-house beers — typically a dozen on tap — that attract the crafty set like myself.

The flagship beers on the Shire Breu-Hous tap list includes the Mosaic dry-hopped Pioneer Pale Ale, the Firemen’s Red Ale, the Policemen’s Porter brewed with cold brew coffee from No. Six Depot roastery in West Stockbridge, a New England IPA, a double IPA, and an imperial milk stout called Colantha Mooie, made with floor-malted chocolate malt and lactose.

Aside from those reliable best-sellers, the tap list also features (for the moment) more unusual recipes like a gose sour brewed with key limes, a Berliner Weisse fermented with elderberries grown in the nearby town of Savoy, a strawberry milkshake IPA, and a lager brewed with just a hint of mint, which is picked from plants that Crane’s family has been growing in Dalton for more than a century.

“We generally do classic styles with a little bit of a twist on them,” says Crane, who spent more than three years developing beer recipes with Whalen before Shire Breu-Hous opened. “I don’t think we’ve brewed a single production beer that didn’t come from a recipe we developed together.”

Crane and Whalen know this subdued patch of the state like their own backyards. They were best friends in middle school, attending the same classes at Berkshire Country Day School. Then the world got a lot bigger. Crane became a mechanical engineer, although he developed a taste for homebrewing in his off-hours. Whalen worked around the world as a freelance photographer and photojournalist, including several years in Haiti, before ending up in New York City, where he began brewing single-gallon batches of beer in his apartment.

In 2013, in their mid-20s, Crane and Whalen ran into each other in the Berkshires on Christmas Eve. Intrigued by a shared interest in craft beer, they followed up a few months later in Brooklyn, where they shared a bottle of Crane’s home-brewed golden tripel ale. That’s when plans for the business started to get serious.

“We reconnected, sat down and had a couple of beers, and about eight hours later we were opening a brewery,” Crane says.

Construction for the brewpub began in the fall of 2016 in the Stationery Factory, a 105,000 square-foot redeveloped mill building on Flansburg Avenue, just a block off Main Street.

The brewpub retains a lot of the factory’s rough, original character. Hardwood flooring ripped up during the installation of the brewing equipment, for example, became bench seating and table tops in the dining area. According to the brewpub’s website, the tap system at the bar is upcycled from an old factory vacuum pump, and the chandelier is built from old compressed air oil filters.

Upstairs, the Stationery Factory houses several business, including an art gallery, a wedding venue, and a distillery called Silver Bear, which makes vodka and maple liqueur (available at the bar downstairs at Shire). But it’s in the basement where the craft beer flows.

When it first opened, Shire Breu-Hous featured some guest taps from nearby breweries, like Bright Ideas Brewing in North Adams and Wandering Star Craft Brewery in Pittsfield, to supplement the in-house offerings. “It took us a little while to build up,” Crane says, “but we’re now at a point, with all the barrel aging and everything else, where if we kick a keg we have a lot of our own beers to choose from.”

For now, Crane says, those options include a peach bourbon-barrel-aged saison, a few different iterations of the milk stout, a wild-fermented red ale, and all manner of other beers currently aging in rum, rye whiskey, tequila, wine, and gin barrels. Last year, Crane estimates that the duo brewed about 75 beers, including soured, dry-hopped, and barrel-aged variations on some of their more established beers.

Running a brewery is a challenge unto itself. Running a restaurant on top of that, all folded into a 10,000 square-foot space, has been a learning experience. Crane and Whalen learned a lot on the fly. The brewpub business evolved as they recognized the need for more staff dedicated purely to restaurant management, customer service, and front of house. Crane and Whalen also recently hired brewer Mark Geibel, a friend who helped with the carpentry and build-out of this space, to assist with weekly beer production.

“It is overwhelmingly more obvious to us now just how difficult it is to run a restaurant,” says Crane. “I think that has probably been our biggest impetus for change and improvement since opening.”

“I think we’re still figuring out what people want here,” adds Whalen, who works with Crane and Geibel on the production schedule not only for the bar, but for canning and distribution needs. Shire Breu-Hous has several package store contracts, and Crane and Whalen self-distribute their cans throughout Berkshire County. “We’re still figuring out the market, which affects how much we can, and how much we reserve for the tap,” says Whalen.

The brewhouse just added two new fermenters, which will help the team scale up production a bit. Until that happened, they couldn’t quite meet demand for distribution, says Crane, which was “definitely a good problem to have.”

But Shire Breu-House is, after all, a brewpub, and a lot of energy goes into making it a fun place to spend time. Crane and Whalen have expanded the children’s food menu, built out a live music program with events most Fridays and Saturdays, and started offering private parties that offer beer tastings and brewery tours.

“There are some extra challenges, getting people in here who don’t know about us,” says Whalen. “How many restaurants aren’t on a main road? Very few. And Dalton is a tough location to begin with. A lot of people who come here, they’ve never been to Dalton before, and they’ve lived in the Berkshires their whole life.”

The restaurant, then, can expand on the creative moves happening in Shire’s basement brewhouse.

“The point is to bring more people into town, and to keep them here for longer,” says Crane. “There are so many people who stop in and discover a whole town that’s new to them. That’s part of our plan.”

The Beerhunter appears monthly. Contact Hunter Styles at hstyles@valleyadvocate.com.

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15 Homes With Million Dollar Views of the Ozarks

Hardwood Flooring

One the things we hear most from people who love living here in the Ozarks is that they love the natural beauty that surrounds the cities on every side. We would have to agree with that assessment. There’s nothing like a gorgeous Autumn view in the Greater Springfield area. There are lots of awesome homes for sale right now that offer breath taking views to their future owners. Let’s take a look at some homes for sale in Springfield, Missouri that have million dollar views!


WHO KNEW??? This Frank Lloyd Wright inspired custom home nestled on 25 acres in Rogersville and only 25 minutes from Springfield area is a hidden OZARK gem! Stunning windows bring the outdoors in literally from every angle… the lush gardens and woods, the heatedinfinity pool and the view inspired deck… exceptional! Every detail has been thought of to make this a getaway retreat like no other! Private master suite w/ own screened in porch and VIEW! Guest quarters with full bath and VIEW! Private den and family living room w VIEW! 3400 Sq. Ft. on one level w exceptional outdoor retreats, gardens and walking path to the lower landl. 50 year shingles, concrete board siding, hand-laid Arkansas stone walkways. Spotless, exceptional and breathtaking! One-of-a-kind getaway!


This 5-acre property overlooking the James River Valley offers a million dollar view for half the price! Build your dream house in an idyllic natural setting while still being 5 minutes from the conveniences of Springfield. In addition to breathtaking views, the property includes living quarters, a workshop with Craftsman toolboxes, and a garage with space for 1-car and 1 RV/boat. The property is ready for building with a new well and new septic and electrical systems. The 900-sq.-ft. living quarters features tasteful decor, including white kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, gas stove, whole-house water filtration system, tankless water heater, wet bar and Anderson windows.


Here’s your chance to live in an upscale condo in the heart of Springfield! This lovely 2-bedroom condo has been completely remodeled. It features custom cabinets, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, crown molding, beautiful light fixtures, newer carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring and 2 bathrooms. The private balcony overlooking historic Walnut Street provides front-row seats to spectacular sunsets and a perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee. In addition, this prestigious high-rise offers many sought-after amenities, including 24-hour security, fitness room, outdoor pool & entertaining area, community room and secure underground parking. This is luxury living at its finest.


This all-brick home designed by David Harper in Highland Springs defines luxury. Beyond the half-acre private backyard with lake views, it offers: open kitchen, dining and hearth area, stainless steel appliances, gas stove, spacious pantry, 3 living areas, formal dining room, hardwood and tile floors, central vac, lots of windows and 3-car garage. Recently remodeled, the master suite is spacious and has a soaking tub, glass shower, double vanity with quartz and a fantastic walk-in closet. The upstairs fifth bedroom allows for multiple options–playroom, office, media room, workout area or a combination of whatever fits your needs! The enclosed porch and covered patio is ideal for enjoying the lake views and lush landscaping. This home offers luxury living in Springfield’s premier gated community


Located in the fabulous Jones Spring area, this custom Mike Dobbs home, is a one of a kind showplace. Nestled among mature trees, this privately gated property features an in-ground pool with separate cabana house plus totally separate guest quarters with full kitchen and bath that was professionally remodeled and updated in 2017! The home features 4 fireplaces, high ceilings with an extensive use of wood beams, reclaimed wood floors and antique doors. Beautiful open living spaces plus large screened porch and patio with brick pavers. Other special features include a control 4 whole house audio system, new roof over garage and guest quarters in 2017, new pool liner in 2018, whole house generator.Truly a gorgeous property for the buyer that appreciates attention to style and detail.


Exquisite finishes & details on this custom beauty! Over the river and through the woods to this amazing gated subdivision with river access! The Timbers at Riverdale offers this lavish story and a half retreat that is your dream come true! Features include:Hardwood flooring throughout main level, granite counter tops in kitchen and baths, two story foyer with grand staircase, and access to study & formal dining, extensive mill work thru out, bright with natural lighting! Master suite has cozy fireplace, and a wall of windows over looking the greenery and river beyond. Double vanity, and whirlpool tub. Be ready to entertain, Chef’s kitchen with modern flare, white cabinetry, beautiful granite! This 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 6 car garage (3 car detached with home office) on 5 acres, Nixa Schools!An additional 6.2 acres that neighbors subject property, and with Finley River frontage, is also available for sale! Enjoy 8 acres of common area and river access with the purchase of this property! Bon fire night has a new meaning at this home, with near by natural spring and river access just below property! If you are thinking about building your own custom dream home, you need to view this property first!

