The Biggest Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2019BECKI OWENS

Hardwood Flooring

This month we are spilling our predictions for new interior trends, and today we are looking at hardwood flooring! If it fits your budget, hardwood is a no brainer. Timeless and warm, hardwood instantly elevates a space. But what width, stain, or finish to pick? 2019 is trending at both ends of the spectrum with a move toward warmth. Read on for all the details.

Pretty Light Woods Continue to Trend

Light floors create a fresh airy foundation for your home that is so beautiful. We like European White Oak. In our Villa Bonita Project we used Provenza Old World in Warm Sands. This is a hand-scraped wood that helps create a little organic texture. For a similar look, white oak in a cerused finish is another trending option.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we are seeing more fresh interiors grounded by rich dark wood floors. Dark hardwoods have always been big in traditional design, but they are creeping in to even light and airy coastal design and looking just right. A favorite kitchen trend that exploded last year was a layering of wood tones. Here, a blend of dark and medium-tones looks modern while crisp whites keep the look light and fresh. Or go for high drama with the darkest of wood floors paired with bright white walls. We recommend brass accents to soften the contrast and to add a little glam.

Becki Owens Leah Remini’s Pool Room

A few years ago, most our clients wanted every bit of yellow or red undertone out of their flooring in favor of cooler gray tones. But like most trends, we are swinging back a bit with a craving for warmth. Floors in the warm, medium-tone range add contrast to crisp whites and popular greens and blues.

Hardwood floors, especially real wood, almost always look good even if you are not using the wood or stain of the moment. It’s an expensive commitment so consider the trends but go with what you love!


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Amber Brazilian Oak Cheap Hardwood Flooring – Cheap Hardwood Flooring – 25 Affordable Options – Bob Vila

Hardwood Flooring

Made of a South American wood called Tauari, also known as Brazilian Oak, these golden-hued floors are notable for their strength and straight, fine graining. Part of the Lumber Liquidators Bellawood line, the floors carry a Janka hardness rating of 1650, and are backed by a whopping transferable 100-year warranty. Available from; $3.99/foot.

It’s no wonder that Red Oak is America’s favorite material for hardwood flooring. It is both beautiful and durable, and it can easily be sourced and milled domestically. These particular millrun grade floors feature some natural color variation and mineral coloring that give it distinctive character. Backed by.a 30-year warranty and carrying a Janka hardness rating of 1290, they are designed to bring beauty to your home for years to come. Available from; $3.59/foot.

Made from Hevea, also known as Rubberwood, these solid hardwood floors from Lumber Liquidators are about 15% softer than Red Oak, with a Janka hardness rating of 1092. However, despite the floors relative softness, they are surprisingly durable due to their butcher block construction, and are backed by a 50-year limited warranty. Available from; $2.99/foot.

High quality Hickory floors can outlive your furnace, your roof, and almost any fixture in your home, thank to their Janka hardness rating of 1820. In the case of these hardwood floors, made from sustainable domestic sources, a 50-year finish warranty proves just how confident the manufacturer is that the floors will endure for years and decades to come. Available at; $3.99/foot.

This online retailer might not be on your radar as a source for hardwood flooring, but offers a number of options at reasonable price points, like this richly colored Envi Brazilian Teak, which comes with a 25-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Available at; $145/box of 15.56 square feet.

Perfect for homeowners with rustic sensibilities, the Antique Cabin collection from allows for knots, color variation, wormholes, and other imperfections that lend unique charm. The Red Oak floors carry a 1290-1360 rating on the Janka hardness scale. Available from; $1.99/foot. 

Embrace the color variation of natural oak by opting for hardwood parquet flooring. These solid wood parquet tiles have a Janka wood hardness rating of 1290, and a low-gloss finish, which means that, even with wear, it will be difficult to spot dents, nicks, and imperfections. The tiles can be glued down for easy installation. Available from; $3.29/foot.

With a Janka hardness rating of 1820, these moderately priced Hickory floors are some of the most durable you can get for your money. Sourced almost entirely from domestic materials, the Bruce Plano collection of hardwood floors celebrates natural imperfections like mineral streaks, knots and wormholes, adding character to a well-loved home. Available at; $3.99/foot.

Sourced from responsibly harvested forests, these domestic Red Oak hardwood floors with a Janka hardness rating of 1152 are made to last and backed by a 30-year finish warranty. The natural color variation of the boards is protected by a medium gloss finish. Available at; $3.89/foot.

The distressed finish of these Acacia hardwood floors will appeal to homeowners of rustic or industrial sensibilities, although they also work well when paired with contemporary decor. The floors have a Janka hardness rating of 783 and are backed by a 30-year warranty. Available from; $3.99/foot.

These first-quality grade Oak wood boards are finished in a medium gloss to protect their sheen while allowing their natural color variation to shine through. Rated a 1210-1290 on the Janka hardness scale, the Eagle Creek flooring is backed by a 30-Year Wear Warranty. Available from; $2.99/foot.

The craftsmanship of Virginia Mill Works hardwood flooring evokes the artisan charm of the homes built in Colonial America. Although manufactured by modern means, the distressed finish and natural graining give the impression that they were carefully finished by hand. Available from; $3.99/foot.

Prefinished in a rich chestnut hue, these natural grade Hevea floors are most suitable for shoes-off and pet-free households, as dark-colored floors can show signs of wear and tear faster than light-colored floors. All the same, with a Janka hardness rating of 1180 and a 30-year warranty, one can expect these hardwood floors to last. Available from; $3.79/foot.

Aside from Oak, Maple is one of the most popular materials for durable hardwood floors. Maple wood is harder than Oak, which means that it can stand up better to daily use. That said, Maple floors are often finished in dark stains, which can’t hide damage or imperfection as well as lighter colored floors. These Maple floors in Tumbleweed fall on the lighter side of the spectrum, making them a worthy option. Available from; $2.19/foot.

These unfinished Select Red Oak hardwood floors lend traditional ambiance to home interiors. Designed for nail-down installation, the tongue-and-groove edges ensure a snug fit and minimize the risk of gaps forming between floor boards. The floors have a Janka hardness rating of 1290 and come with a lifetime structural warranty. Available at; $3.69/foot.

Made of White Oak, these wide-planked floors are practically made for country farmhouse living. The honey-colored floors are crafted from White Oak and, with a Janka hardness rating of 1360, they are made to endure the daily wear and tear of a busy home. Available from; $2.19/foot

These floors are made of Hickory, one of the hardest option for hardwood floors with a Janka hardness rating of 1820. The durability of the material and the low-gloss finish make it a safe bet for pet owners who want hardwood floors that won’t be marred by pitter patter of tiny claws. Available from; $2.99/foot.

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Make Your House Stylish with the Help of Laminate Floor Installers | Life of Creed

Hardwood Flooring

Why should one choose laminate flooring over hardwood flooring?

The beauty of the floor at one’s home can be enhanced by making use of various materials that are now available in the market. Most people choose to give their floor the look of wood, which is indeed very beautiful. For this purpose, one can use either hardwood flooring or the laminate flooring, which looks like wood.  Both of them have their own merits and demerits.

Hardwood flooring looks stunning, but it needs a lot of care, even greater than laminate flooring. It also requires the application of protective coating several times. One has to be very careful whilst cleaning it. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is easier to clean.

Hardwood flooring is expensive while laminate flooring is lesser in cost. If one has budget constraints then hardwood flooring might just not be the choice. Laminate flooring is less expensive yet giving the look of wood.  According to some experts, it costs twenty-five percent less than hardwood flooring. Therefore, it can be seen that cost is a factor that makes one choose laminate flooring over hardwood.

Laminate flooring can have a waterproofing effect too and can get over the problem of getting moderately wet. It can also be used in bathrooms and kitchens but will suffer wear and tear more than hardwood. Hardwood flooring should not be installed in a bathroom or kitchen as it cannot afford to get wet. They cannot be expected to get wet.

Laminate flooring provides protection from ultraviolet rays. This prevents early fading. The hardwood flooring, however, does not possess this quality. Hardwood floorings cannot tolerate foot traffic the way laminate flooring can do. This is the reason why laminate flooring comes with a longer warranty

Laminate flooring looks very much like wood, but it is durable and easy to maintain. Being cost effective and scratch free, laminate flooring has emerged as the most preferred way to renovate and beautify homes. Hire the best laminate floor installers for this task for better results.

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How to Glaze Painted Furniture


I love to glaze painted furniture. I’ve always liked a glazed look on furniture and searched for years for the perfect product. I finally found it last year at a blog conference. I’ve been using a quart of this glaze for almost an entire year.

I have a great video on how to glaze painted furniture along with a glimpse of all my glazed furniture projects. This one glaze can give many different looks depending on the type of paint you use for the base coat.

First, let’s take a look at a video.

How to glaze painted furniture


This video will take you through the entire process as I glaze a painted table.

Glazed Painted Tables

This is the table from the video above. I made it using 1/2 of a broken coffee table top, 2 random legs and a few 1x’s. I call it the Entry Way Half Table. You can see the glaze made the white base coat rather dark.

A small four legged side table was put together using an orphaned table base and a portion of the table top from the project above. I had the base for a long time just waiting for the perfect purpose.

The original table base was used on this coffee table redo. Hardwood flooring was used as the table top for this old queen anne coffee table.

