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i know this post could cause a major migration to sunny california, but you must trust me when i tell you we photographed my friend, artist kim schoen’s home it was during a much-needed break in some winter rainstorms that have been keeping all us wimpy Angelenos tucked cozily inside. so it was such a welcome pleasure to see the sun come out and to share with you kim’s terrace makeover, overlooking the beautiful san gabriel mountains and angeles national forest. we partnered with Article to complete kim’s newly tiled outdoor space, designed by her partner, architect marc frohn.

kim chose article’s gorgeous Oscuro Dining Table in a black finish with brass legs and paired it with the Sala Graphite Dining Chairs which are great-looking but also incredibly comfortable. the black furniture contrasts so perfectly with the pale green patio tiles and california landscape. i know it’s still chilly in most parts of the country and most certainly in canada, where Article is based, but hey — we’re almost through winter and spring will be here before you know it, so it’s the perfect time to be giving your outdoor space a little love. In addition to their modern and Scandinavian designs meant for inside, Article has tons of outdoor furniture that have got a bohemian, mid-century flair. Article also carries all kinds of beautifully designed modern furniture for the inside of your home, too — from sofas to beds, made with outstanding attention to detail, and at very fair prices. and, they’re lovely people to work with, so if you’re looking to update your space i would highly recommend having a peek at their lovely collections. i have their outdoor chairs in my backyard, too and love them!

This is a post in partnership for product trade with Article and all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep sfgirlbybay going with fresh content every day.

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Lansing Board of Water & Light Features a LiveWall® Outdoor Living Wall on its New Central Substation

outdoor living

Outdoor Living Wall Greens Up the New Central Substation and Enhances the Landscape in Lansing, Michigan’s Historic REO Town

Grand Rapids, MI. (November, 1, 2019) – The Lansing Board of Water & Light’s new Central Substation in the city’s historic REO Town neighborhood features a two-sided, 425-square-foot living wall installed with the LiveWall® Outdoor Living Wall System. Completed in July 2019, the living wall greens up the exterior of the new substation and establishes a visual link to the Scott Sunken Garden.

“The Central Substation provides more reliable, affordable power to downtown Lansing,” said Dick Peffley, general manager, Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL). “The green wall is a vital part in fulfilling our commitment to the community that the design of the new substation would revitalize the area’s landscape, establish an inviting gateway to REO Town, and reconnect the area to downtown.”

“We envisioned the living wall as a green focal point that softens the view of the Central Substation’s brick façade, which people see as they drive into or exit downtown.”
Bob Ford, ASLA, principal,
Landscape Architects & Planners, Inc.

“We envisioned the living wall as a green focal point that softens the view of the Central Substation’s brick façade, which people see as they drive into or exit downtown,” said Bob Ford, ASLA, principal, Landscape Architects & Planners, Inc., the landscape architecture firm for the project. “It also serves as a prominent landscape feature that visually connects the substation to the historic Scott Sunken Garden, which was saved and relocated as part of the project.”

“As seen from the Sunken Garden, the living wall is an extension of the garden landscape and unifies the overall landscape,” said Paul Toaz, landscape manager, Lawn Sprinklers Sales, Service & Design, Inc., the project’s landscape contractor and living wall installer. “For example, when you exit from the Sunken Garden parking lot, you face the west section of the living wall and see its natural beauty.”

The LiveWall Living Wall was installed in two sections on the north and west walls of the Central Substation. Each section measures 21’-4” x 10’-3 3/8” and fits into specially recessed frames built into the substation’s brick walls. In total, it includes 330 LiveWall modular planter boxes, which are high-impact, UV-resistant, architectural quality moldings. Manufactured in a cedar color to complement the color of the bricks of the substation’s exterior walls, the planter modules contain re-usable inserts that hold the growing medium for the plants and contain a mix of six different annuals.

The Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL)
The BWL is a municipally-owned public utility that provides safe, reliable and affordable utility products and services to more than 97,000 electric and 56,000 water customers throughout the greater Lansing, Mich. area. The BWL owns 2,000 miles of overhead and underground power lines and more than 800 miles of water mains, providing 2.7 million megawatt hours and 7 billion gallons of water to customers annually. To learn more about the history and mission of the Lansing Board of Water & Light, visit http://www.lbwl.com.