10999 LAWRENCE 1100

Magnificent gated all brick/stone walkout basement home nestled on a lush 10 acres with pond. This 5473 square foot home features a split three bedroom, three full bath floorplan with room for additional bedrooms in the full basement. This home features a large kitchen complete with granite countertops, under cabinet lighting, eat-in kitchen dining, pantry, Hickory cabinets and bar area adjacent to the wrap around deck to the master suite. Impressive open living room with cathedral ceilings leading into the formal dining room. The master suite is complete with dual vanities, walk-in shower and large walk-in closet. The basement features large rec room, the third full bath, study/office, family room with gas fireplace, wet bar, pool table/game room, three seasons room. The home also features a 18 x 36 pool with new lining, filter and pump, pool house, large patio with fire pit which overlooks the stocked pond, decorative fountain, gazebo, Bocce Ball & Texas horseshoe courses and a hot tub/sauna house perfect for entertaining. The back portion of the land has a covered RV parking pad, three car attached garage, generator hookup, an all brick 30×48 brick garage/workshop plus a NEW roof, gutters/downspouts on the home! Don’t miss this one!!!!


This incredible custom built home is sure to impress even the most sophisticated buyer! The attention to detail is unsurpassed. The exterior is constructed of paver brick from Kansas along with a generous use of real stone. The warm and inviting interior offers three bedrooms with 2 1/2 baths, 3 living areas, a study and a formal dining room. The grounds are completely fenced with a hole already dug for a lake and a area for a pole barn complete with water and electricity. This fantastic home will not disappoint.

Custom one owner home secluded in 160acres+/- of woods, pastures, ponds, springs, parklike yard. A Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home with features unlike any other home. As you enter, the Kalwall Skylight sets the mood for this contemporary home. Chef’s kitchen is a culinary delight, features corian and soap stone counters surrounding cherry cabinetry and bamboo hardwood floors . Bonus room and lower level complete for 2nd family living . Office and sunroom have atrium doors to master suite and decks overlooking waterfalls, ducks and ponds. Estate includes shop buildings, horse barn, and high tensile fencing and water lines for rotational grazing, and wooded trails. Good location close to town.


Custom built home. Spacious plan with 4686 sf. finished living space and over 1000 sf. unfinished storage; half which could be converted to more living space. Quality construction with 2 x 6 walls, hardwood flooring, soaring ceilings, walls of windows and two levels of decking including a large screened deck to enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Master BDR, Great Room, Formal Dining and Kitchen / Dining combo are on the main floor. Master Suite features mountain views, a glamorous master bath with walk-in shower, double vanity, jetted tub and dual walk-in closets. Large laundry is adjacent to master suite and has secret entry door. 2nd level has 2 BDR, bath and a loft office. Walkout basement has 4th BDR, Fam.Rm, Workshop/John Deere room & storage.

Located In Beautiful Sommerset Place!!! (A Gated Subdivision with less than 10 Homes!) This Luxurious One Of A Kind Home features 5 Bedrooms,9 Bathrooms and a 4 Car Over Sized Garage!!! Great for Entertaining the large covered patio overlooks the amazing saltwater infinity pool complete with 2 fire pits that are breathtaking! Across the pool you’ll find a 1000 Sq.Ft. Cabana that’s (NOT) included in the Sq.Footage of the Home!!! Counting the Cabana that would be a total of 8200 Sq. Feet of Paradise under roof! This property is a Must See and the amenities are just too numerous to mention!


Lakefront living today! Two 10’x28′ boat slips w/lifts & private swim dock. Completely turn key right down to the beach towels & a kawasaki mule! Entertain w/all the lake has to offer from 1600sf of deck w/outdoor furniture, an outdoor kitchen & a separate deck for your private hot tub. Completely remodeled upstairs in 2016. The dock is like an oasis w/solar power & a huge swim deck w/composite retractable steps, swing & water level bench for the little ones,complete set of outdoor patio furniture, telescoping umbrella & even a jet ski lift! Addt’l amenities included in the documents.(the 2 slips are on a 4 stall private dock & must convey with home for $35,000 each additional cost)


Enjoy Table Rock waterfront living at it’s best from your custom built true Log Cabin Home. From the 2 story Great Room featuring native wood motifs and slate floors, to the hand built cabinetry, Amish Craftmanship is obvious throughout. Enjoy your lake view from a covered wrap around veranda. Boat Slips are available from a 3rd party.


Nestled in the gated area of Saddlebrooke is a stunning, prairie style, home with over 5,500 sf. It is extremely energy efficient and has the possibility of LEED certification. It has breathtaking views of Bull Creek from the 2nd level of the home and views of the rolling hillsides from the front. The walls and ceilings of the home were constructed with Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP). The panels offer an insulation value of R49 on the roof, and R26 in the walls. Throughout the home there are beautiful, unique, light fixtures creating a warm ambiance. An abundance of creative cubbies helps with decoration and furniture placement. The home features a master and laundry area on the main level as well as the 2nd floor. The main level offers a great room with a wood-burning fireplace accented with rustic wood beams. Behind the fireplace is an open family room that walks out to the lower deck. The office opens to the family room on the main level. The kitchen features a Professional Grade Viking exhaust hood above the gorgeous wood top island and a walk-in pantry. The adjacent dining area is large enough to hold a formal dining room table if necessary. . It offers 2 built-in gun cabinets and open access to a wet bar for your morning coffee or juice. The master bedroom sitting area offers access to a private deck. The deck offers a perfect spot to observe the wildlife and nature around Bull Creek.


The unique ”Estate” hosts three separate living quarters within a private courtyard setting. Unsurpassed beauty sequestered in a story book setting, this ”Compound” overlooks Capp Creek, a year-round creek, and its historic dam and grist mill. Centrally located to many metropolitan areas, with a total of 18,000 sq ft of structure/8,456 sq ft interior living, with 8 bedrooms, 7 full/6half baths, 3 kitchens, 6 wood burning fireplaces, 10 garages, plus a beautiful indoor swimming pool and views from every window.The ”Nature” continues with a 720 Acre Conservation Area adjacent to this exclusive ”Compound” as well as a year round river stocked with troutThis breath-taking ”Estate” is perfect for a family with its privacy and/or a family who may wish to have guest quarters and/or care taker facilities. It is also ideal for the hunting/nature enthusiast – a dream come true.

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Hardwood Flooring Warranty Expectations « Hardwood Flooring Guide

Hardwood Flooring

By Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Warranties: What to Expect

When it comes to understanding just what is included in a warranty and what is not, fine print can get really confusing. A hardwood flooring warranty can be a great selling point for a particular product. However, all too often consumers get caught in the middle if a problem occurs down the road and these warranties weren’t properly explained at time of purchase. Hopefully, we can clarify some of the basics of hardwood flooring warranties here.

There are a few different types of warranties when it comes to hardwood flooring. Perhaps the most important one is the Structural Warranty. With reputable hardwood flooring manufacturers, you’re apt to find that most hardwood flooring products will carry a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty, which applies to both unfinished and factory finished flooring. Structural Warranties guarantee that the hardwood flooring planks are stably sound and won’t crack, split or warp when installed properly.

It’s always important to follow the specific manufacturer’s prep and installation instructions, as installing hardwood flooring improperly could possibly void the warranty. Grade level (1st floor vs. ground level vs. basement), subfloor type and radiant heating systems can also be problematic for certain products, so you need to make sure the flooring you choose is approved for your particular room conditions. It’s not unusual for some manufacturers to demand the installer use their specific installation accessories (tools, underlayments, etc.) during installation to avoid voiding a warranty. It’s important to follow instructions for subfloor prep as well, as one of the major and most common situations where the Lifetime Structural Warranty is no longer valid is in a setting where there is a higher moisture content than recommended for that specific manufacturer’s hardwood floor.  Moisture is the number one reason for hardwood flooring to start performing badly (warping, buckling, cracking, etc.). Manufacturers know this and will quickly dismiss a claim where excessive moisture had a chance to get at the boards. It’s better (and cheaper) to be safe than sorry and have to replace your entire floor just because proper precautions weren’t taken prior to installation.

Residential Finish Warranty

Finish Warranties are a little bit different than Structural Warranties, as most of the time there is a specific number of years time limit on how long the Finish Warranty is valid for. The standard in the hardwood flooring industry for a Residential Finish Warranty right now is about 25 years. Although, with improving technologies, many hardwood flooring manufacturers are upping their Finish Warranty periods to 35 Years (Lauzon Designer Collection), 50 Years (Somerset Floors) and even Lifetime Finish Warranties (Award Floors). A Finish Warranty can be a bit confusing for some consumers, as it implies a lot more coverage than it actually has. A Finish Warranty won’t cover scratches, dents, gouges or damage to the finish caused by moisture. The basic principle of a Finish Warranty is that it guarantees the factory applied finish will not wear off in the time period stated when used in areas with standard residential traffic.

It’s kind of obvious, but still needs to be said: if you sand and refinish your hardwood flooring at any point, you’re automatically voiding the Finish Warranty. Why? You’re taking off the finish and that’s what the Finish Warranty is covering. To avoid scratches and the urge to refinish your hardwood flooring too soon, just make sure to keep it clean and use chair glides on all furniture legs. The major cause of hardwood flooring surface damage is when heavy things are dragged across the surface of the floor. As mentioned previously, scratches aren’t covered by the Finish Warranty, but shallow surface scratches can be somewhat fixed with the use of a touch up kit.

Commercial Finish Warranty

A Commercial Finish Warranty covers just what its name suggests: use in a commercial setting. The guarantees are the same as with a Residential Finish Warranty, but usually Commercial Finish Warranties cover fewer years because commercial settings (offices, restaurants, etc.) experience heavier traffic.