An awesome Double Console Table  made from random bed posts. This was glazed with the Antique Glaze from RustOleum.

An Oak Table Redo from a table that was discarded by neighbors. This table needed a few repairs and new paint—just a little TLC! More tips for how to glaze painted furniture.

Using bits and pieces and random table legs makes this  Console Table a fun an unique project, the Smoked Glaze just makes it all that much prettier.

Not everything around here is repurposed, some of it is reclaimed such as this Pallet Board Coffee Station . Yep, it was made from reclaimed lumber and even covered with a piece of salvaged glass.

One of my favorite projects of all time is a Kitchen Island made from my daughter’s Desk. The Kitchen Island Makeover explains how I updated the color yet again!

For Plants

For a fun outdoor project I made a Reclaimed Stair Planter out of stair stringers. It had a few colors, but got a glaze as a final topcoat.

This Loaf Pan Planter was nice, but again, adding the glaze really upped the game on this small and easy project. I love the twisted wire handle.

Small Household Items

A very inexpensive thrift store stool needed an update to make it more grown up. You can see all the details in my post Small Stool Makeover.

Blue is my favorite color, but some shades don’t speak to me as much as I thought they would. In the post Extra Large Picture Frame Cork Board the glaze really made a difference.

An old, outdated Gold and Black Mirror Makeover is so much prettier with a little paint and glaze!!

How about a glazed Repurposed Syroco Gold Mirror made into a memo board? So much prettier than the original!

Reclaimed pallet boards and a little ingenuity was all I needed to make this Printable Pallet Frame , ohhh and of course the glaze made it oh so pretty!

Repurposed Parts

Why paint a  Porch Post Coat Rack white when you can do a white base coat and then top it with a little glaze. Plus the glaze helps seal my very flat diy chalky paint primer.

Using reclaimed wide molding and a few scrap boards made these Scrap Molding Signs come together and they look great on a mantel or shelf.

This Headband Organizer was made from scratch using scrap boards and some pretty (painted) iron hooks.

A Gray Glazed Shelf was made from a reclaimed decorative hutch piece. I used the two ends to make two additional shelves to go along with this larger one.

A taller Repurposed Kitchen Drawer Shelf makes the perfect addition to a small corner or space. Originally painted black, then white and glazed. Sometimes I change my mind many times.

I love this small Vintage Drawer Makeover. It was such a quick and easy project that makes me smile every time I see it.

Another favorite is the Hollow Core Door Chalkboard made from a busted door I found on the side of the road. I simply cut the lower portion of the door off—the part that was busted.

This Small Jewelry Organizer was made from the skirt of a FREE side Table. I don’t throw anything away!

Repurposed Furniture Pieces

When I first made this Grateful Thankful Blessed Headboard sign it really didn’t do anything for me. But after I distressed it and glazed it I totally fell in love with it.

I used a very light hand with the glaze on this DIY Entry Table. But it really toned down a bright blue making the final color so much nicer.

A free sewing cabinet got some red paint to make it into a Vintage Sewing Desk Kitchen Storage. I like red paint, but adding this glaze to any red paint makes me love red even MORE!

I would love for you to share it on Pinterest!

Now you have a great idea of how many ways you can use my favorite Smoked Glaze. I’m so happy I finally found a way to get a waxed look, without actually using wax and buffing!  After reading several of these posts and watching the video, you will know just how to glaze painted furniture.



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Florida Waterfront Beach House – Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas

Recently designed by Krista + Home Design, this 6000 sqft waterfront beach house is nestled on the Intracoastal Waterway in Tequesta, Florida. The homeowner has teenage boys, so she wanted something comfortable and family friendly with classic touches. The interior designer gave this beach house a clean, coastal design that is inviting and livable for all the family members.

See all sources, including paint colors, shared by the designer.

Florida Waterfront Beach House

The foyer features grid board and batten paneling and White Oak hardwood floors. Paint color is Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore.

Metal & Glass Accent Table: Uttermost.

The foyer opens to a classy and neutral dining room.

Dining Chairs: Hickory Chair Martin – Similar Here, Here, Here & Here.

The dining room features a built-in buffet (notice the door details) and a neutral wallpaper above the wainscotting. The wallpaper is Seabrook GA30800.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is 7-1/2″ White Oak planks. Similar here, here, here, here, here & here.

Sofa is Kravet Jazz Sofa. Fabric: Kravet Smart, Afterglow Patina.

The chairs on the right are the Aragon chair by Kravet. Fabric: “On the Town Mineral” 32062-15

Wall paint color is Baby Fawn by Benjamin Moore – I’m in love with this neutral color.

Ottomans: Kravet Vassar Square Ottoman. Fabric: Kravet 33135-5

Curious Friend

Isn’t he/she adorable? I couldn’t resist and had to share this shot with you guys. 🙂

Living Room Chairs

Chairs: Kravet Bellair Club Chairs. Fabric: Kravet #32826-5 Mattydale Rain.

The trim/millwork paint color is Benjamin Moore Snowfall White.

Bolster Pillows (on right): Duralee Lemon Ice 36140-650.

Bookcase Decor

The cabinet maker for the built-in bookcases was John Fasig in Jupiter, Florida.

Get The Look:

Isn’t this kitchen stunning? I love how bright and timeless every element feels. You really can’t go wrong with a white kitchen, right? 🙂

Kitchen countertop is Mystery White Marble.

The counterstools are by Kravet. Fabric: Kravet 33378-52 with Kravet 33333-4 Welt.

The kitchen features white subway tile in a herringbone pattern above the range.

Similar Backplash Tile: Here, Here & Here.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color: Snowflake White OC-118 by Benjamin Moore.

Notice that this kitchen features two islands.

Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook is stylish and it offers an incredible waterview!

Chairs: Kravet Buckley Dining Chairs.

Neutral bathrooms are timeless and you never get tired of it.  Cabinetry finish: GC-15 Baby Fawn Benjamin Moore.

Floor tile is Mystery White Marble honed cut 6×24 Herringbone Pattern – Similar (in Porcelain) Here & Here (Grey).

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Horchow: New Spring Arrivals and Many Sales!!

Lead me in Light and Love”.

Have a wonderful day, my friends and we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

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Jack Laurie Group Launches Nation’s Only Merit Shop Floor Covering Apprenticeship Program

INDIANAPOLIS and FORT WAYNE, Ind., /PRNewswire/ — Jack Laurie Group (JLG), Indiana’s largest commercial flooring and interiors contractor, has partnered with Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) to offer the nation’s only merit shop floor covering apprenticeship program. The program was created to boost the talent base of skilled floor covering installers and address the construction industry’s staggering workforce shortage, which began during the Great Recession.

Jack Laurie Group

Jack Laurie Group

With guidance from the Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA), Jack Laurie Group developed a four-year curriculum in floor covering installation that culminates with a graduate’s certification as a trade journeyman. Participants are paid for on-the-job training, and a minimum rate of pay is guaranteed throughout the program. Participants also have opportunity to earn an associate’s degree from Vincennes University completely free of charge, thanks to a grant from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

The program has been certified by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) as an official or “bona fide” apprenticeship. This is the first time the nation’s labor department has approved an apprenticeship program in Indiana created by a private employer. Until now, all DOL-certified programs were offered by trade unions. Indiana is a Right-to-Work state, so nearly 80 percent of the construction work is completed by merit shop employees.

“This is a huge opportunity for the entire construction industry and the men and women who strive to make it their profession, and we are optimistic about the impact the program will have on the local economy,” said Tom Postell, JLG vice president of operations and chief architect of the program. “I feel responsible for finding, developing and supporting the next generation of construction tradespeople here at Jack Laurie Group and in our communities. Ultimately, the success of our company depends upon it.”

Following the 2008 financial crisis and housing debacle, construction-related occupations declined by nearly 1 million or 16 percent overall, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of those who left never returned, even when the industry rebounded, instead pursuing jobs that were considered less cyclical. This led to a critical shortage in skilled workers, particularly in the 25- to 45-year-old age group, and higher wages in the industry.

Hardwood flooring installers make an average of $52,477 per year, according to Salary Expert. The average journeyman at Jack Laurie Group also makes north of $50,000 annually, and the minimum starting rate is an hour.

The apprenticeship program is the latest addition to JLG’s Jack Laurie University, an in-house employee development program that offers ongoing training and certifications in a variety of services and professions.

The apprenticeship includes classroom, lab and field training by JLG’s own National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER)-certified instructors. More specifically, requirements include 8,000 on-the-job hours and 576 classroom and lab hours. The program is completely tuition free, but participants must have a high school diploma or GED. Participation in the Vincennes University associate’s degree program is optional.

The Indiana/Kentucky chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors will host a graduation ceremony at Lucas Oil Stadium, including dinner for two and a tour of the stadium, for participants who complete the program.

Jack Laurie Group (JLG) is Indiana’s largest provider of interior contracting services, including commercial and residential flooring, athletic floors, framing, drywall, paint, ceilings and facilities cleaning services.

Locally owned and operated, JLG has offices and showrooms in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. The company was founded by Jack Laurie in 1950 with nothing more than a tiny rented garage, an old Chesterfield cigarette truck and plenty of gritty determination. We have grown to nearly 300 employees, and our customers include many of the state’s largest employers.