Link to Project Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/442yfr7dctiug3o/AADIZj9zom-MWiAewFAfkxpEa?dl=0

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Toll Brothers home in Gilbert blends indoor and outdoor living

outdoor living

Zen area and cozy nooks bring indoor living outside in Gilbert home. Take a peek

Georgann Yara

Special for The Republic
Published 5:00 PM EDT Oct 31, 2019

After a hectic week, some seek relief at a spa, retreat to a yoga class or hike a mountain to find some peace.

For Ross and Erin Murray, however, the opportunity to decompress is just a few steps from the master suite of their Gilbert home. A private Zen area sits just off their bedroom, complete with plush seating, meditation pillows and a pergola overhead. Yoga mats are nearby. An outdoor shower flanks one side of the space and a hot tub on the other. At night, serene lighting adds to the vibe.

“We have a lot of kids so it’s a good place to sit, meditate and enjoy the outdoors,” Ross said, referring to his and Erin’s daughters, ages 8, 9 and 13. “It’s our place to unwind.”

The peaceful domestic getaway is one of the ways the Murrays’ new home in the Toll Brothers at Whitewing luxury development has brought the comforts of indoor living to the outdoors.

‘Grown-up area’

The Murrays moved into their new build four-bedroom, 3 ½ bathroom home in September 2018.

The single-story main house is 4,400-square feet and an accompanying casita is 600-square feet.

The backyard boasts and an aggregate wall made of boulders in rebar. There are multiple lounging areas, a love seat and umbrellas. A modern swimming pool is ideal for both laps and relaxed wading.

A rock wall supports three stone fountain bowls that provide visual and audial ambiance. This spot is the obvious star of a backyard tailor-made for hosting.

If the Murrays feel like a relaxing soak, the Zen area features a hot tub.
Georgann Yara/Special for the Republic

But the sprawling half-acre property feels cozy almost on demand thanks to several nooks around the home that exude indoor comfort amidst the elements.

“We wanted the opportunity for a lot of outside living spaces. That’s one reason why we loved this house,” Erin said.

The Murrays requested the Zen nook, seeking a reenergizing spot that wasn’t in an area their kids would routinely spend time in.

“We call it our super-secret grown-up area,” Erin said of the space. “It’s where we recharge our batteries.”

They worked with Phoenix-based Sonoran Landesign, one of two preferred landscape companies that Toll Brothers collaborates with, to make it happen. The outdoor shower concept is a popular amenity with homes, Daniel Benson, project manager for Toll Brothers, said.

A floor-to-ceiling fireplace runs on electricity but includes a heated fan to provide warmth without the fuss.
Ross Murray

But, the little touches like tiling, artificial grass and easy entry between the space and the bedroom were customized and ready upon move-in.

“We allow the landscaping to begin in tandem. We’re able to do really cool things with interior and exterior materials to create seamless indoor-outdoor spaces that’s customized with everyone’s unique taste,” Benson said.

Big structural features such as 16-by-8-foot pocket doors off the living and dining room create that seamless access to the back patio when open.

A pivot front door provides security needed for the recessed street-facing entry but also elegantly allows indoor and outdoor to meld when opened at every degree to their ranch-style design.

“They did a very cool front entry door that’s very modern and opens up to the front courtyard and tied with theirs being a modern ranch house,” Benson said.

Cozy nooks bring indoor comfort out under the sky

Exterior furnishings beg to be functional and lived in rather than just practical décor. This is clear with the first steps onto the property.

When arriving at the home, a walkway leads the Murrays’ guests through an idyllic desertscape scene accented by a boulder and rebar wall that resembles the one in the backyard and boasts two large fountain bowls.

After a few steps through the courtyard, a seating area is comprised of two facing sofas, pillows and a fire pit between them all on paver pads and artificial grass. It implores to be the site of evening conversations, cuddling and drifting off at midnight beneath the sky.

Past the front pivot door, a stroll leads through the living room that flaunts a floor-to-ceiling electric fireplace and cushy seating. Open pocket doors lead to the spacious backyard filled with alcoves that bring indoor privacy and intimacy under the sun and stars.