Hardwood Flooring Warranty Claims

Although top manufacturers invest a huge amount of money in Research & Development, making sure that the flooring stamped with their brand name is stably sound and a quality product, it’s not a perfect world and sometimes hardwood flooring has legitimate structural or finish issues that do fall within the limitations of the Structural or Finish Warranty. If you’re experiencing an issue with your hardwood flooring and decide to file a claim, in most cases, the manufacturer will tell you to contact the retailer from whom you purchased the hardwood flooring from. The retailer will act as a liaison between you and the manufacturer, relaying information about the problem you’re experiencing. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually if a claim is accepted, the manufacturer will reimburse the end user for material and labor costs. All in all, if there is a problem with your hardwood flooring, the manufacturer probably already knows about it because, chances are, other similar claims have been filed, investigated and approved.

Not all claims, however, are verified and accepted by manufacturers. As mentioned previously, moisture issues are the leading cause of damage to hardwood flooring and are not covered by the warranty. If a manufacturer needs more in depth evidence that the problem was caused by the actual flooring itself and not improper installation of their product, they will insist that you have an independent inspector come out and determine cause of failure.

To the left is a photo of an installation that was inspected for a homeowner in the area. You can see that the boards are cupping and bowing up, creating a sort of wave effect throughout the room. An inspection determined that there was an existing moisture problem with the subfloor that should have been addressed prior to installation of the hardwood. The report was submitted and the warranty claim was dismissed because the manufacturer’s installation instructions, which included a required subfloor moisture content check, were not followed properly. There was nothing wrong with the actual flooring, all the damage was moisture related.

Purchasing Based on Warranty Offers

A Structural and Finish Warranty can be a good gauge as to whether the manufacturer of the hardwood flooring you’re interested in stands by their product. This somewhat attests to the quality of the product. But, should the warranty time period cause you to choose one product over another with a warranty period of fewer years? It’s hard to say for sure, but there are a lot of other aspects of hardwood flooring that should more importantly drive the decision to purchase: wood species (different hardnesses mean different durability levels), color (does it match the aesthetic you’re going for?), construction (solid vs. engineered), etc.

Ultimately, the warranty offered with a hardwood flooring product should be considered when making a purchase, but make sure you understand what’s included in the warranty and what is not before you let an attractive flooring warranty confuse you.

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Most Popular Custom Home Upgrades from Mitchell Homes

Hardwood Flooring

Most Popular Custom Home Upgrades from Mitchell Homes

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Photo courtesy Paula Henry via CC 2.0

Building a custom home is one of life’s most rewarding undertakings. Given the resources, you can personalize your home, crafting it to suit your every need and desire. While every project is different, Mitchell Homes’ customers are always excited to plan and build the home of their dreams.

Future custom homeowners don’t always know what they want, though. While all of our homes come with beautiful, durable, modern standard features, there’s no restriction on what we can craft. When customers contact us with uncertainty, we walk them through some of our most popular home upgrades for inspiration.

1. Custom Home Designs

Still, we won’t claim to satisfy every limit of the imagination with our pre-designed floor plans. We’re happy to build anything our customers desire, and we offer a whole host of custom upgrade options.

Custom options include anything that is non-standard. While Mitchell Homes offers thousands of upgrade options, there’s no boundary to what we’re willing to build. Our customers love finding unique custom upgrades on sites like Houzz and Pinterest and bringing them to us. If you can describe the project or show us what you want, we can make it happen!

2. Custom Cabinets for Kitchens and Bathrooms

It’s no wonder that many of our customers want to focus their home renovations on kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens are truly the heart of the home, a space where families and friends congregate to share food, drinks, and memories.

Adding custom cabinets to your home carries a number of benefits. You can match your cabinet styles to your home’s design, create additional storage and organizational space, or add features such as glass-pane doors and internal lights to create beautiful showcase areas.

3. Flooring

What do people want? Hardwood flooring. Many customers have always dreamed of adding the comfort and class of hard wood to their homes. With a variety of options from solid wood to engineered wood floors, we’ve got a personalized solution to match any home’s design.

Hardwood isn’t your only flooring upgrade option, though. Hardwoods are perennially popular, but lately we’ve seen an influx of requests for laminate flooring and ceramic tile, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and foyers. These classic and easy to maintain floors are perfect for families with children and pets.

4. Master Bath Customization

There’s no extent to the luxury that our customers desire in their master bathrooms. Bathrooms have a lot of small pieces that add up to an experience as indulgent as you’d like.

Mitchell Homes has upgrade options for every part of your bathroom. Our customers have requested all sorts of custom bath projects, including:

  • Changing from a tub-shower combo to a roll-in shower and walk-in bathtub. Custom bathrooms are our specialty, and that certainly includes handicap-accessible bath fixtures to cater to the unique needs of our elderly or disabled customers.
  • Upgrading to comfort height and water reducing toilets, faucets, and sinks. Water fixtures are small pieces of a puzzle that can come together to create a true luxury bathroom.

5. Site Work and Land Development

As a professional homebuilder, Mitchell Homes’ customization projects aren’t limited to home interiors. We help with all aspects as our buyers need. As part of the homebuilding process, we aid in all necessary site work and land development tasks on your property, including:

  • Grading to ensure a level surface and sound structural foundation for your entire home
  • Drainage control using up to 400’ or silt fence to prevent long-term damage from erosion, sediment loss, and standing water on your property
  • Paving, including stamped patterned pavement for a distinct custom home exterior.

These may be our most popular options, but they only represent the tip of the iceberg for what Mitchell Homes can create in your home! What upgrade options does your custom dream home include? For more inspiration, be sure to request a plan book from Mitchell Homes!

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The Impracticality of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

My absolute hands down favorite flooring choice for a home is real wood, even more than engineered hardwood. I love the look and feel of real wood in a home, in family rooms, bedrooms, anywhere. Real wood has the warmest look and a softness underfoot that tile and vinyl can’t really compete with.

But today I’m sharing my tale of woe regarding my hardwood floors, specifically in my kitchen. My kitchen addition was eleven years ago and I at the time I chose more traditional style cabinetry. If I was doing it again now I’d go with a different cabinet style like Shaker and quartz countertops not marble but that’s not the point. The focus today is on the hardwood flooring, more specifically, it’s impracticality in kitchens.

Because I’m a lover of consistent flooring throughout downstairs community spaces, when we added this kitchen to the house eleven years ago I opted to continue the hardwood into the space for seamless flow. The truth is that over time we experienced water damage in this space on several occasions, first where that French door access has to the courtyard, next under the sink and dishwasher, and this month, under the icemaker.

I’m not alone in this experience, my parents chose hardwood for their new build fifteen years ago and when their icemaker leaked a huge section of the flooring had to be replaced at great expense. I’ve heard other stories of water damage from friends and clients too because hardwood flooring’s greatest foe is water.

Ever since I refinished my hardwood floors in a dark stain a year and a half ago I’ve been anxious about any water that spills on it, whether it’s from the dishwasher or the pet bowl or any moisture spill at all. Aaaaaand just last month, the icemaker started leaking and now look what’s happened to my beautiful floors… they’re buckling from moisture and I will need to have these boards replaced. This wood runs under under the cabinetry which means the cabinets and countertop next to the fridge have to be removed to adequately repair the floors. UGH.

I have a client with a full house renovation right now and she also wanted hardwood in her home and for it to flow into the kitchen. When she asked what I thought I said to her “hell no!” Hardwood is great for foyers and living rooms and bedrooms and home offices or in any space where there’s little danger of water damage. However, hardwood is a terrible choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or basements and if you install it in those spaces, you’re asking for trouble.

Thankfully in these modern times we have really good alternatives that look just like wood!

I’m still in love with the wood look porcelain plank flooring in the Las Vegas fixer upper …

and I really love the look and feel of the luxury vinyl plank flooring in my upstairs studio rental (seen below).

So the two best and most practical choices for kitchen flooring are tile and waterproof luxury vinyl, and if you love the look of wood these days you can get it in those materials. (There is also the option of polished or honed cement flooring for those who like the modern or industrial look.)

But never ever ever again would I install hardwood floors in a kitchen. If you disagree tell me why! Do you have hardwood floors in your kitchen? Have you experienced water damage or have you been able to maintain them over time?


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Home in Jalisco by AM30 and Stephane Arriola clusters around a courtyard

Hardwood Flooring

Mexican architects AM30 Taller de Arquitectura and Stephane Arriola have completed a vacation home in Jalisco, using traditional materials and aiming to disturb the site as little as possible.

Casa EC was created for an urban family seeking a natural escape. It is located in Atemajac de Brizuela, a small town roughly 100 kilometres (62 miles) outside of Guadalajara.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

“Architecture in the area is deeply rooted in tradition, and materials found in the landscape greatly influence the way spaces are built,” said the team in a project description. “The EC house embraces these cultural features and adapts them to the needs of a family of city dwellers.”

The 385-square-metre residence is made up of five rectangular volumes that cluster around a central courtyard. “Our approach was adapting to the natural elements on site, splitting the programme into different volumes and placing them around the existing pine trees,” said the architects.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

Two of the boxes, at the southern end of the site, contain a total of three guest bedrooms. Separating these areas from the rest of the home gives visitors more privacy, and allows the courtyard to act as a gathering space.

“A terraced courtyard functions as a central plaza linking the front and back of the plot, as well as creating a space for interaction between the main house and the guest rooms,” the team said.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

The three other volumes form the main portion of the home, and are arranged around an exterior circulation staircase.

Living and dining areas are split up, and because of the level changes on the site, are separated by short flights of steps. “The main floor adjusts to the terrain surface and inner patios provide light and ventilation, creating atmospheres with unique characteristics,” said the architects.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

Two bedrooms are located on the upper level, as well as a secondary sitting area that overlooks the main living room. The children’s bedroom is also located on a mezzanine, which sits above a lounge area that enjoys access to an interior courtyard.