The JLG motto is “Making Spaces Better Places to Work and Live.” But beyond that, we’re obsessed with providing customer service like you’ve never seen. We’re so determined to impress you and blow away the competition that we offer the World Famous Puppy Guarantee. If a customer feels like we’ve dropped the ball in any way, we will credit their account for the service AND make a matching donation to Make-A-Wish in their name. If they’re still not happy, we’ll give them a puppy because… well… it’s a puppy.

About Associated Builders and Contractors

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national trade association that advances and defends the principles of merit-based shops in the construction industry, representing merit shop contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and related firms in the United States.

The Indiana/Kentucky Chapter ranks in the top five in the nation for membership size, and in the top three for education and training. The local chapter has received numerous awards for grassroots initiatives, internal operations, member retention and more.

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4 Latest Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2018 – Lauzon Flooring

Over the past few years, the fast pace of technological changes has immeasurably improved our lives. It was unsettling for some time. It is no surprise, then, that people were looking to make their homes islands of comfort—a place to unplug.

We are now seeing a shift, however. Creating a serene environment no longer means unplugging from all technologies. Rather, it means using them wisely to make life easier and free some time for the important things. It’s about creating a mindful living environment.

Connected homes and communities have an impact on time spent with family, friends, neighbours and broader communities. As we have seen with everything from TV and internet to smartphones, we are now more than happy to adopt new technologies when they bring real benefits, such as saving time and money, or building meaningful new connections with those we care about and depend on in our everyday lives.

With our new openness to the world, we are remapping our sense of community, creating hubs of art, music and gastronomy. New services like home and car sharing and e-learning have allowed us to create a culture of everyday nomadism and wanderlust obsession. We are now seeking to collect experiences instead of things, using technology to help us ease the process while remaining in the background.

Creating welcoming spaces, sanctuaries of harmony to increase the moments of joy in our lives, is now the priority. The home is opening itself from the inside out to family, the community and the world, creating an environment full of unexpected fun, where we all feel welcome and relaxed. It allows us to live in the moment, encouraging us to act selflessly, happily and generously.

Hardwood Flooring Latest Trends

Open living spaces are definitely becoming the norm for connecting and sharing. With these growing lifestyle trends, some types of flooring are growing in popularity.

Textured hardwood flooring is definitely ideal for a more active household. It is a lot more forgiving than its smooth counterparts when it comes to the hazards of everyday life with family, friends, pets and home-sharing newcomers.

Discover all our hardwood floor textures.

Low Sheen

Gaining popularity in recent years, a low sheen hardwood floor is best at enhancing the natural look of wood while hiding marks, scuffs and scratches. Low sheen hardwood floors are usually excellent for high-traffic areas and homes with kids and pets and make a perfect combination with texture.

Learn all about hardwood floor sheen.

Sophisticated Complex Colours

With the openness to the world comes a quest for richer, deeper and more complex, as well as personalized and unique colours. Traditional colours are fading away, leaving room to more complex multi-tonal and rich colours that brings an interesting deepness to your décor.

Long and Large

What better way to create unity in open-concept homes than long and large floor planks? Larger and longer hardwood floorboards add visual interest to a room and perfectly bring together the open concept. They make any room in the house look larger, and because fewer boards are needed to cover a given area, there are fewer visible joints, yielding a spectacular, even look.

New Hardwood Floorings

All our new hardwood floorings being introduced on the market this year combine all the beauty of these four trends to bring you smart options that adapt to current needs and lifestyles.

New Estate Series

The new Estate Series adds a bold and elegant statement to your décor. With its combination of Wire Brushed and Hand Scraped worn texture, its array of soft and rich complex colours ranging from greige, warm-taupe, bistre to dark rich browns. And its 6¼”-wide planks, this new White Oak Series brings the essence and warmth of old English chic into your home. Discover Moorland, Stonehenge, Yorkshire, Celtik, Natural, Cambridge, New Castle, Wyndham & Frontenac.

It is also worth mentioning that the Estate Series is infused with our Pure Genius®air-purifying smart technology, a first-of-its-kind innovation in hardwood flooring that makes homes healthier. This technology brings your hardwood floors and well-being to a new level, by improving indoor air quality by up to 85% and decomposing up to 99.6% of bacteria, viruses and mold.

New Colors in the Authentik Series

Esperanza, Curioso and Tormenta certainly bring the high-demand grey pallet to our Authentik Series. Historic and timeless with a contemporary twist, this series offers a low-gloss surface and Wire Brushed texture, bringing the beauty of the Red Oak to life.

The Authentik Series is also infused with our Pure Genius®air-purifying smart technology to allow your family to breathe easier.

New Colors in the Urban Loft Series

The interesting four new colours of the Urban Loft Series will charm you. From light beachy to dark dirty blonde, taupe and a sophisticated and complex dark brown, combined with a Wire Brushed texture and an ultra-matte sheen, these new 7½”-wide White Oak hardwood floors will definitely add character to your home. Discover Alcove, Faktory, Park Avenue and Tribeca.

New dimensions

To bring the open spaces together and offer the best wood authenticity, all our hardwood floor made out of our domestic species – Hard Maple, Red Oak and Yellow Birch; as well as our exotic species – Brazilian Cherry, African Sapele, Santos Mahogany from our International Series; now features new board lengths of up to 6 feet, in our NextStep-engineered construction with a 5 3/16-width.

To bring an interesting twist to your décor, our hardwood floors made out of our domestic species – Hard Maple, Red Oak and Yellow Birch from our Ambiance Collection are now offered in wider and longer Herringbone of 5 3/16-width per 23 ¼-length.

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Are Hardwood Floors Expected Nowadays?

Real estate professionals say that hardwood floors can pay off when it comes to selling a home. They’re a “bling feature,” particularly in living rooms and dining rooms, and in a master suite they “could help win a buyer’s offer,” Janice Caputo, a real estate pro with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services in Pittsburgh, told ®.

“Most buyers nowadays are expecting hardwood,” Matt Laricy, a real estate pro with Americorp Real Estate in Chicago, told®. “They want things move-in ready, and don’t want to do any work. Seeing carpet could make them pass on your place.”

Alex Biyevetskiy, a home remodeling expert with, says new hardwood floors can even add up to 2.5 percent to a home’s sale price. The National Association of REALTORS®2017 Remodeling Impact Survey also rated refinished hardwood flooring as one of the projects that are most appealing to home buyers. 

Hardwood flooring can be expensive to install, however. Kimberly Villa, marketing manager for Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling in San Diego, says the average cost of popular woods like oak, maple, walnut, or cherry is about $5 to $10 per square foot. For installation, add about $4 to $8 per square foot. 

“While this may seem a little pricey for an initial investment, you must take into consideration the fact that these floors can outlive you,” Villa says. “They will also increase the market value of your home quite a bit. Old carpets can be a major eyesore and can really turn a home buyer off. They can also negatively impact those who have allergies. Invest in hardwood flooring now, and reap the benefits for decades to come.”

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Interior Design Ideas – Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas

Hello, everyone! I am so happy to share this new “Interior Design Ideas” with you. Today, I’m featuring a stunning home built by a well-known Calgary building company, Veranda Estate Homes. Here, they explain more about this inspiring project.

“My husband & I own and operate a small boutique custom home building company, Veranda Estate Homes in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This project is our last home that we designed and built for ourselves. We sold this home a year ago and are now in the process of building our dream home. Besides building our own home we also have many other projects on the go at any given time, from custom estate homes for clients, to large scale renovations and spec homes in desirable communities throughout our city. There is never a dull moment around here with our two boys and the company. Besides being on all of the sites daily and dealing with our incredibly talented trade base I am working with our clients to ensure that their home is perfect…it is a lot of fun!

Maximizing natural light and the view of the land was key when we designed our last home that was situated on a treed two acre parcel. With a pond at the back and towering trees the we wanted the exterior of the home to blend into nature. When designing the floorplan we kept in mind our love to entertain & that we had a young family. The home is finished with exquisite built-on-site cabinetry, wide plank hardwood floors, and great attention to detail, which is evident in every room. From the grand entrance featuring stunning curved staircases, to the marble counters and solid slab backsplash, this home is elegant but not intimidating.  The design allowed great flow and unique spaces for every member of our family and guest to enjoy for years to come.

Have fun pinning these interiors and get inspired!

Architectural Details

Exterior features Cedar post, shutters, and detailing w/ walnut stain.

Front Door

Front doors custom, in iron. The doors are 8′ tall and 5′ wide.

Exterior Lighting: Visual Comfort.

Grand Foyer

Front entrance tile is a vein cut honed grey Limestone in a chevron pattern.

Paint Color

Paint color is Benjamin Moore Seapearl OC-19.

Dining Room

The dining room feels collected and inviting. It features a built-in hutch, black windows and 10′ ceilings.

Lighting is Arteriors.

Dining room furniture is Drexel Heritage.

Window Treatment: Silk side panels (similar here) with antique brass hardware.

Built-in Cabinet

The dining room features a built-in hutch with custom blended stain.

Paint color is Raccoon Fur 2126-20 by Benjamin Moore – it looks quite light on these images due the reflection of the light – the paint color is a dark navy.

Butler’s Pantry Countertop

The butlers pantry features solid Statuario slab marble countertop and backsplash with a curved return.

The hood fan is a custom stainless steel hood with a patina finish applied. The hood was custom made by a metal-smith.

Pot Filler: Perrin & Rowe.