Pavers and artificial grass work in tandem to pull spaces together while defining a pathway to the front door.
Ross Murray

Among them, a corner spot with a sofa and two hammock chairs under an oversized adjustable umbrella. Two Adirondack-inspired chairs look right at home in a Baja shelf in the pool and are shaded by another umbrella based underwater.

“We spend every night out here and watch the sunset,” Erin said pointing to the two chairs. She gestured to the corner seating area and said, “And we look at the moon from there.”

Ross, a mortgage lender who runs his own Homebridge Financial Services branch in Gilbert, said he and Erin eyed a Toll Brothers home for the amenities and options available to them. And they are pleased with the result.

“Toll builds an amazing house. It’s the best builder when it comes to a higher-end home,” he said. “We fell in love with the house. We wake up every day and we pinch ourselves.”

Know of a unique home in metro Phoenix that is not on the market that should be featured? Email carrie.watters@arizonarepublic.com.

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Preparing for Football Season – Proper Lawn & Paver Maintenance – Outdoor Living by Belgard

outdoor living

With football season ramping up and fall’s cooler temperatures and falling leaves, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about preparing for autumn with proper lawn and paver maintenance. You can do more now to impact how your lawn will look next year than at any other time of the year.

Fertilize your lawn with a winterizer fertilizer before the first heavy freeze to encourage strong, vigorous root development. This step allows grass to get off to a better start in the spring and increases resistance to disease and insects.

While nobody likes to rake leaves, it’s an important step in autumn lawn maintenance. If you have a lot of leaves, mulch them and apply them to your lawn where they act like a second fertilizer application for the grass.

Luckily, with Belgard pavers on your patio, walkway and driveway your job is easy. Our pavers require very little maintenance. Thanks to a manufacturing process that ensures quality, colorfastness and weather resistance, our unique Colorgard technology evenly disperses colors throughout each and every paver, wall, and curb unit we make. Belgard products resist UV rays, maintain their original color year after year, and hold up to stressful weather extremes.

Additionally, stained or broken pavers can be easily replaced without patches. Ants and weeds in joints can be prevented with sealers or herbicides.

You can still enjoy your outdoor space even during upkeep – involve the whole family and make it a fun activity. The chores will get done faster, and you can get back to watching the game on your beautiful, leaf-free Belgard patio.

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How to Create an Outdoor Living Room in Your Neighborhood

outdoor living

Lifelong friendships often start with a simple conversation with a stranger. BenchesCollective, a grassroots community organization, wants to spark those conversations by inspiring and teaching people how to create outdoor living rooms. The initiative, which originated in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has more than 1,000 registered benches throughout the Netherlands and several other countries, including Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, and the U.S.

The project is a reminder that our sidewalks are shared spaces. It also reinforces the notion that having a sense of ownership of our public spaces is vital to creating thriving neighborhoods and cities. The benches connect people who might not otherwise be brought together.

BenchesCollective is organizing the “largest open air café in the world” on July 1 and 2, during which time people are encouraged to create their own outdoor public space and offer coffee, tea, snacks, or — as one bench host did, salsa lessons. Throughout the year, the organization will facilitate local open air cafés together with citizens social organisations, housing associations and municipalities.

Shareable connected with Mischa Woutersen, who coaches BenchesCollective ambassadors, about the best way to open a local bench.

Here’s his advice:

  1. Choose a good spot in your street to hang out with your neighbors.
  2. Arrange a nice bench of seating area to host your activity. This can be a private bench or a public bench on your street.
  3. Make a Facebook event, share your bench on Nextdoor, and inform local press.
  4. Invite your neighbors to enjoy a fun afternoon.

“People can open their bench on any day of the year,” Woutersen said. “However, we encourage everyone to join our movement on the 11th of June. Then, we organize the biggest open air café of the world.”

The BenchesCollective team is currently working on tools, including a poster generator, to make it easier for participants to promote their benches. Woutersen encourages people to become ambassadors for their town or neighborhood.

Contact Woutersen for more information and guidance. Header photo by Melanie van Zweeden. Follow @CatJohnson on Twitter

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10 Ways to Transform Your Deck Into A Second Outdoor Living Room

outdoor living

There is nothing like relaxing outside on a well-built and outfitted deck — a space where you can enjoy the sunshine and still feel at home, whether alone or with guests. As a long-time deck builder in Cherry Hill, John Kang and the folks at Superior Deck and Fence are passionate about people enjoying outdoor spaces. Here are 10 factors to consider when designing your ideal outdoor haven.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to create a place you can easily use for all of your needs, whether you’re looking for peaceful solitude, a dynamic venue for outdoor parties, a chic poolside lounge or some combination of many things. It is your deck — so let’s make it yours, and make it work for you!