In designing Casa EC, the team sought to maximise connections between living spaces and exterior spaces. “Hardwood flooring was used to create a continuous surface that extends the public spaces into outer decks, reinforcing the interaction with the surrounding vegetation,” they said.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

Their approach was to combine traditional materials and contemporary forms. Local stone was used for the exterior, while simple volumes and angled rooflines give the residence a contemporary appearance.

AM30 Taller de Arquitectura was founded in 2014 in Guadalajara by Bernardo Hernandez and Maria Emilia Sartoris. The studio collaborated with Mexico-based architect Stephane Arriola on the project.

Casa EC by AM30 Taller de Arquitectura

Lead architects: Emilia Sartoris, Bernardo Hernandez, Stephane Arriola
Structural engineer: Rafael Martín del Campo

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Carpet vs hardwood flooring: pros and cons of both floor types

Hardwood Flooring

Carpet vs hardwood flooring — yes, this is a long-standing debate among homeowners as these two variants are, probably, also the most common flooring options. Although both the types are quite different from one another, you need to make the correct choice. Why? Because this decision will affect you for at least the coming 10 years. So, today, let us try to pit one flooring category against the other — based on some important attributes. After weighing all the pros and cons, we shall try to arrive at what is the best option to fit your requirements.

What is cheaper to install carpet or wood flooring?

Yes, the first factor is definitely your cost of installing the flooring. The average material and installation costs for carpet range from $3 to $5 per square foot, while for hardwood, it is approximately between $9-$14 per square foot. However, wood is durable and long-lasting. Therefore, if you consider the long-term costs, wood balances out its up-front investment over the years.

Carpet vs hardwood flooring: Which one is easier to maintain?

A hardwood floor — especially in a high-traffic area such as the living room — does not accumulate debris, dust, crumbs, or stains. You can easily wipe up anything with the help of a mop or a broom. But carpet tends to absorb particles and hence, it becomes very difficult to keep it clean. Most of the times, you won’t even notice that something has fallen on your floor. However, regular vacuuming and yearly deep cleansing can solve this problem.

wood flooringPhoto by Chris RubberDragon on Flickr is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Does hardwood look better than carpet?

Depends on your individual taste. It is true that wood looks luxurious, elegant, and sophisticated. It is the classic flooring choice for homeowners with a refined taste. However, nowadays, the choices in carpet styles are also so many! You may choose from several colors, patterns, and fiber types — including nylon, wool, olefin, or polyester. Now, whatever decision you take, remember that your product’s style stays in trend for the coming 5-10 years!

Do wood floors increase home value?

Depending on the type of wood used, premium hardwood floors can last up to decades. Just that you need to properly maintain them and undergo a refinishing project when they get damaged. Since wood is timeless, it does increase your home’s value in the real estate market. Good-quality carpet fibers also last 10-15 years, and sometimes, people prefer to keep changing the overall look of their homes.

Carpet vs hardwood flooring: Which option is environment-friendly?

Authentic hardwood — derived from renewable resources — is a natural material. Therefore, it lends a natural-inspired, timeless appeal to your interiors. Moreover, you can always plant a tree, but not reverse the negative effects of manmade carpet fibers. But then, in the case of carpets, you can also go for natural fibers — such as wool or recyclable materials — ensuring that you embrace the environmentally friendly way of life.

What about versatility?

It’s true that wood comes in classic natural color options. But if you wish to add some drama, simply throw in an area rug and you are all set! You can get rugs in a myriad of designs as well — ranging from fun elements to luxurious, sophisticated looks. In short, you gain the best of both worlds, correct? However, even carpets are versatile enough by arriving in a gamut of colors, patterns, and styles. If you want to alter the existing look, simply get a new carpet and install it. It won’t even cost you much!

Are hardwood floors hard on your feet?

You definitely do a lot of walking in some areas of your home, such as the kitchen, living, and family rooms. And sometimes, hardwood is hard on your feet. In this case, carpet — with its dense, soft layer — acts as padding for your feet. Again, if you own a hardwood floor, you can solve this problem by simply placing some rugs in areas which experience high foot traffic.

hardwood flooringPhoto by Boa-Franc on Flickr is licensed under CC-BY-2.0

Have you considered the insulation factor?

Carpet is a good insulating material — thereby, lessening your energy bills and keeping your floor warm and comfy to tread upon. This is evident, especially during the colder winter months. In case of hardwood, you can tackle this issue by installing some insulation below your house.

Hardwood and carpet — each of them have their own pros and cons. While the former is classy, durable, and strong, the latter is soft, comfortable, and warm. So cozy vs sophisticated — which one do you prefer? Choose wisely and let us know of your decision in the comment section below!

Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring: Which Is The Better For Your House? was last modified: March 14th, 2019 by Anisha Dutta

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Welcoming Wine Country home includes Chardonnay vineyard

Hardwood Flooring

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of/



Image of

20989 Broadway in Sonoma is a three-bedroom with vineyard views. 

20989 Broadway in Sonoma is a three-bedroom with vineyard views. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The Sonoma home sits on 3.35 acres and includes a chardonnay vineyard.

The Sonoma home sits on 3.35 acres and includes a chardonnay vineyard.

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

Hardwood flooring graces the Wine Country home.

Hardwood flooring graces the Wine Country home.

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The Wine Country home includes a mezzanine loft area above the living room. 

The Wine Country home includes a mezzanine loft area above the living room. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

Image of

The living room features a vaulted, beamed ceiling with exposed trusses. 

The living room features a vaulted, beamed ceiling with exposed trusses. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The living room offers a wood-burning fireplace and a vaulted ceiling with exposed trusses. 

The living room offers a wood-burning fireplace and a vaulted ceiling with exposed trusses. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

Hardwood flooring, wood-framed windows, and a vaulted, beamed ceiling accent the interior. 

Hardwood flooring, wood-framed windows, and a vaulted, beamed ceiling accent the interior. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The eat-in kitchen’s dining area features a contemporary chandelier.

The eat-in kitchen’s dining area features a contemporary chandelier.

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

Image of

The kitchen opens to the backyard through a glass door. 

The kitchen opens to the backyard through a glass door. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

A French door refrigerator and terraced center island accent the kitchen. 

A French door refrigerator and terraced center island accent the kitchen. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The kitchen features dual ovens and a subway tile backsplash. 

The kitchen features dual ovens and a subway tile backsplash. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The owner’s suite includes a walk-in closet with custom built-ins. 

The owner’s suite includes a walk-in closet with custom built-ins. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

Image of

The master suite’s bathroom opens to the outdoors and includes a walk-in shower and dual vanities. 

The master suite’s bathroom opens to the outdoors and includes a walk-in shower and dual vanities. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

Sliding doors open to this bedroom. 

Sliding doors open to this bedroom. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

A hardwood staircase ascends to the loft. 

A hardwood staircase ascends to the loft. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The loft offers an office overlooking the vineyard. 

The loft offers an office overlooking the vineyard. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

Image of

The backyard features a sparkling lap pool.

The backyard features a sparkling lap pool.

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The 3.35-acre landscape offers plenty of room for entertaining. 

The 3.35-acre landscape offers plenty of room for entertaining. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

An aerial shot showcases the landscape and Sonoma home. 

An aerial shot showcases the landscape and Sonoma home. 

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

The 3.35-acre landscape includes a chardonnay vineyard.

The 3.35-acre landscape includes a chardonnay vineyard.

Photo: Vern Nelson

Image of

Welcoming Wine Country home includes Chardonnay vineyard


Back to Gallery

Twice a week, The Chronicle features a home on the market that caught our eye for its architecture, history or character. More photos:

Address: 20989 Broadway, Sonoma

Asking price: $3.2 million

Description: Less than 2 miles from Sonoma’s historic plaza, this three-bedroom country home sits on 3.35 acres. Hardwood flooring, wood-framed windows and a vaulted, beamed ceiling with exposed trusses accent the interior, as a mezzanine loft overlooks the living room. The eat-in kitchen offers a terraced center island, stainless steel appliances, and subway tile backsplash. An owner’s suite with a walk-in closet and spa bathroom opens to a patio.


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Don’t miss: The landscape. In addition to the Chardonnay vineyard, the home includes an inviting backyard with a shimmering lap pool and spacious patio. It also offers a horseshoe pit.

Built: 1980

Square feet: 3,229

For more information: Jennifer Power, Sotheby’s International Realty, (707) 301-6257, jennifer.powers@sothebyshomes.com

The Walk-Through is produced by Sentinel Media Services for The San Francisco Chronicle. Send submissions to realestate@sfchronicle.com.

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Beautiful Homes of Instagram: Canada – Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas

Hardwood Flooring

I am truly honored to be featuring Kaitlyn Harris from decorating__life on our “Beautiful Homes of Instagram” series. Kaitlyn lives in Calgary, Canada and you might even remember seeing this stunning home on the blog before. Keep reading and you’ll understand better as this homeowner explains below…

Hi everyone, my name is Kaitlyn Harris and I’m an interior designer based in Calgary, Canada (@decorating__life). Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my home on this amazing blog; I’m honored and excited to be part of such an amazing resource for the design community.

First let me start by saying I’m very grateful and fortunate to own a home that is well known among the design community – in fact, it’s even been featured as a previous Design Inspiration here on Home Bunch! The home was originally designed and built by a local builder called Veranda Estate Homes, and they lived in it from 2011 to 2017. I feel strongly that when a builder designs and constructs their own personal home, it’s probably done to the highest standards possible; this house was no exception. The attention to detail in the home was above anything we had seen in our search, and we instantly fell in love with it.

My husband, Steve, and I built our previous house from the ground up before our two sweet kids – Winnie (age 4) and Cash (age 2) – came along; so we began our home search by looking for empty land where we could build a customized acreage property better suited to our current life. However, after seeing limited options and facing challenging conditions during our search (hiking through feet of snow!) we decided to look at existing properties. We came across our would-be home: a stunning two acre property with over 7,000 square feet of developed space. The home features six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a 1,400 square foot garage, gym, 650 plus bottle wine bar and plenty of marble – just how I like it!