Countertop is a butcher block – Birch with a stain and lacquer finish applied. Minimal maintenance is required.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances: Sub fridge, Thermador range top, Kitchen Aid wall ovens, Bosch dishwasher, Vent-A-Hood liner.

Cabinet Details: Custom built-on-site cabinetry out of MDF & paint grade woods with shaker style doors.

The kitchen desk features cabinets with seeded glass.

Chair is Restoration Hardware. Similar here.

Furniture is Restoration Hardware with a custom dining table – similar here. Also, notice the stunning windows.

Bow window flanked by patio doors help define the space for this breakfast nook.

Farmhouse-inspired Great Room

Shop the Look:

The stone on the fireplace is a natural stone veneer. It’s similar to Montana Quartz.

Family Room Windows Inspiration

The windows are an aluminum clad exterior window with wood on the interior.

Paint Color

Walls and trim paint color is Seapearl by Benjamin Moore.

The beams in the Great Room were out of alder and built-on-site by the builder finishers.

Decor: All Restoration Hardware.

The great room features a built-in window with a barrel arch, wainscoting and black windows.

Cabinet Hardware: Here.

Hardwood flooring is Rustic Hickory 6” & 8” finished on site.

The pantry features fixed shelves, built-in cabinets and butcher block countertop.

The counter is 24″ deep and the room is aprox 7×5.5.

Built-in Microwave Oven: Panasonic– similar here.

Cooking Books

Pantry features pull out baskets, ample storage, and built-in microwave with cookbook storage above.

Cabinet Hardware: Here.

Mud room flooring is Jura Grey honed limestone. I am loving the wallpaper above the wainscoting.

Notice the built-in mirror. What a great idea!!! – Similar here.

Powder Room

Paint color is Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur in high-gloss above wainscoting.

The interior doors are painted black and they were custom-made locally.

Similar Mirror: Here.

Railing is alder shaker post with oil rubbed bronze spindles.

Staircase Runner

Staircase is open stringer closed risers with Hickory tread caps and wool carpet inlay.

Foyer Pendant

Table Lamps: Visual Comfort.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom with paneled walls, inset mirrors, free standing tub, and chevron hardwood flooring.

Flooring is 8” Hickory, done in a chevron pattern.

Cabinet Paint Color

Shower features solid marble slab; Calacutta Gold.

Walk-in Closet Paint Color

Boy’s Bedroom

Mural in this bedroom was painted by hand and it’s a copy of a 1970’s paint by number the designer found on Ebay.

Kid’s Bedroom Desk

Laundry Room Paint Color

Laundry Room paint color is Benjamin Moore HC-116 Guilford Green.

Laundry Room flooring is Thassos marble with a Matrix green marble inlay.

Lower Level flooring is etched and acid stained concrete (heated).

See Beautiful Leather Chairs Here.

Basement bathroom features Alder cabinetry and a dark marble countertop.

Horchow: Flash Sale: Up to 55% Off!!!

Lead me in Light and Love”.

Have a wonderful day, my friends and we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

Contact Luciane

“For your shopping convenience, this post might contain links to retailers where you can purchase the products (or similar) featured. I make a small commission if you use these links to make your purchase so thank you for your support!”

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2007 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Van Conversion For Sale

This is a 2007 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Van Conversion that’s for sale by one of our awesome readers, Brent Massey.

It has a diesel engine with 292,000 miles, runs great, recently serviced, clear title and is available out of Dallas, Texas.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

’07 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Van Conversion For Sale in Dallas, Texas


  • 2007
  • 292,000 miles
  • Diesel engine
  • Clean and clear title
  • Runs great
  • Downsizing, getting rid of some vehicles
  • Within the last two months has had new turbo, oil cooler, intercooler, pulleys, belt, glo plug, fan clutch and more (have records)
  • Conversion includes: new BF Goodrich all terrain tires, shaded headlights and taillights, 200 lbs of rattletrap on walls, floor, ceiling
  • Completely insulated with iso paneling top to bottom
  • Cedar tongue and groove
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Solar panels and charge controller. 125 amp hour vmas battery.
  • Auxiliary diesel air heater
  • Adjustable FANtastic fan
  • Dimmable lighting
  • 3000 watt inverter
  • 25 gallon freshwater tank
  • Sink with soap dispenser with 12v pump
  • Bed platform fits queen mattress
  • 4 – CR Lawrence windows that open/close
  • Avery metallic brown wrap installed 2018
  • Tinted windows all around
  • $17,900 (no financing)
  • Near Dallas, TX

Interested? Message Brent Using the Form Below:

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Alex is a contributor and editor for and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!


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Latest Kitchen Design Trends and Ideas of 2018 (WITH IMAGES)

We are heading towards the new year and people have started already searching for new design styles and ideas that will hit the kitchen space in 2018.  From color combinations, to cabinet styles, countertop materials, backsplash ideas, appliances etc, the new year will certainly have something trendy that will ignite your design spirit when planning for a new kitchen project or renovation.

Image source:

It’s no surprise that kitchens are often considered the heart of the home, when filled with bubbling sauces, roasting meals or baked treats. If you love to cook, or simply gather in the kitchen to enjoy a meal, you’ll know how important it is to have your kitchen looking its best. No wonder then, that kitchens are often the first rooms we renovate.

However, even if you aren’t interested in completely renovating or remodeling your kitchen, you might find you want to make some updates. When designing your kitchen, you want it to be in trend. Renovations are costly, and you don’t want to be left with an out of date kitchen simply because of following old trends.

Focus on how your renovation or even a new home project will have impact on your lifestyle, offer value, convenience, or savings. This will ensure you get the most out of your kitchen.

Table Of Contents

White kitchens will always have staying power. White looks clean and gives a feeling of space, offers simplicity, and has a contemporary look.

White kitchens are still trending, with white cabinets being popular through the years. Many homeowners are using white in layers however, with cabinets, backsplashes, tiles or mosaics offering a simple and monochromatic palette.

white appliances

White kitchen appliances are also making a return, after being temporarily replaced by stainless steel or silver versions. Customers are realizing how easy white is to maintain and wipe clean, after battling with the smudges of their stainless-steel counterparts.

Smart Kitchens

Reap the benefits of having your kitchen look after itself (and you). Smart kitchens are definitely the way forward, with appliances able to assist you with your grocery list, the freshness of your produce, when your hands are under the tap, and even make you a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Growing a kitchen herb garden? There’s even a smart pot to keep your produce fresh.

green pot in smart kitchen

If you’re renovating, it often helps to design with a smart kitchen in mind, but even if you are updating, these items will add ease to your life. Don’t forget to add a smart lighting system, which enables you to control your lighting from your smartphone or tablet.

Make it unique and colorful

With white being the most popular choice, many people are choosing to add interesting colors, textures, and patterns in order to add a sense of personality.

colorful kitchen

You could add patterned cabinets or touches of aubergine, indigo or grey. You could even choose deep, rich colors for your kitchen. If you are understated, you may love teal or olive green. Dark wooden counters stand out against the whiteness of many modern kitchens, offering a sense of contrast.

Add accents

If you find strong colors overpowering, think about how to add color patches. Think of an all-white kitchen with a turquoise mosaic splash patch behind the sink, or a single bright cabinet to add a touch of interest.

Alternatively, you could brighten up your kitchen island, or add accessories made in bright, playful colors.

Consider your storage

Easy living requires effective storage. Those hard to reach spaces, dark and dusty corners, or shelves which are not tall enough take away the functionality of the kitchen. Drawers which slam shut and trap your fingertips are equally unhelpful.

Storage is important to incorporate into your kitchen’s design. This helps to reduce frustration and keep your kitchen clean and sleek looking.

drawers in cabinets

With effective storage, your kitchen is automatically more efficient. Try drawer dividers for cutlery and utensils, spice racks or pull outs, caddies or hooks for pots and pans as well as cabinets to hold your wastebasket.

Attractive rows of shelving or even wicker baskets help keep the food and appliances within easy reach. You could keep essential ingredients in a set of attractive glass jars, or have a built-in vegetable rack as additional storage.

Quartz countertops

Quartz is tough, which means you can chop your vegetables, grab your cooking pot off the stove, or drop a can without worrying about scratching, burning or chipping your countertops.

Quartz comes in many colors and can give you the look of a solid surface. Easy to maintain, quartz doesn’t have to be sealed to protect it from stains.

Ceramic tiles

Hardwood flooring is always popular in a kitchen, but ceramic tiles follow close behind. Ceramics come in multiple styles and can give the appearance of stone or slate, terracotta, and even hardwood.

ceramic backsplash

With many different designs and styles to choose from, ceramics allow your creativity to come to the fore. No longer set in old style squares, ceramics may look like wooden planks, pebbles, flagstones or even bricks. You can mix and match with different shapes, or create a consistent feel.

ceramic material

Whether you are going for a sleek and modern look, or an earthy, old-world feeling, you’ll find a tile to match. Easy to clean, and stain resistant, ceramic tiles allow you to create a unique look while your kitchen remains clean and hygienic.

Keep it within reach

Those hard to reach shelves, inaccessible ovens and overly tall cupboards can be a pain in the neck.

When designing your kitchen, make sure what you need is accessible and easy to reach. This might mean side door ovens, mounted at chest height so that you don’t have to reach down over a steaming casserole to take it out of the oven.

shelves within reach

Deep storage drawers are another option to store heavy pots and pans. You could also keep your bottles and jars in these drawers, making your spices easy to reach while you’re cooking.