How to Optimally Use the Space Available on Your Deck

What are the most important things to you when it comes to function? It is crucial that we take time to consider how we plan to use a space, and allow room for flexibility or possibly changing our minds later. It can be really easy to get excited about decorations or cool gadgets that we see, but if we start piling things onto the deck without strategizing a bit first, we might end up with results that do not actually fit our needs and desires.  

Make the Most of Your Space

What kind of space are we working with? What kind of space do you want to create? Whether you have a sprawling deck or a small, intimate one, you can make the most of the space.

Tips for Making the Most of Space on Large Decks

Tips for Making the Most of Space on a Small Deck

Deck Seating Ideas 

To make our deck to feel like a second living room, we definitely have to consider seating as one of the first priorities. It’s simply not appealing to have a conversation with a friend, a long nap or a party on the deck if the seating is not accommodating, or even just as comfortable as the seating inside. The goal is to make it just as enticing as staying inside. 

Think of your favorite ways to de-stress and rest, and take the habits of others into account as well if you plan to entertain on your deck. Some examples of questions to consider would be:

How to Arrange Deck Furniture

How to Create a Flexible Deck Space

Being able to use a space in various ways can be absolutely freeing, allowing you to spend less time preparing before an event and spend more time with the things that matter more to you. 

If you like to change things up, consider furniture that is lighter and easier to move around. Or, use tools to make your life easier. Furniture sliders placed underneath a heavy loveseat, for example, can help you move it with ease without damaging the deck floor. 

Outdoor Deck Weather Preparation

For more tips, see Forbes’ guide on choosing outdoor furniture! 

Maintaining Deck Furniture

Dealing with choosing deck decor is a challenge also because maintenance needs have to be considered. It’s great to have a beautiful oasis right behind your home, but if it requires more upkeep than is realistic for your lifestyle, your relaxation spot could quickly turn into a burden. 

Some helpful things to keep in mind: 

Deck Sound Equipment Tips 

If music or entertaining is important to you, it is great to think about where you will place sound equipment for the best acoustics, or sound quality. Blaring speakers right behind a sofa where guests go to take a rest from the party would not be fun. Will sound equipment sit on the floor, be hung from other objects, or be placed on stands, etc.? 

If you’d like some more tips on arranging outdoor audio equipment, check out Crutchfield’s expert guide here

Outdoor Deck Style Ideas

After we consider the functional aspects of our dream deck, and what materials, tools and arrangement we need to use, it is easier to progress to the aesthetic part.

Choose Colors for Your Deck Decor

How to Choose Shapes for Deck Decorating

Texture in Deck Decor

Some simple planning, creativity and strategy can give you a great deck that you and your loved ones will love to use all year long. It all depends on your needs, your habits and what you want to get out of your decorating efforts. Dive in, enjoy the process, and keep these things in mind to help you create a deck space you will reap benefits from for years to come. 

Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast and avid beach-goer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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Prefabricated home in California with magnificent indoor-outdoor living

outdoor living

Marmol Radziner designed this prefabricated home used as a weekend retreat, nestled on a 160-acre oak-speckled woodland property in Ukiah, a city of Mendocino County, California. The goal of this project was to preserve and enhance the natural beauty surrounding this retreat. Taking three months to construct, this home consists of ten prefabricated steel modules, forming an L-shaped plan that frames views of a canopy of mature oak trees.

The building process for this home, which was completed in Marmol Radziner’s dedicated factory, includes: installation of all cabinetry, plumbing, fixtures and drywall. The modules are packed onto a truck where they are shipped to the site. They are craned into place, set atop concrete block piers — taking just a few hours to put together. Six weeks later, the finish work is complete. This includes patching together where the modules meet, and the addition of an 18-foot kitchen island.

FYI: This home is $200/square foot.