On our first tour of the home, we knew the layout and design was perfect for us, however, we could see some opportunities to improve on existing spaces and tailor them to our needs. Steve works in ecommerce, developing and growing online businesses. I do contract interior design work, when I’m not busy being a mom. We needed a house that was very specific to our lifestyle – lots of space was a must since the entire family is home every day. It was also important we had functional workspaces, in addition to extra usable rooms we could sneak away to for a moment of peace.

We purchased the home in the dead of winter, and moved in the following summer in 2017. The last year has been a fun process making the home our own and reimagining various spaces to fit our unique lifestyle. I had seen this home before on social media, and never dreamed it would become my own. My husband and I worked very hard to achieve this goal, and often the realization that this is our home still hits me – I love it so much!

In the photos below I’ll recap some of the spaces original to the home (with my decorating touch applied!), then explore some of the bigger changes we’ve made since moving in. Enjoy, and thank you once again for allowing us to show you our home – we’re truly honored!

Photography by Phil Crozier.

(Note: I am reposting this today because I am not feeling 100%, but I will be back soon with a new post! Thank you, my friends! ? )

Beautiful Homes of Instagram: Canada

From the moment we drove up the long driveway, we were in love! This home has a very grand, but inviting curb appeal with large double iron front doors and a front veranda.

Front Door

The driveway continues past the front door to a large parking pad (we keep trying to think of a fancier name for it!) and the four car garage. Step inside…

Upon entry our guests eyes are guided up the stairs to a large light fixture and walk way to the master bedroom.

This grand foyer and spiral staircase is well-loved on social media.


We appreciate that visitors at the front door can’t see into common areas, which is great for privacy and leaves something to the imagination.

Entry Bench: Wayfair.

Dining Room

This room underwent a major overhaul immediately after moving in. The original dining room felt dark and heavy with tons of wood, and we prefer a brighter / lighter style. With a few coats of paint (including the ceiling) and the addition of a beautiful marble top dining table, the room now feels inviting and elegant. The marble top table is a great tie-in to the kitchen and butler’s pantry.

Dining Table

Our dining chairs are classic oval backs, with a durable fabric that will withstand family dinners for years to come. We’re still searching for the perfect fabric for drapery in this room.

Paint color is Sherwin Williams SW 6245 Quicksilver.

Dining Table: RH. Other Beautiful Dining Tables: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here & here.

Built-in Hutch: Designed by the builder.

Butler’s Pantry

The butler’s pantry is located between the dining room and kitchen, and includes a sink, glass / bottle storage and an icemaker.

We leave our most commonly used house liquor here and it’s the ideal spot to make a quick drink for guests.

Hardware & Lighting

We’ve made no major changes to this kitchen since purchasing the home – how could you! It’s absolutely gorgeous with a full marble countertops and backsplash.

Long before we moved in I searched for the perfect bar stools for the island. I eventually found them on Wayfair, and although they took 10 months to arrive, they were worth the wait!

Kitchen Hood

The custom hood acts as a focal point for the entire room.

Pot Filler: Perrin & Rowe.

Meet the Homeowners!

This is the very talented Kaitlyn and her sweet husband, Steve. ?

The island has a butcher block top, which is more durable than the marble and easily refinished.

Coffee Maker: Nespresso Vertuo.

Kitchen Desk

You will find the fridge and a custom kitchen desk on the left side of the kitchen.

Kitchen Desk

The kitchen desk features butler’s block countertop and seeded cabinet glass doors.

Chair: RH – similar: here.

This is one of my favorites breakfast rooms ever shared on Home Bunch. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Dining Chairs: Ikea – similar here, here & here.

Great Room

This room is probably the most shared and pinned photo of this home – it was on my Pinterest board years before we owned the property. The great room features beautiful wood beams, a large stone fireplace and mantle, and our favorite feature: an oversized window bench.


The bench is one of our most common family hang out spots, and has large drawers underneath for toy storage.

The TV in this space is rarely used, so we often cover it up by leaning art on the mantle. It helps emphasize the high ceiling height in this room and nicely balances this grand fireplace.

Rug: Rugs.ca Copenhagen Rug – similar here & here.

Hardwood flooring is Rustic Hickory planks finished on site. The beams are alder and the stone veneer used on fireplace is similar to Montana Quartz – similar here.

This hallway lets tons of light in, and connects the home from garage to great room. I found the perfect small console to fit this space for ditching keys and sunglasses when you get home.

Console: Local – similar here, here & here.

Women’s Boots: Hunter.

This pantry got so many pins last time I shared it on the blog! It has a fantastic layout and I love the fact that it was a microwave.

Stand Mixer: KitchenAid in Aqua Sky.

Wood Crate: Wayfair.

Powder Room

The powder room features a classic marble washstand with metal base and wall paneling.

Washstand: RH – similar here.

We’ve left the original mudroom intact with no major changes. We followed the advice of our realtor, who told us to always put your kids cubbies furthest from the door – there’s nothing worse than a toddler sitting on the floor to take off their shoes while you have your arms full of groceries!

Our previous home had an upstairs bonus room where the kids watched TV and played with toys. This home doesn’t have one in the layout, so we reimagined an upstairs bedroom and converted it into a playroom. We added wall decals, custom art and installed a TV. The bedroom has a large closet, which is perfect for toys, and an attached bathroom. It’s become a favorite hangout space before bed, and the best part about it, you can close the door and hide the mess!

Side Tables: Wayfair.

Ottoman: Revolve – similar here, here & here.

Previous Home

Cashton’s bedroom in our old house was one of my most popular social posts, and it’s widely shared on Pinterest / Instagram – you’ll see most of the same furniture. The custom made “pipe” shelf was sourced from a local handyman who builds these using unused materials from job sites.

Son’s Bedroom

Cashton’s bedroom had a large hand-painted mural in it that didn’t fit our design plan for the room. Due to the thickness of the paint and the ridges it created, we had to have the wall skim coated and repaired to achieve a flat paintable surface. The whole room was repainted in a steely blue.

Crib: West Coastal Kids – similar here & here.

The kid’s bedrooms are connected with a Jack and Jill bathroom, which helps streamline bedtime for mom and dad. There is a water closet and tub opposite the sink, which are not pictured.

Bathroom Floor Tile: 2” white hex tile with a black pencil and white ceramic boarder.

Daughter’s Bedroom

The original owner of this home had two boys, so this bedroom required a major overhaul. Like most little girls, my daughter loves pink and princesses, and the existing wallpaper, paint and window coverings we’re not going to work for her.

Immediately upon move-in we stripped the wallpaper and repainted the whole room a soft pink color. Custom drapery was added above the window bench – which we repurposed from our last home – I made all of the paper flowers on the wall by hand, and we stapled those to the wall around her canopy.

The dresser is originally from IKEA, and we added the custom gold molding details (from “Overlays”) to ensure it was cohesive with the room.

Similar Mirror: Here.

Master Bedroom

One of our first priorities in this home was to brighten up the master bedroom with new paint. We also plan to add some architectural details to the walls / ceiling in the future (such as paneling or beams). The window looks out to a pond frequented by moose and deer.

King-sized Bed: Local store – similar here, here, here & here.

Her Office

My previous homes never had an office I could devote to my design work, and finally I have this perfect spot to edit my photos and sketch new ideas. The built-in desk is located off the master bedroom, and looks out to the front of the property. I love working here in the morning and enjoying a coffee while my daughter lays in my bed watching TV.

Chandelier is by Visual Comfort.

Beautiful Pin Boards: Here.

Dressing Room

Steve and I have separate his and hers closets, which means I can keep my closet perfectly organized and feminine (there’s a reason his isn’t pictured!) The closet has lots of built-in shelving and a full dresser with jewelry drawers. The oval shaped window lets in plenty natural light, which helps this space feel clean and airy.

Master Bathroom

Women swoon over this master bathroom! A luxurious, marble-clad space featuring dual vanities, a soaker tub, makeup desk and family shower.

We purchased the large freestanding mirror from the original owners – source here.

Beautiful Floor Mirrors: here, here & here.

The multiple shower heads and body-sprays are ideal for cleaning up the kids after a messy meal – they also love creating potions in here!

The bathroom featuring hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern.

His Office

Function was key in my husband’s office. In order to effectively work from home, he needs a space away from the “action” of the kitchen / family room, lots of natural light and plenty of storage. This office is located right off the front entrance, with a perfect view of the driveway and gate. It has built in cabinets and we converted one side into a foam-lined recording booth that he uses for webinars and training videos; the desk was purchased from the original sellers. I made him hide three additional computer monitors for the sake of this photo shoot!

Desk Chair: Hooker Furniture.

Basement Rec Room

After a new coat of paint to brighten up the whole space, we added a large comfortable sectional and plush rug. It quickly became our preferred TV hangout and entertaining space. New window coverings were added for privacy, including custom drapery to cover the double doors.

Similar Brass Bowl: CB2

Just behind this seating area is a pool table, dart board and cabinet full of board games.

We have visions of converting this space to a pub feel, so there’s still some work to be done.

Barstools: RH – similar here & here (counterstools)

Cork Vase: Wayfair.

My husband has a large scotch collection as well, which we keep outside the wine room in a back-lit mirrored shelving area. The bar is outstanding for entertaining and storage, with a built in TV and our own house cocktail menu for guests to choose from.

Cabinetry is Alder.

Wine Room

This amazing 650+ bottle wine room and bar is definitely a focal point in the basement. While not big wine collectors originally, our passion for it has grown and the wine room is now well stocked.