And don’t forget a convenient space for your microwave! Don’t set it too high, so that it’s difficult to use. Place it at a height which will make it accessible.

Build yourself an island

Kitchen islands are great for making meals, conversations, or mixing drinks. As the kitchen becomes the true heart of the home, a larger island replaces the old wooden scrub table as a space to come together.

great looking island in kitchen

Islands are getting larger, so make yours as large as possible. You can use your island for storage place, use it as a space to install cooking appliances, coffee machines and even a wine rack. If you have an open plan home, a large island is a must!

Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Banish clutter and keep your surfaces clean for a sleek, modern and peaceful look. Plan your storage so that you have a space for dustbins, fridges, dishwashers, pots, and utensils.

minimalist kitchen

Large storage cupboards give you space for appliances, and you could create a door or hatch for your kettle and toaster. With less clutter, you get to explore what’s really on your mind without the constant distraction.

Go Natural (Earthy Tones)

Just because you’ve gone sleek and modern doesn’t mean you need to be sterile.

Wooden countertops or floorboards give a warm, earthy feeling to your kitchen, adding grain and texture to create interest. If you’re not keen on wooden countertops, introduce wooden chairs or warm shelving.

Open Shelving

Now that you’ve created a sleek kitchen, open shelving allows you to show off what you love. Glass jars keep your nuts and dried fruit accessible, or you could display your favorite tableware, tea collection or baking supplies.

When grouping items, go for similar styles or consider your colors. Your tableware, bright casserole dishes or a set of enameled pans will all look great if your colors match, contrast or fit together with a harmonious feel.

Don’t forget the light pendants

High ceilings? Adding a new dimension to your kitchen brings a feeling of space.

Pendant lighting is a new favorite for kitchen lighting, and it’s a great option if you have high ceilings. They are also easy to focus, meaning that you get to shine your light right where you need it, while still maintaining a sense of atmosphere.

Open Design

Whether you want to open your kitchen up to the rest of the house or add concertina doors to create an al fresco summer eating space, opening up your kitchen will give you a feeling of space.

Layer textures

Whether you add brushed steel appliances, glass mosaics, stone flooring, matt tiles or rustic wooden countertops, think about adding a range of different textures.

color layer textures

This will create multiple focal points in your kitchen, and create interest. Even a sleek, minimalist kitchen can benefit from dark wooden countertops and sleek metal handles. Experiment until you find the mix that suits you best.

LED lighting

Gone are the days of bright fluorescent lighting. In modern kitchens, LED lighting leads the way. Installed inside of cabinets, or even under counter, this lighting gives a warm, ambient touch to your kitchen.

LED lighting can often be adjusted, using a dimmer switch, so that you can keep them bright while cooking, then dim them down at mealtimes. Change the color or hue to play with the atmosphere. These discreet, sleek lights will give character to your kitchen.

Ending thoughts

Your kitchen isn’t only the heart of your home. It is also one of the most important spaces to update in order to maintain the value of your home. Keeping your kitchen neat and modern will add value to your home, and give it appeal to potential buyers, should you ever wish to sell.

Making an investment to uplift your kitchen will add to your quality of life, create a communal area for the family to come together, and add to the value of your home. With more choices and kitchen trends in 2018 than ever before, now’s the time to give your kitchen a facelift.

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Wood-Look Ceramic Tiles Imitate Hardwood Flooring

There are so many beautiful flooring options out there. One that I’m particularly excited about is wood-look tiles. While still achieving the warm tone that real wood brings to a space, wood-look tiles are made from porcelain that can stand up to moisture in any room in the house. From kitchens to living rooms, bathrooms and beyond, these trendy tiles are a hardy option that will not only look fantastic, but will be able to withstand daily wear and tear for years to come.

When it comes to wood-look ceramic tiles, Chris Loves Julia knows best. They’ve opted to recover most of their entire house with wood-look tiles. Above, their reading nook features Nordic Brown ceramic tile from The Tile Shop. Creating consistency through their main floor, the couple also laid these tiles in their washroom, laundry room, nursery, and master bedroom

Above you’ll see how the Nordic brown tile was carried into their washroom.

In order to cut costs and finish everything in one fell swoop the couple opted to keep all the rooms the same style of tile. I think it worked flawlessly.

Much like hardwood flooring, there are so many different design possibilities that can be executed with this style of tile floor from traditional planks to herringbone patterns. The best part? They look real. In this photo from Greige Design, the team has created a bold herringbone pattern with the tiles featuring Sonoma Driftwood-Look Tile in Gray from Wayfair. We’d be pretty impressed if someone was able to tell the difference between these wood-look tiles and standard hardwood flooring.

In this living space found on Centsational Style, Kate used “SugarMaple” Forest Park tiles by Daltile to ground her space. She also opted to recover the entire floor in the same tile to tie all the rooms together and to freshen up the entire space.

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Tile That Looks Like Wood vs Hardwood Flooring | Home Remodeling Contractors | Sebring Design Build

Tile That Looks Like Wood vs Hardwood Flooring Sebring ServicesYour Complete Guide: Tile that Looks Like Wood vs Hardwood Flooring

We put a porcelain wood tile next to a hardwood flooring sample in our showroom and were unable to see the difference side by side.

Can you tell the difference between the two samples in the picture? We asked our readers to take a vote and the results are in:

44% – Left side

We posted the answer at the bottom of this article, take a look!

What is Tile That Looks Like Wood?

The hot trend right now is tile flooring that looks like wood.  With so many flooring options on the market, something you may never have thought about is actually the hot trend: faux wood tile flooring. If you’ve never seen a faux wood tile floor, then you are missing out. These types of floors not only give you the look of wood, but also the durability of tile.

Well, it’s exactly what you would imagine: porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like wood. These types of flooring are very versatile, and come in a variety of patterns and styles, including a wood grain tile texture. Having the faux wood tiles mean that you get the beauty of hardwood floors without all the hassle and maintenance that comes with it.

Customizable Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood

Something you can do very easily with faux wood tiles is customizing the look. When you have a variety of styles, colors, grains, and sizes at your disposal, you can truly create the floor of your dreams. Using these tiles, you can make all sorts of variegated patterns or just go with something more simple, but the choice is all yours.

Durable Wood Tile

When you are replacing your floor, you always need to make sure that you make a wise investment. Even though hardwood floors are beautiful they can damage easily in high traffic areas like a kitchen, which can turn into an even more costly endeavor for your kitchen remodeling project. Actual wooden floors can scratch, dent, warp, crack, and chip under the stress from traffic, pets, and messes.

Additionally, a traditional hardwood floor needs to be refinished and resealed every couple of years. The beauty of faux wood tiles is that they remove those concerns, providing durability whether your pet runs across your floor or a child drops a pitcher of red juice; your tiles will still look good. But if part of your floor were to sustain damage, it’s much easier to pull up a tile or multiple tiles and replace them when compared to actual hardwood.

Faux wood tiles are also a great option in places with high moisture, such as a bathroom. Normally we would never advise you to put hardwood flooring in a bathroom, because the moisture can easily warp and damage the floor. But with faux wood tile, that’s not an issue. Depending on your design aesthetics, if you choose to have a simple and white bathroom, it may be looking for the warmth provided from the look of wood, and these tiles will give you just that.

Eco-friendly Ceramic Wood Tile

When you choose to get faux wood tile flooring, you are not only making a great decision for your home, but also for the environment. By using wood looking tiles, you are helping to reduce the number of trees harvested every year to be used in flooring.

At the same time, you can still get the unique beauty and elegance of hardwood in these types of tiles. With faux wood tile floors, you get all the benefits of hardwood without the negatives attached to it.

Affordable Tile Wood Floor

In this side by side comparison, you can notice the slight variation of texture that shows that the left side is in fact tile, and the right is hardwood.

Finally, faux wood tiles can be an affordable option for you. These tiles are typically more cost effective than traditional hardwood flooring. Since they are easier on your wallet, you should give this flooring option some serious consideration.

Especially if your space really needs the hardwood accent and look, because it would be the finishing touch and you simply don’t have the budget, these tiles are a great solution. Obviously depending on your exact wants, the tiles may get more expensive. But overall, they tend to be less expensive than traditional hardwood.


The answer to our question above is the LEFT SIDE, which was fine European hardwood by Urban Floors.  It is the Villa Caprisi Line, in the Romagna.

The RIGHT SIDE is from Virginia Tile and is a Ceramica Sant’ Agostino, in Aspen color.

If you’ve never heard of faux wood tiles, you are missing out on an opportunity to add style, functionality, and beauty to your space. These floors are stunning and not only will give you the appearance of wood, but will let you live your life on your floors without the fear of easily damaging them. Is it really a wonder that they’re the current hot trend in flooring? To learn more about what faux wood would look best in the room of your choice, please contact us.

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These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme in 2018

We’re never ones to shy away from , modern spaces, but we’re ready to live it up a little bit more in 2018. We’re anticipating a year that luxuriates on the sophisticated side of modern, complete with plush fabrics, dashes of deep colors, unexpected greenery, abstract furniture—and to keep things interesting, a constant interplay between textures, patterns, and solids.