This home offers its inhabitants 2,200 square feet of living space, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and an additional 1,440 square feet of covered decks. The architects sited the open concept main volume east to west, while the master bedroom branches out to the north. A living room, kitchen and dining room opens to the south, while a covered patio features an outdoor fireplace and pool area.

The homeowners reside in Solana Beach, California, requesting a vacation home with simple construction that is low-maintenance. This prefab home fit the bill, using simple, replaceable materials such as concrete flooring and metal panel siding. There is a strong indoor-outdoor connection to enjoy this home’s idyllic setting.

Deep overhangs provides shelter from the elements so doors can remain open throughout the year. This also enables the homeowners to enjoy hanging out on their 70-foot long deck even during inclement weather. They spend time in this home every month, typically for a week at a time. The couple plans to one day retire here, turning this tranquil retreat into a full-time nest.

Above: The Float bean bag chairs and poufs are sourced from Paola Lenti. There is a 9.5-foot-tall shade cloth curtain that seals off the entire length of this home while the couple are away. This keeps out the heat, while also preventing birds from crashing into the floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

What We Love: The design and construction of this prefabricated home is simplistic yet stunning. A beautiful indoor-outdoor connection offers the quintessential California lifestyle. With clean lines and tranquil surroundings, we can see why these homeowners would eventually wish to reside here full-time!

Tell Us: What do you think of the overall design of this home? Could you live in a prefabricated home? Let us know why or why not in the Comments below!

Note: Have a look at a couple of other popular home tours that we have featured here on One Kindesign from the portfolio of architecture studio Marmol Radziner: Striking modern residence piercing the deserts of Arizona and Captivating Vienna Way Residence in California.

Above: The homeowner’s have a strong passion for cooking. They had a Mugnaini wood-fired oven installed in their kitchen. There is also a custom Grillery fireplace-barbecue integrated into the concrete block wall of the deck. Underneath the grill is open storage for oak firewood collected from around the property.

Above: The kitchen island countertop is Caesarstone quartz.

Above: In the living room, the colorful sectional is the Mikado 2 sofa by Hans Hopfer for Roche Bobois. Grounding the space while adding texture and warmth to the concrete flooring is a Photon rug from Design Within Reach.

Above: The space above is used as a light-flooded reading nook and as a guest room. A convertible futon is from Ligne Roset, while the Paulistano leather armchairs are from Design Within Reach.

Above: Although the homeowner’s are landscape architects, they did little to add to their surrounding environment — part of the 1,800-acre Long Valley Ranch, a former cattle ranch. They did plant fifty olive trees and some native shrubs and grasses to add to the overall beauty.

Photos: Joe Fletcher

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Take Your Outdoor Living to the Next Level with Outdoor Kitchens by the Pool in Ottawa | Unilock

outdoor living

Take Your Outdoor Living to the Next Level with Outdoor Kitchens by the Pool in Ottawa

Add an outdoor kitchen to your pool patio and create a functional, dreamy area that will take your summer outdoor gatherings to the next level. A skilled Unilock Authorized Contractor(https://unilock.com/find-a-contractor/) using Unilock pavers and wall units will be able to turn your Ottawa, Ontario backyard into a vibrant oasis. From fun and functional outdoor kitchens, to unique decorative touches, here are are some ideas on how this can be done:

Go the Extra Mile with a Pizza Oven

A wood-fired pizza oven will certainly inspire joyful gatherings in your outdoor kitchen area. This unique focal point can be implemented as part of your fire feature, grill island, or countertop surface. With Unilock Brussels Dimensional Stone, you can compliment a traditional or Tuscan-style outdoor kitchen. Any concerns about the durability of the patio flooring can be put to rest with Unilock pavers featuring Ultima Concrete Technology. With Richcliff pavers, for example, you can add a modern touch of elegance to poolside surrounds, while extending the outdoor kitchen area to the pool patio and ensuring long-term strength and durability. Clean spills and stains easily and leave cracked and damaged pavers in the past with Richcliff pavers – part of the EnduraColor Plus range, exclusive to Unilock.