We always loved the idea of having a dedicated gym in our house, however our homes in the city never had the space. This gym helps us avoid driving on treacherous winter roads, and it’s a good escape when you need to blow off some steam. The mounted TV is great for watching spin classes or YouTube workout videos – it’s like having a built-in trainer.

Guest Bedroom

We love to entertain, and after a night of games and wine we see lots of overnight guests. This room was completely overhauled with new paint, a large TV and comfortable amenities for guests. We keep the drawers stocked with overnight supplies so an advanced reservation is never required.

Fireplace Arm Chairs: Here.

With such a short summer, we spend most warm nights outside enjoying the peace and quiet; the outdoor fireplace sees plenty of action, and the kids enjoy watching a show while mom and dad relax.

I designed and drafted our outdoor dining table, which was then custom built by my father-in-law – it has a composite decking top, which is incredibly durable for our harsh winters. There is also a large seating area opposite the dining area which is not pictured.

Similar Outdoor Dining Table: Here.

Many thanks to Kaitlyn Harris for sharing all of the details above. Make sure to follow @decorating__life on Instagram and visit her website for more inspiration!

Photography by Phil Crozier.

Exciting Holiday Sales!

Thank you for shopping through Home Bunch. I would be happy to assist you if you have any questions or are looking for something in particular. Feel free to contact me and always make sure to check dimensions before ordering. Happy shopping!

Lead me in Light and Love”.

Have a wonderful day, my friends and we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

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How to Remove a Single Piece of Hardwood Flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

O.K., so you have tongue and groove hardwood floors and you need to remove one piece.  How do you do it?  Like this …

Please enjoy the strained, pretend blog smile I use on the outside when I’m a home renovation mess on the inside.

The reasons for needing to pull up a single piece of tongue and groove flooring are varied. You might want to see what the floor underneath is like.  Your cat may have peed on it and you want to replace a section without wrecking all the floor around it.  Or maybe,  just maybe, you do it for no reason at all, other than your undiagnosed home renovating mental illness known as You Might as Well Trychosis.

I’m not sure if you know this or not but I’m in the midst of a design decision.  Whether to rip up my old floors to go down to the older floors, or whether to just let everything be. This is where Trychosis gets me in trouble every time.

My floor refinisher pulled up a small piece of my hardwood oak flooring while he was here assessing what my flooring options were.  He cut out a small portion of my floor in such a way that if I wanted to put the piece back no one would ever EVER know it had been removed.

I wanted to try.

How to Lift a Floor Board

  1. Pick the board you want to remove.  The shorter the board, the easier it will be to lift.
  2. Slowly run a sharp box cutter along the cracks on either side of the board.
  3. Continue cutting with the box cutter getting progressively deeper into the tongue underneath.
  4. When you feel no resistance you’re through the tongue.
  5. Gently lift the board, using a pry bar if needed.

So I did. And now I’ll show you how to do it in case you want to try it.  Due to your Trychosis.

The reason I couldn’t lift up a piece of this hardwood flooring easily is because of how tightly it is laid down.  If the floor has spaces in between the boards you can get a saw in there to cut between the boards.  Not so when it’s so tight.

The first thing I had to do was knock down a couple of finishing nails that were sticking up. If you have any any nail sticking up just using a nail punch and a hammer to hammer it down.  If you do any DIY and you don’t have a nail punch I’m gonna let you know right now your disorder isn’t nearly as bad as  you think.  Also you should buy a nail punch.

Your second step to removing a single piece of tongue and groove hardwood is to run a box cutter down the seam between two boards.  Just gently pull it through.  Keep doing that, going deeper and deeper until you can feel you’ve cut through the entire tongue of the hardwood.

This is not a fast process.  It probably took me 45 minutes to cut through both sides of one 2′ board.  You have to go carefully so you don’t cut yourself or slip and cut the hardwood.

The sharper your boxcutter, the easier this will be.


Don’t pull towards any part of your body. Make sure your hands, legs and feet are out of the way in case you slip.

Once you’ve cut through the tongue there may still be nails holding the strip down. Gently pry it up with a prybar or hammer.

Once it gives loose pull your board out.

This technique cuts through both tongues on either side of the board you removed.

You can now take a moment to stare at whatever is underneath the floor you removed.  If your lucky it will be money. You’ll be staring down at gobs and gobs of money.  Or a hidden Renaissance painting.  Me? I was staring down at another floor.

Once you’ve satisfied your Trychosis, simply wipe the sawdust and shavings away and place the board back down.  If it’s going down for good, just drizzle the back with some wood glue before you put the wood back in place.

You can’t tell at all that one of those floorboards was removed and put back down.

If your floors are up against built in cabinets or baseboards use a multisaw to cut through the end of the board.

The reason you wouldn’t use this to cut through the sides of the flooring also is because even though the cut it makes is very thin, it’s still thicker than the seams between the boards.  In other words, if you put the flooring back, the cuts wouldn’t be invisible like they are if you use a boxcutter.

Again, if you’re a DIYer and you don’t own one of these tools you really should. Mine is the Dremel Multi-Max, but there are a few different makes of them.

So now that I’ve seen another section of the pine flooring  under my dining room floor am I closer to making a decision about whether to pull the floors up?

Yes.  Yes I am.

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Cat pee on your hardwood?  One board mangled after an axe throwing party mishap?  Here's how to lift a single board from your tongue and groove flooring without wrecking the board or any of the boards around it.

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Corner Lot New-Construction Home Ideas – Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas

Hardwood Flooring

Built and designed by Veranda Estate Homes Inc., this custom home was designed to take advantage of the unique raised corner lot that it sits on. Every side of this home had large scale windows to take advantage of the raised elevation off the street which gives it total privacy and walls of green trees once summer decides to show its face in Calgary. Since the home was a spec home, meaning the builder was building it without specific clients in mind, they were able to push the envelope with the overall plan and interior selections.

While each space is unique and individual, they kept the theme of black, white, and natural color wood elements consistent throughout the home. There are a lot of elements in this home that the designer, Melissa Manzardo Hryszko, gets asked about often. One is the staircase railing, which is a design she came up with for another home about 7 years ago. While it is certainly not cost effective, she felt it was a great investment for the space as it certainly demands attention. The staircase is a combination of custom iron post in a matte black finish, 10 mm glass panels, & a 1/4 sawn oak handrail. It goes perfectly with the black stringers and natural finish hardwood treads.

The other feature people love are the dividers that she incorporated into the informal dining area. This space is viewed right when you walk into the home so she knew they had to somehow make this space special and define it in some way. The industrial feel that these dividers add was the perfect touch to define the space.

The counters are another thing people loved when viewing this home, you can’t help but touch them! They are a leathered Angola Black granite, simple and clean but the leathered finish takes these up a level!

Enjoy the tour, everyone!

Corner Lot New-Construction Home Ideas

The smooth stucco color is Benjamin Moore Pashmina AF-100.

Exterior trim paint color is Benjamin Moore Seapearl OC-19.

Side Garage

The house features a side entry oversized attached garage with 8’ tall cedar stained garage door.

Home Style: West Coast Contemporary style exterior c/w low pitched roofs, 3’ overhangs, metal roof accents, cedar siding sections, and timber post detailing.

House Size: 3,733 Sq. Ft. custom built 2-storey home.

Front Door

The custom-made 9’ tall front doors are White Oak – stained Back with glass inserts – Similar font doors: here, here & here.

Exterior Stone, Milwaukee Limestone.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is finished on site 3” & 5” alternating boards in 1/4 & rift cut white oak finished with a custom stain and Bona Traffic in a matte finish applied.

Door Hardware: 3’ tall custom pulls with deadbolt – Modern Entry Door Sets: here, here, here, here, here & here.

Trim, Ceilings, Walls throughout is Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17.

Patio Doors

8’ tall sliding Terrace doors leading to the patio from the nook.

Main Floor Ceiling Height: 10’

This kitchen feels dramatic, modern and unapologetic. I love the layout and the raised kitchen island.

All of the cabinets throughout are custom and built-on-site in the home. The designer/builder went with a 1/4 Sawn White Oak for all of the back stained cabinetry.

Raised Countertop

Raised marble counter in the kitchen is polished Statuario marble with mitered waterfall detailing.

Dark Stained Cabinetry

All black stained windows & cabinetry is a custom blended black stain and it was shaded to create the depth that you see in the images. Any painted cabinets are created with MDF and paint grade woods.

Range: 48” Wolf gas range – Similar here, here & here.

Kitchen Island Dimension

Kitchen Island Dimension: 9’ wide x 2’ deep + the marble raised section which adds another 18” of depth for this island.

The island features built-in microwave drawer & Bosch dishwasher w/ paneled front.

Kitchen Desk

The kitchen also features a built-in command center wired for computer and phone.

Cabinetry Sheen

All cabinets and trim have a low sheen lacquer applied in 20 degrees.

Refrigerator: Paneled 42” Sub Zero refrigerator – Similar here.

Backsplash is a Cotswold or Lancaster (goes by both names) 3×6 white tile – similar here.

Kitchen Sink Cabinetry

The kitchen sink wall features built-on-site 1⁄4 Sawn Oak kitchen cabinetry with extensive drawer detailing, pull out trash cans and cabinets to the ceiling.

Perimeter Countertop

Kitchen cabinets are all custom pulls from Colonial Hardware – similar here, here, here & here.

The kitchen has “miles” of countertop… isn’t it dreamy?! I’d love to cook in here!

Floating Shelves

A door opens to an extensive pantry with lower cabinets, pull-out baskets and open floating shelves.

Countertop and shelves are stained Hickory.

Butler’s Pantry

This home features a large butler’s pantry with custom 1⁄4 sawn oak cabinets with under counter lighting.

Countertop is Leathered Angola Black Granite.

Backsplash is a Cotswold or Lancaster (goes by both names) 3×6 white tile – similar here.