Jewel Tones

Blue is associated with calmness and dependability. Harking back to memories of the sky or the ocean, the color is said to promote relaxation. This bold punch of teal combines the best of blue and green.

It’s not just Pantone—whose color of the year is Ultra Violet—that’s feeling the jewel tones. Deep reds, teals, purples, and turquoises are the perfect colors to create a sense of depth and sophistication in a space. Want to make the jewel tones shine without overwhelming? Set them against a crisp, white canvas so that they pop—but just the right amount.

Succulents have been around in a big way for a while now, but we can definitely see hanging plants in our near future. The dynamic display of plants hanging from the ceiling, in concert with their more free-form shape, means that they fill unexpected corners and create a bit of drama in a room.

These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme in 2018 – Photo 4 of 10 –

Velvet, Velvet, and More Velvet

These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme in 2018 – Photo 5 of 10 –

Few fabrics say luxe as much as the silky, plush feel of velvet. While it may initially conjure images of dark, ornate Victorian homes, rest assured: the velvet of 2018 is versatile enough to work in a modern interior, so long as it is used as an accent fabric or in tandem with more modern silhouettes. A tactile throw pillow, velvety drapes framing a window, or an elegant, contemporary sofa clad in velvet could be the right way to go.

These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme in 2018 – Photo 6 of 10 –

These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme in 2018 – Photo 7 of 10 –

Abstract, sculptural furniture is another item we’re keeping our eyes on for 2018. With their unusual form, sculptural furniture is a functional piece of artwork that rarely requires any additional accessories in a space. The feeling is anything but neutral, and veers towards eclectic or even avant-garde, but can be brought back down to earth through smart pairings. For example, try a sculptural sofa next to a more streamlined coffee table.

Patterned Floors and Ceilings

These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme in 2018 – Photo 9 of 10 –

Hardwood flooring has been a hallmark of quality for decades, if not centuries, and we’re starting to enjoy some of its more intricate designs and patterns—on ceilings as well as floors. Herringbone, chevron, and parquet are some of the classic layouts for flooring that can easily extend beyond wood to brick, tile, and other materials, and we’re looking forward to seeing more creative treatments of both floor and ceiling surfaces this year.

These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme in 2018 – Photo 10 of 10 –

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Benefits of Hardwood Flooring & Finding Great Deals – Reliable Remodeler

Hardwood flooring comes in many styles giving you many options for creating your perfect look.

Hardwood Flooring is a Clean Option

One of the primary benefits of hardwood flooring is that’s clean and safe in virtually any room of your home. Unlike carpet, hardwood doesn’t hold onto harmful bacteria and germs, and cleaning hardwood floors is much easier than is cleaning carpet. Wood floors, even engineered hardwood flooring, contains fewer chemicals than carpet and doesn’t leave the air lingering with scents that can exacerbate allergies. In fact, wood floors are a much safer choice for people with allergies and asthma because they cut down the particulates hanging out in your home. The maintenance on a hardwood floor is also easier than carpet. Cleaning hardwood floors with approved solutions and a soft mop keeps it clean and prevents wear and tear.

Low Maintenance Materials and Cheaper Costs for Hardwood Floor Repair

As mentioned above, the maintenance on hardwood flooring is much simpler than on carpet. Keeping up hardwood flooring requires very little when it comes to equipment and effort. You can easily sweep the floors, then mop them to keep them clean. Additionally, cleaning up spills and stains is much easier on wooden floors than it is on carpet. You can usually wipe up liquid spills with a soft cloth then give them a swipe to prevent stickiness and staining. On the other hand, when something gets spilled on carpet, it can leave behind discoloration and smells. When wood floors are damaged, they can often be sanded and re-stained to fix the problem, whereas damaged carpet will have to be completely replaced because you can’t simply patch the ruined area. Experts say it is rarely necessary to completely remove and replace an entire wooden floor, and hardwood floor repair is a much more viable and affordable option.

Many people choose engineered hardwood flooring when purchasing a new home because it is more eco-friendly than carpet and lasts much longer. Wood is a natural resource, which means it can be regenerated, making it a much more ecological choice than the synthetic fibers used to make carpet. One popular choice is bamboo, which grows quickly, allowing the materials to be regenerated so there is no worry about decimating the material. Discount hardwood flooring is easy to find and gives you a variety of options that are affordable and let you create the look and feel you want in your house. Wood floors are ideal for pretty much any room in your home, including kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and basements. Most experts recommend against using wood on bathroom floors due to moisture concerns. The indoor air quality in a home with wooden floors is also much better than that in a house with carpet. Wooden flooring also requires less energy to produce, so that’s another perk for people who are eco-conscious.

Look and Feel of Wood

One of the main benefits of hardwood flooring is because of how it looks and feels in your house. Wood floors never go out of style and always looks good in your home. Even discount wood flooring is a great choice because it saves money, lasts for many, many years and provides the perfect look in your home. With the many colors of wood stains, the various grain options and the range of patterns, you can create a beautiful and creative look in your house without breaking the bank. Many homeowners actually remove carpet to uncover hardwood or have hardwood flooring installed in place of carpet. Wood flooring also increases the value of your home, so you can install it to make some cash when you decide to sell.

Improved Acoustics

Acoustics refers to how sound travels inside the rooms of your home. Experts say that wood floors reduce vibrations and hollow sounds and are ideal for your media rooms or anywhere you listen to music or watch television. Wooden floors enhance the effectiveness of your sound system and improve the way sound moves throughout the space. This is why many dance studios and recording studios utilize hardwood flooring over carpet or other materials. You can choose a wide range of patterns and colors, so matching the hardwood to the decor in your space amplifies the sound benefits and melds the floors with the look of your room.

Cost of Hardwood

While the cost of hardwood is usually more than carpet up front, you will save money overall. Hardwood floor repair is usually less than carpet repair because you rarely have to replace the entire floor, and sanding and smoothing can often repair any damage to your wood. Carpet will have to torn out completely and replaced if any portion of it becomes damaged. Wood floors also last much longer than carpet, so replacing your floors won’t need to happen very often, if at all, when you choose wood over carpet. Maintenance and cleaning of wood is also simpler and less expensive than that of carpet. Instead of need a vacuum cleaner, you can rely on a simple mop and floor cleaner. Cleaning wooden floors is easier than carpet as well. Discount hardwood flooring can save you some money while also giving you the look you want. This is one of the key benefits of hardwood flooring.

This content was originally published here.

Downtown Living Now: Our 12 Picks For Where To Live

City Club

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Greater Cincinnati’s real estate options might be tight right now, but as apartments downtown go, it’s a renter’s market—and there are more condos in the CBD than ever before. Property managers are building shock-and-awe amenities packages like private theaters, electric car plug-ins, and on-site “dog parks.” The rents and list prices themselves are on the high end downtown, but standard—or even low—for most markets of our size. And here’s the greatest leap for apartments and condos in the last decade or so: Former bonuses like terraces, parking, WiFi lounges, 24-hour fitness rooms and in-unit washers, dryers, and dishwashers? All that stuff is now part of the basic package of living in one of downtown’s new high-rises. Whether we have Over-the-Rhine to thank or not (spoiler alert: we probably do), Cincinnati’s CBD has traded up in a big way, and it’s the residents who win.

Eight One Three

813 Broadway St.| | Condos | $255,000–$445,000

This Italianate building has the distinctive look of Over-the-Rhine without the weekend crowds. And because it is a refurbished former factory, each of the 16 units has its own unique layout and personality—but they all have the historic features that characterize OTR, such as exposed brick, tall, arched windows, and very high ceilings. Located in downtown’s northeastern corner, the four-story property has a direct view of the gloriously gilded, Samuel Hannaford & Sons–designed Cincinnati Times-Star building, which has urban Art Deco features straight out of Gotham City.

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

That building now functions as the Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations, a.k.a. domestic violence court, et al. That isn’t an ideal neighbor, but at least it has curb appeal. Ready for occupancy starting mid-2018, Eight One Three was a real estate upgrade (with a 10-year tax abatement, no less) for the relatively quiet block, which also includes the soon-to-be-completed Crane Factory Flats across the street and a cluster of design agencies. As for convenience, Eight One Three has a fenced lot with deeded parking—that is, you own your parking spot as part of your property. And if you’re really into your car, you can buy the single unit with an attached garage space and separate entrance. Call it a Bat Cave.

Encore Urban Living

716 Sycamore St.| | Apartments | $1,595–$3,695

You know this building, or maybe you’ve puzzled over it from the sidewalk. It’s the one with the siding that shifts color with the changing light, from gold to brown to green to yellow and back again (it’s called KolorShift, an iridescent metal coating). That might seem gimmicky at first, but it catches your attention, and it’s memorable. It hints at big thinking, and the good news is that the inside is worth the hype. The first thing you’ll notice about these apartments is the natural light, which floods the entire space through floor-to-ceiling windows. Then you’ll gape at the view, which—thanks to the 17-story building’s 360-degree prospect—could look out over the downtown basin to the west, the uptown hills to the north, Mt. Adams to the east, or the city skyline to the south.

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

The interior design is minimalist, with exposed concrete corner pillars, contemporary fixtures, and lots of white. Built in 2017, ENCORE is part of the St. Xavier Park group of buildings that hug the eastern corners of Sycamore and Seventh Streets. Its top amenity is a sixth-floor outdoor heated saltwater pool with its own panoramic views. In short, downtown just looks better with ENCORE, inside and out.