Vibrant Colors

Unilock products offer a broad color palette, perfect not only for any landscape theme but also a range of personal styles. Whether you love gentle pastel colors, handsome greys, earthy tones or bright pops of colors, Unilock has something to suit your tastes. Extend your indoor kitchen outdoors and connect it to your pool area with Umbriano pavers. Umbriano pavers provide a non-slip, stain-resistant, durable surface that will absolutely transform your poolside outdoor kitchen. To add contrasting color and create separate, fully functional outdoor spaces, consider borders created from Courtstone in Basalt or Belgian Blue.

Fun and Functional

A bright blue swimming pool and an inviting outdoor kitchen are a winning combination that will make your outdoor social gatherings a blast. Perfect for families with kids, and BBQ parties, these two elements not only make get-togethers easier, but also ensure that no one is excluded from the fun. For additional comfort, shield your outdoor kitchen with a wooden pergola, or add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace where guests can join the chef and warm up after they swim, or enjoy a break from the sun in the shade. The Sunset Firepit Kit is ideal for adding an extra touch to the inviting atmosphere of an outdoor kitchen, dining, or gathering area. This charming fire pit offers a simple stone texture and traditional colors that contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Elegant Illumination

Landscape lighting livens up a landscape, highlights focal features and contributes to better safety and security – important features of a kitchen and pool area. Illuminate accent walls, create drama, or add a subtle ambiance around the focal points of the landscape with a professional outdoor lighting plan. The proper use of lighting will enhance the radiance of the pool water and add contrast to the architecture of the kitchen. For beautiful textures to complement your lighting, consider the natural stacked flagstone look of Rivercrest Wall. This wall unit is made using Reala Surface Technology. Reala is an advanced concrete technology, exclusive to Unilock, used to craft products with an ultra-realistic texture, cast from actual natural stone pieces. Rivercrest Wall comes in the subtle shades of Buff and Coastal Slate.

The title image features an Umbriano pool deck and outdoor kitchen in the Winter Marvel color option with Rivercrest Wall verticals in Coastal Slate.

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7 ways to update your outdoor living space

outdoor living

In Arizona’s year-round warm weather, the design of your yard can mean the difference between avoiding going outside and enjoying all the seasons in a space you love.

Upgrading may seem like a chore, but think of it as a chance to personalize your yard in a way that will make you happy. It could involve bringing in ideas from a place you stayed on your last vacation, imitating examples you’ve seen online or coming up with your own unique plan.

Here are a few ideas to get you started designing your ideal outdoor living space.

Upgrade entertainment areas

Your backyard entertainment options are limited only by your imagination, and they’re not just for kids. Adding your own bocce ball court or sand volleyball court, for instance, could give you and your family years of fun. Take ideas from Hawkeye Custom Landscaping, which has installed putting greens, drought resistant green sitting areas, gazebos and swimming pools throughout the Maricopa County area.

Build a firepit or BBQ grill

No outdoor space is complete without somewhere to enjoy open-air cooking. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a firepit or barbecue area that works for your family and lifestyle. Consider how many people you want to be able to invite for parties, where the best view is in your yard, and the proximity to your house or other yard features.

Install travertine pavers

Changing up your space with travertine pavers will improve your outdoor aesthetic and help in wet weather. Travertine, a type of limestone, comes in many sizes and patterns, so you can choose what fits your style. Because it absorbs water, it’s naturally non-slip, making it great for pool areas, porches near sprinklers and, frankly, anywhere that rain hits. It stays cool and does not break down over time, like other materials.

Replace grass with synthetic turf

Cut out the lawn mowing and the watering by replacing grass with synthetic turf that stays green year-round with little maintenance. Brushing it every month and promptly removing leaves or other debris will keep your yard looking pristine, even during the hot summer months.

Add water features

A water feature adds a cooling element to your yard that even shade can’t duplicate. Ponds, fountains, water statues and waterfalls are all attractive options. You could also add a birdbath if you’d like to offer a cool refreshment to visiting birds and squirrels.

Put in an outdoor kitchen

Take your outdoor eating experience to the next level by installing a kitchen. Doing so lets you prepare, grill and eat your food all in the same space, and it keeps the enjoyment of cooking over an open fire. Outdoor entertaining is also more fun because you can interact with your guests while preparing food at the same time.

Introduce more lighting

Summertime in Maricopa County means you may spend more time outside in the evening, instead of during the day, to avoid the heat. Adding or upgrading lighting makes it possible to stay outside longer and improves the ambience of your existing features.