Dining Room

The kitchen opens to a bright dining room painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17. Double French terrace doors leads to a private courtyard.

Create a Beautiful Dining Room:

Great Room

This bright Great Room features 8’ tall  black sliding patio doors and high vaulted ceiling.

Sofa is Article Cube Sofa – Beautiful Sectional Sofa: Here.

Vaulted Ceiling Height: 18′ with 23’ vaulted.

Metal side tables are Dovetail – similar here.

Fireplace Details: Clear view single sided 70” gas fireplace with solid marble slab surround and driftwood log set in the interior.

The staircase is a combination of custom iron post in a matte black finish, 10 mm glass panels, & a 1/4 sawn square Oak handrail. It goes perfectly with the black stringers and natural finish hardwood treads.

Home Office

The home office carries the same custom 1⁄4 sawn oak cabinetry. Note the floor plug under desk. Handy!

Corner chair is from HomeSense – Other Chairs (different colors & fabrics) here, here, here, here, here, here & here.

Desk & Chair

The dark cabinetry looks great with the black windows and the light hardwood flooring.

Desk is Sunpan.

This modern farmhouse-style bathroom features 4×16 white subway tile in a horizontal stack pattern on walls and 4×16 black subway tile in a stack pattern on floors.

Cabinet is Hickory with a custom stain.

Mirror: Custom round mirror – similar here.

Main Bathroom

The main bathroom features heated 8” x 8” black and white cement tiles and custom vanity.

Cabinet Hardware: Atlas.

The basement bathroom features heated 8” matte hexagon black tiles and leathered Black Granite countertop.

Wall tile is 3×12 vertical stacked subway tile on walls in white gloss.

Vanity: 1/4 sawn white oak with a custom milky stain applied.

Barn Door Paint Color

The barn door paint color is Benjamin Moore Midnight Dream 2129-10.

Bathroom Flooring: Master Bathroom flooring is heated 4×24 Carrara in a herringbone pattern.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is spacious and it features a very inspiring layout.

Bathroom also features ‘His’ & ‘Hers’ custom 1⁄4 sawn oak vanities with granite vanity tops.

Shower Tile

The master bathroom shower features 3×12 Cotswold white tile for walls and ceiling (steam unit), solid Statuario marble bench, Carrara long octagon mosaic for the shower base.

Walk-in Closet

Wallpaper in the master closet is from Cole & Sons – similar here – Other Beautiful Wallpaper Choices: here, here & here.

Closet Details

This oversized walk-in closet has extensive shelving, shoe area, seating bench, full length framed mirror and over 15 built-in drawers.

Laundry Room

What a stunning laundry room! I am loving these warm tan cabinets and the herringbone flooring. Flooring is heated Olympia Regal series in various sizes. Cabinet paint color is Pratt and Lambert Ventana.

Laundry Room Layout

Large laundry room with fixed hickory shelving & lacquered cabinets to the ceiling and hanging rod above the washer & dryer.

Washer & Dryer: Samsung Washer & Dryer.

Downstairs Mudroom

Laundry Room and lower level mud room cabinets are also in Pratt & Lambert Ventana 11-25.

Cabinet features built-on-site lacquered lockers with Hickory bench top.

Basement Bar: Custom built-on-site 1⁄4 sawn oak wet bar with granite countertop.

Barstools are Sunpan – similar here.

Ceiling Height: 9’ lower level.

Wine Room

Wine Enclosure: Wood & glass walls with glass door leads to the wine room.

Custom designed 1⁄4 sawn oak wine room c/w accent lighting.

The main level mudroom features custom built-on-site 1⁄4 sawn oak lockers and shelves for shoe storage. Flooring is an oversized porcelain tile in a herringbone pattern.

Lighting: Visual Comfort.

Outside is full of surprises as the interiors are! This large exposed aggregate patio features a wood burning fireplace with natural stone surround.

Stone Sill: Buff Limestone with pitched edges.

Soffits are stained cedar in Cloverdale Chocolate, one coat.

Windows, fascia, downspouts are all Black.

Windows: Oversized Aluminum Clad windows with Low ‘E’ throughout.

Outdoor furniture is from HomeSense – similar here.

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Lead me in Light and Love”.

Have a wonderful day, my friends and we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

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Interior Design Ideas: Small Lot Family Home – Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas

Hardwood Flooring

Hello, my dear friends! How GREAT it is to have you here! Are you having a good week so far? Are you ready for Christmas? I really can’t believe it’s almost Christmas already. This year flew by! But I am not complaining, in fact, I am looking forward to slowing down a little, spending more time just relaxing with my kids, baking, cooking and watching Christmas movies with hot cocoa at the end of the day. We need to learn to slow down and seize life, seize the moments we spend with our loved ones… and talk more looking into their eyes instead of a screen.

I am truly happy to end this week sharing this small lot family home built by M House Development (previously featured here, here, here & here – you guys need to see these house tours!). This is a sweet home that would be perfect for a young growing family that needs to live close to the city for work. Take notes on the many great ideas this small lot home offers, especially if you’re planning on building.

I honestly hope you can have a relaxing time on Home Bunch, my friends. Have fun dreaming and pinning this inspiring home!

Interior Design Ideas: Small Lot Family Home

Pendant Lighting: Rejuvenation.

Roof: Pewter Gray Timberline HD shingles & Weathered Zinc Pac Clad metal roofing.

Although located on a small lot, this home feels very bright and it offers a great layout.

Lighting: Hinkley – Other Beautiful Pendants: here, here & here.

Interior Paint Color

This kitchen was really well-designed. Adding a peninsula between the kitchen and dining area adds more storage and counter space.

Affordable Kitchen Essentials:

(Thank you for shopping through Home Bunch. Please, always remember to check dimensions. ? )

Kitchen Island Dimensions: 67″x48″

Kitchen Island Color

The kitchen island features a custom stain color. Note the shiplap on the sides.

Kitchen cabinetry is Maple, shaker-style. Island features custom shiplap on both ends.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is site-finished 4″ White Oak floors with Pickled Oak stain.

Similar Runners: here, here & here (large).

A custom cabinet is located on a hall that leads to the mudroom and pantry area.

Wet Bar Cabinet

A wet bar, also painted in BM Silver Chain, completes this beautiful kitchen.

Breakfast Room

A cozy breakfast room is located on the other side of the kitchen peninsula. Paint color is SW Site White 7070.

This home wasn’t furnished when the pictures were taken. ?

This one deserves a pin!!! Isn’t this shiplap accent wall/fireplace incredible?! The shiplap was purchased pre-stained. It’s from a company called Empire and the color is Rustic Cottage – similar here.

Windows are Sherwin Williams Iron Ore SW 7069.

Flex Room

This flex room can be used as a formal dining room or home office. Paint color is Sherwin Williams Site White SW 7070 on top, Sherwin Williams Cyberspace SW 7076 on the bottom.

Powder Room Cabinet Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh SW 9179.

The staircase features White Oak treads and handrails. Wall paint color continues to be Site White by Sherwin Williams.

Windows are also painted Sherwin Williams Extra White. They’re Pella Windows.

Blush Pink Bedroom Paint Color

This girl’s bedroom is painted in a soft blush pink paint color; Sherwin Williams SW 6560 Venus Pink.

Jack & Jill Bathroom

The bedroom opens to a practical Jack & Jill bathroom.

Tile: Field tile hex 1×1 mounted 12×24 – custom blend – similar here (in black & white).

Shower Faucet

Shower Faucet: Adding a lower hand shower to a bathtub is a great idea, especially if you have small children.

Shower Faucets: Mirabelle.

The boy’s bedroom is painted in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154 on accent wall. Remaining walls are Sherwin Williams Site White.

Boy’s Bathroom

The boy’s bathroom feels more masculine. I especially love the tile combination.

Hardware: Top Knobs.

Paint color is Sherwin Williams Passive SW 7064.

Countertop: White Carrara marble.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is full of inspiring ideas. I really like the warmth the wooden cabinetry brings to the space.

Floor Tile: Cream Taupe Marble 4×12 Tile – similar here.

This gorgeous vanity is custom and it’s made out of of clear Walnut.

Basement Bar

The basement features a grey wet bar with Carrara Marble countertop. Cabinetry is custom, similar paint color is Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray.

Basement Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Duchateau – similar here.

Cabinet Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Shade Grown SW 6188.

Countertop is Arabescato Venato marble.

Spa Floor Tile: Slab rectified natural 24×24 black – similar here.

Laundry Room

This adorable laundry room features a practical layout – keeping your washer & dryer side-by-side instead of placing a sink between the two, is always more convenient. Keep it in mind! Countertop is White Carrara marble. Paint color is Sherwin Williams Eider White SW 7014.

Faucet: Delta.

The mudroom is spacious and opens to the patio, which leads to a detached garage.

Mudroom Door Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Granite Peak SW 6250.

Paint Color

Paint color is Sherwin Williams Extra White SW7006. Bench seat is a custom stain.

3 Season Room

Windows are painted in Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin Williams.

Many thanks to the builder and Lindsay for sharing the details above.

Exciting Holiday Sales!

Thank you for shopping through Home Bunch. I would be happy to assist you if you have any questions or are looking for something in particular. Feel free to contact me and always make sure to check dimensions before ordering. Happy shopping!

Lead me in Light and Love”.

Have a wonderful day, my friends and we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

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New-Construction Farmhouse with Front Porch – Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas

Hardwood Flooring

Located in Western Springs, Illinois, and recently completed by Timber Trails Development Company, this new-construction farmhouse has a white exterior, black front door and an inviting front porch.
Timber Trails Western Springs is well-known for creating a new subdivision with new-construction homes that are far from being cookie cutter.

With the help of interior designer Julie Howard, these homes, which includes the farmhouse I am sharing with you today, feature a lot of custom details, from custom cabinetry to high ceilings and plenty of shiplap.