The Grammercy On Garfield

135 Garfield Pl. | | Apartments | $876–$1,973

This Garfield Place apartment building is by no means new—in fact, The Gramercy and its red brick, teal-awning twin The Greenwich have been holding court over Garfield Place since the mid-1990s. But the management team at DownTowne Living (the CBD arm of Towne Properties) has big plans. Over the next two years or so, expect a top-to-bottom renovation of the buildings’ interiors, bringing them up to speed with the rest of our market’s impressive offerings. When they were built, The Gramercy and Greenwich represented a new standard of downtown rentals and the current management is keen to keep the reputation intact and not be left behind by our crop of fancy new high-rises. To wit: The plan is to overhaul most of the company’s downtown holdings, including The Lofts at Shillito Place. With their shared color schemes, it’s easy to confuse Gramercy with Greenwich; an important difference is that The Gramercy has a beautiful pool and a third-floor outdoor courtyard, which are available to all residents in the three aforementioned buildings. And at least for now (that is, pre-renovation), Gramercy is also one of the CBD’s better values, as a rare property with monthly rental options under $1,000.

City Club

1309 Vine St. | | Apartments | $1,100–$3,200

These rentals are not for the faint of heart—or the minimalist of taste. In fact, this is likely the most designed apartment building in the city. Housed in the opulent former Union Central Life Insurance Company building on the site of the historic Burnet House hotel (Lincoln gave a speech from its balcony in 1861), the entryway has a gilded vibe—gold coffered ceilings, big ol’ mirrors, etc.—to which City Club house designers added an Anthropologie-style filter that is equal parts whimsical and glam.

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Look for butterfly-printed glass partitions, assertively patterned furniture, and a very fabulous indoor-outdoor spa with a black-and-white striped pool. The amenities list goes on: a 10th-floor “Sky Club” with bar, fire pit, and ballpark views; an 11th-floor “Sky Park” with gourmet kitchen, grills, and lounge seating; a private movie theater; 24/7 concierge service; and “sexy” bathrooms (with rain-shower heads and extra-large bathtubs). Apartments range from a three-bedroom spread down to a 400-square-foot “nano” unit, with a built-in Murphy bed and chaise—the kind of place you’d rent if you planned on shuttling between work and the pool. And there’s more: A planned 10th floor restaurant with rooftop seating, ground-level café and wine bar, market, and dry cleaner, all of which will be open to the public. Whether or not quirky luxury is your personal style, City Club raises this city’s apartment game.

580 Walnut St. | | Apartments | $1,525–$4,495

If it’s a central location you’re after, you can’t get much more in the mix than with this building, which is across the street from the Aronoff Center for the Arts, kitty-corner to the Contemporary Arts Center, smack between the northbound and southbound streetcar routes, and steps away from most of downtown’s major office buildings. Set up in a glass-plated high-rise directly above mixed-use commercial space and its own parking garage, AT580 opened 179 luxury apartments in 2016 in the former Great American Insurance offices after that company decamped for its showpiece headquarters building in 2013. And it is comfy: With a terrace, 24-hour fitness facility, rooftop dog park, electric car plug-ins, private elevators, and even a daily breakfast bar, AT580 feels more like a high-end hotel than a residence. There’s also a full catering kitchen in the clubhouse, where you could host a very excellent party. But our favorite perk is the rentable guest suite for out-of-towners. At $125 a night for a one-bedroom, one-bath unit within earshot of local destinations like Boca and 21c Museum Hotel (hello free 24-hour contemporary art museum), it’s a better value than any AirBnB—and your mother-in-law will thank you.

Seven at Broadway

345 E. Seventh St. | | Apartments | $1,395–$4,145

This modular glass-enclosed building on the eastern edge of downtown is part of the St. Xavier Park apartments (see also: downtown’s Sycamore Place Lofts and East 8 Lofts), and predates ENCORE by about three years. You may have noticed its construction from I-71, its northeastern corner slowly rising, block by off-center block. At 111 units, it’s slightly smaller compared to ENCORE’s 133.

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Inside you’ll find many of the same features and amenities as its color-changing sister building: wall-sized windows, clean interior design, spectacular city views, 24-hour fitness facilities—plus a sprawling rooftop terrace. Seven at Broadway residents can also use ENCORE’s pool, and vice-versa with the terrace, as management continues to combine its separate structures into one amenity-filled campus. Coming soon is a private, tenant-only park between ENCORE and St. Xavier Park headquarters on Sycamore Street. Thanks to immediate proximity to the interstate, the St. Xavier Park buildings are particularly attractive to reverse-commuters: folks who don’t work in the CBD, but still want to set up house there—a major reversal in Cincinnati’s downtown living trends. Since the buildings are so similar and share so many features, we’d find it impossible to choose. No matter, though: We’d simply split time between the pool and the roof.

The Derby on Plum

411 Plum St. | | Condos | $348,740–$797,940

This tidy corner building has remained an inconspicuous gem in downtown’s southwestern quarter since its construction in 1863. Designed by local architect Samuel Hannaford (of Music Hall and City Hall fame) as the M.H. Derby Building, The Derby on Plum condo project will complete renovations in late 2018 or early 2019 (possibly ready for hard-hat tours this fall), with six flats in the Derby building itself and three attached townhomes. The project includes the one-story building immediately to the north, which will be connected to the Derby by a small courtyard and a secure, covered walkway, and adds a parking garage and townhome-style condos with street-level entrances (a unique residential setup downtown). Bonus: The flats are Silver LEED Certified and the townhomes are Gold LEED Certified, with 10- and 15-year tax abatements, respectively. The property sits quietly in the shadow of the Duke Energy Convention Center’s salvaged Albee Theater archway—a large-scale reminder that Cincinnati likes to save and show off its history whenever possible. The Derby on Plum is a perfect example of this: The conversion of two disused buildings into high-end condos for downtown residents looking for a place with character and staying power.

The Dominion

808 Elm St. | | Condos | $300,000–$450,000

Despite its imposing name, this simple two-story white building hiding in plain sight on the 800 block of Elm Street has just six one- and two-bedroom condos on offer, making it the smallest property on our list. The interior styling should be pretty familiar by now: Hardwood flooring; exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and utilities; and large windows. Some units also have built-in shelves, walk-in showers, patios, and 14-foot ceilings. The powers-that-be at Titan Real Estate Group, which handled the 1880 building’s development and 2017 construction (and current management) are courting buyers with perks like 10-year tax abatements and a year of pre-paid parking. But maybe the best part about this residence is how comparatively quiet its location is. Downtown has developed its own little “neighborhoods,” each characterized by a destination or two. City Hall is Dominion’s closest big-deal neighbor, but even that is a few blocks off and has a tame 9–5 vibe. Mostly, Dominion is just a snazzy urban home on a leafy street. There’s plenty of construction in other areas of the CBD, leaving the blocks surrounding these condos relatively quiet—and in this case at least, that’s probably a good thing.

Crane Factory Flats

824 Broadway St. | | Apartments | $1,185–$3,170

If you’ve been in this building before, congrats: You’ve done your civic duty. The Hamilton County Board of Elections occupied the large space until its recent move to downtown Norwood. Built in 1914, the former Crane Hawley factory (which made plumbing parts) was developed as 69 rental units, with construction scheduled to be complete this month. And as far as style and personality go, this is the apartment building the CBD has been waiting for. Choose from lofts, one- or two- bedrooms, or townhouses (two-story living in an apartment with “flats” in the name is a fun surprise). Promised amenities include the requisite rooftop terrace with 360-degree city views, plus upgraded perks like on-site parking, a bike storage room, a pet washing station, and a communal space with a living green wall from Urban Blooms. In designing the interior, owner Rookwood Properties sought to blend the building’s industrial history with contemporary elements. The exterior they left mostly intact, save for cosmetic improvements and new windows. They also use salvaged artifacts like old factory gears and signs as art pieces throughout, just in case you forgot you were living in a special place with a history all its own.

The Renaissance at the Power Building

224 E. Eighth St. | | Apartments | $1,200–$2,700

Another Towne properties facility is The Renaissance at the Power Building. But this one is across town on East Eighth Street and has its own distinct personality (plus a few commercial tenants like the excellent Silverglades Deli, which operates right downstairs). Housed in an abandoned former textile factory that was constructed in 1903, the building was gutted and fully renovated in 2002, with Towne Properties taking over management in 2016. The interiors of the Renaissance’s 117 rental units are more current than those of Shillito, Gramercy, and Greenwich, but it will get a nice makeover in the coming years as part of that grand reno plan—mostly cosmetic changes like subbing roller shades for vertical blinds (the tall windows are a huge selling point) and upgrading finishes and fixtures. The amenities package is standard stuff for a building of this caliber (24-hour fitness room, clubhouse with WiFi, business center, walk-in closets), but it’s the rooftop courtyard that caught our eye, with its 360-degree view and a perfect look at the southern skyline. You’re not on top of the world like some other buildings—the Power Building is 10 stories—but you’re right in the middle of your city.