When picking a landscape contractor to create the perfect outdoor living space, check the Registrar of Contractors to see if a contractor is in good standing and has a positive reputation. You can also read online reviews and Better Business Bureau listings, and ask your neighbors about contractors they’ve had good experiences with.

Get more ideas for your outdoor upgrade by checking out the Hawkeye Custom Landscaping website and calling to talk to an experienced landscaping contractor.

About Hawkeye Custom Landscaping –

Since 1992, Hawkeye Landscaping, inc. Has been a family owned and operated landscaping company serving the Maricopa County area. Kelly started this company over 22 years ago as a sole proprietor. His wife, Julie, joined the team in 1996. Their fifteen year old son, Connor, also contributes to the business through creating pictures and videos. These days, you might even have seen one of our trucks around the valley. Over the years, we’ve grown a quality team who share the vision of serving others. Our goal has been and will always be building lasting relationships with our clients. Please take the time to learn more about us!

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3 Concrete Pavers that help to define the style of your Ottawa, ON outdoor living space | Unilock

outdoor living

3 Concrete Pavers that help to define the style of your Ottawa, ON outdoor living space

Your outdoor living space is simply an extension of your home. It is a space where you gather with your friends and family. Where you meet for dinner and celebrate milestones. A space with your gather under the stars next to the outdoor fireplace or simply bask in the sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon in your Ottawa, ON backyard.

Patios are a common way to create comfortable outdoor living spaces, transforming your backyard into spaces that reflect not only the interior style of your home, but also your family’s needs. Common patio features include outdoor kitchens and dining spaces, lounging areas with outdoor fire features that can extend your outdoor living on the cool nights and into the fall, and quiet sitting areas with cushy couches to retreat to when you want some quiet time.

A decision that plays a major role in your outdoor space is the flooring material. Concrete pavers are an excellent choice for many Ottawa, ON homeowners. Pavers offer durability and great product guarantees making them a good choice for residential applications. Paver manufacturers such as Unilock offer concrete pavers in a range of colours and sizes that allow for amazing design flexibility; no longer are you stuck with simple square or round patios, you can let your imagination run wild!

Choosing a Paver for your Ottawa, ON patio

Choosing the right paver can be a difficult task. There are so many different pavers on the market to choose from that it can be hard to decide which one is right for your project. Working with a landscape professional can help, as can visiting a Unilock Idea Center in your area and walking on/touching each stone to get an idea how they look and feel in the outside environment.

When selecting your paver, you will want to consider:

Three Pavers Worth Considering for your Ottawa, ON outdoor space

Unilock’s Brussels Block Paver is a tumbled paver offered by Unilock. The tumbling process allows these pavers to take on an aged look that softens the look of the edges of the paver giving each stone its own unique look and the patio a timeworn feel overall. Brussels block is available in a wide array of colours and can be complimented by using coloured joint sand.

Thornbury is an excellent paver for patio areas but can also be used in areas where vehicular traffic must be managed (as it is 2.75 inches thick). Thornbury comes in three rectangular sizes; a small, medium and large rectangle that allows for interesting random applications which can be coupled with any number of Unilock’s other pavers as a border course for an even more aesthetically pleasing look.

Unilock’s Copthorne Paver is a product for those who love the look of the old brick sidewalks in Europe! Crafted after the clay brick pavers of yesteryear, these concrete pavers by Unilock will not crack or fade while each stone is remarkably unique. Pair Copthorne with a contrasting joint sand for a unique installation that will wow your guests.

Whichever concrete paver you choose for your Ottawa outdoor living space, ensure it is reflective of both you and your home. Picking the right paver and installing it correctly will not only provide you with years of enjoyment but can also increase you homes value.

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Outdoor Living: How to Protect Your Child From Bee Stings

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Outdoor Living: How to Protect Your Child From Bee Stings

Because bee stings are always unexpected, they can be incredibly painful and scary to children. Fortunately, there are many things we can do as parents to help them avoid being stung while playing outside. Putting them in light-colored clothes and closed-toe shoes, avoiding floral/sweet-scented lotions and hair products, and being careful with outdoor food are a few simple steps we can take to avoid attracting pesky stinging insects. But if your child is stung, the wound is very easy to care for using supplies and medications that you probably already have in your home.