This home also features a large mudroom, a large open kitchen and inspiring home decor. I hope this inspires you.

New-construction Farmhouse with Front Porch

Modern Farmhouse Board and Batten, Siding and Trim: Hardie Arctic White.

Black Windows: Andersen.

Black Door Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Black.

House also features black metal roof and half round gutters.

The rug is from Walter E Smithe and is actually the same as the living room rug. Inspiring Rugs: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here & Here.

Wallpaper is Thibaut Summer House in Pearl. In person, the wallpaper looks like a water color mural – it’s really beautiful!

Black Wainscoting Paint Color: Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore 2134-30.

Desks in Both Offices – were made by Cabinet Maker @PalosFineCarpentry and topped with Caesarstone. Desk is stained Benjamin Moore Classic Grey.

A chic hall with wainscotting leads to the main rooms of the house.

This ebony console table brings personality and some contrast against the white paneling.

Console Table: 610 home -Similar Console Table: Here & Here.

Dining Room

The formal dining room is currently being used as a home office. Notice the beautiful wallpaper and coffered ceiling.

Wallpaper is Thibaut Greenwood “Marantha Arrowroot in Black”.

Desk is painted Benjamin Moore Black.

Trim Paint Color (Throughout the House): Benjamin Moore Simply White.

This custom buffet serves as a “butler’s pantry” between the kitchen and the formal dining room. A slightly similar buffet can be found here.

Buffet paint color is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain – The Grey Buffet actually is the same color as the Kitchen island. The kitchen pictures do a better job of actually showing the true color – it shows how lighting can change the color of something in a photo.

The mirror is from Pottery Barn.

The rug is an antique found on Etsy – Similar Rug: Here, Here, Here & Here.

Hardwood flooring is set in a herringbone pattern.

Kitchen features white perimeter cabinets and a charcoal island.

I love the contrast of white kitchen with black windows. It looks even better with matte black hardware and rubbed oil bronze lighting.

Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nook  features black windows with leaded glass. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Table was from RH (discontinued).

According to the designer, the styling items throughout the house were found mostly at HomeGoods, Target and 610 Home (local store). They are all obtainable and affordable.

Daybed: 610 home – Similar Daybed: Here.

Pillows are all custom made with fabrics from Calico Corners.

Floor Lamps: Restoration Hardware French Column Glass Floor Lamp.

Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore AC-26.

“The window above is actually leaded glass even though you can’t tell in the pictures. The sconces are Visual Comfort and are huge. I’ve always wanted a space to use them and they work perfectly here. We had a full length mirror made for the back of the door since there isn’t a traditional mirror over the sink. For a powder room I think it’s perfect and actually better to have a full length option. The vanity is 6′ long and the toilet and door are on the opposite wall.” – Designer Julie Howard.

Sconces: Visual Comfort.

Sink & Backsplash

“We like to have our countertop fabricator cut interesting shapes on backsplashes. I think people forget to ask for this. We often bevel just the edges or make a backsplash taller like 6″ or 8″. The vessel sink is marble. A vessel sink was imperative because the corbels were desk height 30″ and we wanted our sink to be at 36”. “

Similar Marble Vessel Sink: Here.

The base corbels were from RH (they don’t sell them anymore) and were meant to hold a piece of glass as a desk. The designer turned the corbels sideways so you could enjoy the beauty of the carving. The top is a slab of Caesarstone in Raw Concrete which perfectly matches the wall color.

Tray: Target – similar here.

Mudroom cubbies are painted in Benjamin Moore OC-117 Simply White.

Mudroom Rug

Mudroom runner  is one of a kind from Turkey – The designer, Julie Howard, find them usually on Etsy. Similar Rug: Here

Grey Laundry Room Cabinet

Wainscoting paint color is Benjamin Moore Simply White.

Barn Door
A white barn door, painted in BM Simply White, leads to the ensuite

A white barn door, painted in BM Simply White, leads to the ensuite.

Chairs are from Ikea – they were black and the designer painted them white. STORSELE Armchair IKEA.

Similar Mirrors: CB2.

Blush Pink Nursery

A grey hallway, painted in Benjamin Moore Classic Gray, leads to a blush pink nursery.

Walls: Benjamin Moore Classic Grey.

Notice the nightstand decor – The lamp and decor are placed on the tray.

Whole House Flooring – Red Oak, Job Finished, 50/50 mix of Ebony and Espresso.

Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue HC-155.

Navy & White Pillow Fabric: Kate Spade Maxime Navy.

The master bedroom also features a separated sitting area/office area.

Flooring is herringbone white marble tile.

Rug: Vintage. Similar Here.

“Benjamin Moore Classic Grey” is one of the best neutral colors for any space, including bathrooms.

The freestanding bathtub is tucked into a cozy nook with window.

The nook features white marble wainscoting tile.

A staircase with shiplap leads to the basement. Notice the reading nook under the staircase. Sconce is by Visual Comfort.

The basement features a large black bar with white countertop and ceiling beams.

This farmhouse dining area features a window-seat banquette flanked by bookcases.

Dining table is discontinued – similar here.

Basement has Bella Beams in Slate (factory made rustic looking beams – they are awesome and easy to install)

Family Room

The basement family room feels masculine and it has plenty of personality.

The fireplace features a grey natural stone and rustic beam mantel.

This bathroom features patterned wall tile and large hex floor tile.

Cabinet: Maple cabinets with custom mixed stain.

Pottery Barn: President’s Day Weekend Sale – Up to 70% Off!!!

Horchow: 30% Off Entire Site!

Pier 1: President’s Day Sale 15 to 20% Off Purchase.

Lead me in Light and Love”.

Have a wonderful day, my friends and we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

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Pet-Friendly Home Updates for Home Sellers and Landlords

Hardwood Flooring

The Content is Sponsored by our friends at MilitaryByOwner.com, sponsors of MilSpouseFest events

Pets and real estate have a complicated relationship. The hard line used to be to hide away any sign of a pet living in a home that was being sold in hopes of attracting all types of buyers, pet owners and otherwise.

This absolutely holds true today when it comes to cleanliness and odors, but because the majority of people in the U.S. own a pet, there’s been some wiggle room when it comes to finding the next buyer or renter, especially when it comes to showing off pet-friendly amenities in the home.

All Those Pet Owners Need Homes Too

Take a look at his statistic from a Realtor.com survey describing Millennial home buying: 75% of home buyers with pets would pass on a perfect home if it didn’t meet the needs of their pets.

This is a significant stat for home sellers and landlords to ponder. 75% percent of those pet owners would walk away from a property that didn’t inherently work for their pet’s lifestyle. That’s a lot of people who really, really, love their pets.

As a military homeowner, what changes can you implement to attract the best and most reliable pet owners who want to buy or rent your house? If you’re a home seller or a landlord, keep these updates in mind; they might just bring in some extra cash.

Customized Mud and Laundry Rooms

Not every house has the benefit of a dedicated mudroom, but most have laundry spaces that could accommodate a lifestyle with pets. Large utility sinks outfitted with handheld showers makes bathing small pets easy. Adding accessible storage shelves to hold bathing necessities like shampoo and towels is an inexpensive way to expand organization capacity, not just for pet owners, but for anyone who seeks “plenty of storage space,” which includes most home shoppers.

For the ultimate in pet bathing, however, relatively small walk-in showers or washing stations are ideal for bigger pets. The cleanup is much easier inside tiled walls instead of chasing a wet hound through the living room while he rubs his soaked fur on the furniture.

Even if your mudroom can’t accommodate plumbing, the opportunity to have a pet friendly space exists. Many families choose to have their animals eat in a room separate from human dining rooms and kitchens. Creating a dedicated space for food and water bowls keeps these pet messes from the main part of the house. Food drawers can be built to tuck away site unseen until feeding time, if you’ve got a little DIY background.

Built-in crates, racks to hang leashes, perches under windows, and plenty of storage for food and accessories are all are options to customize a utility space for pets. Pet loving buyers and renters will find it hard to turn down these time and money saving options in the home.

Easy to Clean Flooring and Paint

Hardwood flooring remains the most requested flooring type among home buyers, and the trend appears stronger than ever. It’s a safe bet it’s going to remain popular long enough to get your return on investment. Sure, there are reasons to have some comfy carpet, but many buyers and renters would much rather deal with the clean-up pets require on solid floors.

True hardwood floors are expensive and can be finicky in their maintenance. Very dark floors show dirt and pet hair immediately, and some highly finished wood planks scratch under the normal circumstances of everyday life that could include the dog chasing a ball through the house.

Faux wood flooring in all of its variations (even tile!), high end to low cost, have improved exponentially over the years. Affordability, water resistance, hard-to-damage coating, and a variety of fashionable finishes make the option hard to ignore. Remember, the choices that are pet mess resistant are also kid mess resistant!

Renters and buyers, more times than not, are going to be thrilled not to have to inherit the previous family’s invisible and–no matter how many times you try to clean—always there messes. Not to mention the germs and odors that permanently lurk in cheap carpeting bought at the big home improvement store.

The micro technology found in today’s paint choices are similar to the qualities found in wood flooring as related to durability. The best brands offer low odor and environmentally safe options, but also sell formulas sturdy enough to scrub dog drool and pet water splashes from walls and trim. Those tricked out, pet-friendly mud and laundry rooms could use a coat or two as a finishing touch!

More Pet-Friendly Amenities

A new mudroom or floor are two worthwhile ways to attract pet owners, but there are many other projects that would please potential buyers and renters.





There is so much that goes into preparing your home for sale or for rent. Given the fact that more than half of the population owns a dog or cat, upgrading to attract the best pet owner/buyer/renter is a wise idea, . Updating your home with one of these options is likely a win-win situation because they are desirable not only for animal lovers, but non-pet owners too.

This content was originally published here.