The Reserve at Fourth and Race

105 W. Fourth St. | | Apartments | $1,250–$3,000

Even though it has only operated as an apartment building since 2012, The Reserve feels like classic Cincinnati. Maybe that’s because of the elegant setting: Built in 1927, it shares living space with Stockyards Bank, probably the world’s classiest-looking bank branch, with its wood-paneled walls, sky-high windows, ornate coffered ceilings, and 1930 Herman Wessel murals. There’s also the fact that, until 1977, the building served as the Federal Reserve. Finally, those oversized exterior sconces hanging over practically a whole block of Fourth Street are landmarks themselves.

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

Covington-based Hub + Weber Architects handled the renovation, design, and conversion into 88 residential units, adding an impressive rooftop terrace with an in-your-face view of Carew Tower, and preserving as many of the historic features as possible, including the metal grates, wood doors and paneling (featured inside some units, too; see above), stone hallways, plaster ceiling details, elevators, and light fixtures. And they did right by the building, winning the 2013 Rehab Award from the Cincinnati Preservation Association. Its front yard view will change significantly once 3CDC completes construction on a planned apartment building (to replace the demolished Pogue’s parking garage: see page 45). But The Reserve—and those impressive porch lights—will hopefully be permanent downtown fixtures.

Radius at the Banks

44 West Freedom Way |  | Apartments | $1,399–$2,994

Radius is both of the city and outside of it. For example, you have unique view options: If you want to see downtown’s photogenic south side, you need to live at The Banks or in Kentucky. But Radius also offers Ohio River views, from the Licking River and the Roebling Suspension Bridge, across to the distant Kentucky hills and over past Paul Brown Stadium (there are courtyard pool views, too). Sandwiched between Ft. Washington Way and Smale Riverfront Park to the north and south and the GE Corporate building and Paul Brown to the east and west, Radius is a 292-unit horseshoe-shaped oasis in one of downtown’s busiest districts. Speaking of, don’t worry about parking during Bengals games: Radius has its own lot and reserved spaces in the public lots, too. Nashville-based Nicol Investment controls The Banks, including Current At The Banks and the large parking lot just south of Radius (destiny unknown). Nicol also partners with tenant businesses to offer discounts that keep resident happy hours on the right side of the highway. And that guest suite perk we love so much? Radius has five on offer, from $125 to $175 a night, including parking.

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Get Informed When Choosing the Best Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

Hardwood flooring is a stylish and durable addition for any home. Image

If you’ve never chosen hardwood flooring for your home, the project can seem pretty overwhelming. Whether you’ve gotten hardwood flooring before or you’re new to this flooring type, it’s important to understand which type of hardwood is best for your home, your family, and your budget.

What’s Up with Engineered Hardwood? How is it Different from Solid Hardwood?

First, let’s breakdown what solid hardwood really is. Solid hardwood flooring is a single piece of wood, This flooring is chosen for its durability, longevity, and quality. The area where the wood is sourced can make a big difference in the overall quality of the flooring. Flooring Allen offers hardwood flooring options from a variety of worldwide sources, giving homeowners the ability to choose the right flooring for their needs.

Engineered hardwood flooring and solid hardwood flooring both bring stylish design options to homes. Image

Engineered wood flooring is another type of hardwood which is often more budget-friendly. With engineered hardwood, the exposed hardwood at the top layer (the part of the flooring you see) is totally natural. But below, there are layers of plywood which are combined and pressed into a strong core. This multi-layered structure makes engineered wood a flexible option for many installation needs. It can be installed in basements, or even over concrete floors.

So Which Type of Hardwood Flooring Should I Choose?

The type of flooring you choose will depend on where it’s being installed. For example, solid hardwood cannot be installed in basements. So, if you’re looking for wood flooring in your basement, you’ll need to go with engineered wood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is always a solid choice for living rooms, bedrooms, dens, home offices, and even some kitchens. Contact a flooring professional to learn if hardwood flooring is right for the particular space where you’re looking to have it installed.

Engineered wood flooring brings the look of traditional hardwood with more flexible installation options. Image

How Can I Make Sure I Choose Durable Options?

Whether you’re choosing solid or engineered hardwood flooring, you’re choosing a durable option. That being said, everyday wear can happen with this flooring. Consider how busy your home truly is. For homes with considerable foot traffic coming through, focus on durability above all else.

Hardwood flooring needs to be able to withstand your home’s foot traffic. If you have pets, consider sealing the flooring with added protection. Image

Other factors, such as the species of wood you choose for your flooring, can influence durability. Hickory, cherry, maple, and oak bring some of the best durability features for hardwood flooring. For added strength, you can add a protective finish or varnish to your floor to help protect against scuffs and scratches. The right finish can help protect your flooring, even with pets and heavy foot traffic!

What Finish is Best for My Flooring?

Choosing between prefinished hardwood or unfinished hardwood can be tough. Prefinished hardwood flooring is a popular choice, because it’s virtually ready to go right out of the box. If you’d prefer to finish the flooring once it’s installed in your home, make sure to choose varnishes and finishes that are durable and stylish for the type of flooring you choose.

Hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of finishes and textures. Image

Choosing the Right Flooring

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing hardwood flooring. Finishes, textures, type of wood, and edge styles are just the tip of the flooring iceberg. Call flooring experts, or stop by local flooring shops to get started on your search for the right flooring. Remember to focus on flooring that matches your family, your home, and your budget.

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Solid Hardwood Flooring Custom Installation by Dallas Pros Over 30 yrs Experience


BETTER QUALITY THAN ANYONE IN TOWN!  Don’t buy #3 grade wood!  Those fly-by-night wood installers will try to sell you junky, low grade, short stock #3 material.  Don’t be fooled! We only sell SELECT GRADE, #1 GRADE and #2 GRADE! (NEVER #3!)

Other places sell these floors sell for up to $12 per sq ft…


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At Dallas Flooring Warehouse we do solid hardwood flooring like nobody else!

We offer custom solid hardwood flooring that is a lifetime flooring solution.  

CUSTOM INSTALLED Nail-Down Red Oak SOLID HARDWOOD FLOORING 3/4″ thick custom installed and finished in place  smooth or custom handscrape  – both include complete install with felt, plastic, custom stain, finishing, polyurethane &  plywood subfloor.

You can have beautiful CUSTOM hardwood installed in your home for the same price (or even less) that retail stores charge for laminate or engineered floors!

These custom installed, stain in place, nail down solid hard wood floors will add beauty and VALUE to your home.  This is the kind of floor that makes realtors drool, neighbors envious and guests impressed.  Using high quality 3/4″ thick solid red oak or white oak we can make this floor part of your home makeover and remodeling project.  What will you do with all the money you save?  We know no other store can offer these floors installed, sorry guys but we sell wholesale direct to the public.

Finish in place nail down solid hardwood flooring – smooth finish:  INSTALLED
This includes:


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Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring: What You Need to Know

Hardwood Flooring

Here’s a non-traditional hardwood floor that deserves a second look: wide planks. These beautifully crafted floors really evoke a sense of warmth and old-world charm, and make your room look larger, more open and less crowded. When the outside world feels complicated, unpredictable — and sometimes downright unsafe — creating a warm, authentic environment at home seems more important than ever. As trends go, this one has weight and longevity.

A good hardwood floor can be expensive, but there is nothing nicer than walking into a home with the warmth and beauty of wood underfoot. An investment today will yield decades of pleasure. Here’s a little glimpse of some wide plank floors done right, and a few things to consider before choosing this type of floor:

Striking a balance between old and new, Bill renovated his barn into cozy living space over the course of eight years, and shared it on Design Sponge. Using milled cherrywood for the floors — and a combination of both wide and narrow planks — he created a timeless look.

Appearance: Wide planks generally start around 5″ wide and usually go up to 10-12″, although wider is possible. Because they are cut from the heart of the trunk, they are also usually longer than cheaper narrower planks as well, which are cut from various parts of the tree and can wind up as short as one foot. The greater width and length of wide planks ensures there are fewer seams and gaps between pieces, which really allows you to see the color and grain of the wood itself. Of course, this also means you’ll see more knots and natural variances in the wood.

One of our favorite examples of wide plank floors came from Grace Bonney’s own kitchen. Wide pine planks give a classic feeling of old fashioned hygge and compliment the more modern amenities. You just cannot go wrong with this style of flooring: it goes with everything.

Quality and Longevity: All wood floors shrink and contract, but wide planks are more prone to warping and cupping than their narrower cousins. If you live in an area where humidity fluctuates widely, this might not be the best option for you. If you do move ahead, do not skimp on quality flooring: properly milled and dried wood won’t move as dramatically, so choose a reputable company that guarantees the quality and endurance of their product. Even with proper drying and installation, you will most likely see a slight change in floor board width with natural contraction (in winter) and expansion (in warmer months).

How about going au natural? Simplicity is a thing of beauty when carefully chosen pieces complement your wide plank floor. Liz Marie’s blog used 8-inch pine boards, with large nail heads for detail, in her 1800s farmhouse renovation.

Installation: Because wider planks come with special circumstances, we recommend hiring a pro to install your new floors — preferably one that has experience with this type of flooring. Depending on what type of floor you buy, they’ll be able to advise you on the right subfloor needed, installation technique, and properly acclimate the wood —all to minimize the movement mentioned above. One major advantage of wide plank flooring is that, since each piece covers more surface area, you need fewer pieces to cover your floor — a major time saver during installation.

The wide planks in this home from Planete Deco are laid diagonally, which gives the floor a slightly more modern vibe, combining rustic wood with a fresh installation.

What do you think? Would you consider wide plank flooring in your home?

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