Avoid Playing Near Bushes

Thick foliage around the home is a great place for bees to build their hives. In order to avoid a surprise bee sting, make sure to regularly trim bushes, trees, and other shrubbery to make it easy to remove any hives that appear throughout the year. Keep in mind that trimming hedges is likely to agitate any bees that are already present! To prevent kids from being stung, always discourage them from playing in or around bushes. In addition to hidden bee hives, wasps, snakes, and other dangerous pests may also lurk in thick foliage.

Be Careful With Food and Open Containers

Bees are attracted to residue from sugary foods and drinks. Soda cans (either full or empty) and sweet treats will lure bees to your picnic very quickly. Always keep food covered when eating in outdoor areas, and make sure to clean up right away. Keep outdoor trash in a covered trash can and rinse it out regularly. Rinsing soda cans and bottles before placing them in the recycle bin will help discourage bees from hanging around your home.

If you notice a few bees buzzing around your food, take extra care to cover your child’s drink when they are not using it. Bees can easily crawl inside and sting when your child takes a sip. Summer is the time for ice cream and ice pops, so make sure to keep an eye on the kids when they are enjoying these sweet treats outdoors!

Avoid Fragrances and Bright Colors

Bees love sweet-smelling fragrances and bright colors. Bees prefer colorful things to more neutral-colored ones, so white, beige, and khaki are great color choices for outside play. Any kind of sweet-smelling personal care product can have an attractive scent to bees; hair spray, soap, lotion, perfume, and shampoo and conditioner are all popular culprits. They especially love floral scents and can be drawn to them across long distances.

Bees are drawn to anything that looks like a flower, so it’s a good idea to avoid wearing floral patterns. Because bees see in the ultraviolet range, they love neon colors. If your clothes would glow under a blacklight, they would also be very interesting to bees.

Wear Shoes and Long Pants

Although it’s tempting for children to run around barefoot during the summer, it is much safer for them to wear closed-toe shoes to avoid stepping on bees. Bees can often be found on the ground because they are drawn to flowering ground cover. This makes it easy to accidentally step on one, which will frighten it into stinging. If you know you’re going to be in an area that will likely have bees (such as a field), it’s a smart idea to dress your child in long pants and a hat. A hat will protect your child from stings, which can be particularly painful on the scalp.

Treating a Bee Sting

If your child is stung by a bee, don’t panic! Most people have a common localized reaction to a bee sting, which includes redness, swelling, and pain around the site of the sting. The pain will usually dissipate within a few hours. About 3% of people have an allergic reaction to bee stings, so if your child begins to experience hives, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, trouble breathing, or diarrhea, get to an emergency room right away.

The first step to healing a bee sting is to determine if the stinger is still in the skin. If you see a small black dot on the wound, remove it immediately with tweezers or by swiping the area with a hard, flat object (like a credit card or blunt utensil). Thoroughly clean the area and apply hydrocortisone cream to reduce swelling and pain/itching. A topical pain relief spray may also be used to alleviate the discomfort. Medications such as Benadryl and ibuprofen will relieve much of the pain, swelling, and irritation associated with the sting.

Some natural remedies for bee stings include ice packs, a paste made from baking soda and water, or a drop of lavender essential oil applied to the sting. You could also try applying a clove of crushed garlic, crushed basil leaves, or even a smear of honey.

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Colonial has invaluable entertaining, outdoor living space – NewsTimes

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Built in 1965 and recently updated, this five-bedroom colonial at 4 Coachmans Court in Norwalk is listed for $990,000.

Built in 1965 and recently updated, this five-bedroom colonial at 4 Coachmans Court in Norwalk is listed for $990,000.

Photo: LLA Real Estate Group, Executive Premier Properties

Built in 1965 and recently updated, this five-bedroom colonial at 4 Coachmans Court in Norwalk is listed for $990,000.

Built in 1965 and recently updated, this five-bedroom colonial at 4 Coachmans Court in Norwalk is listed for $990,000.

The five-bedroom colonial at 4 Coachmans Court in Norwalk is listed for $990,000 by Christopher Peralta of Executive Premier Properties’ LLA (Leading Lifestyle Agent) Real Estate Group. It represents a great opportunity for buyers in search of colonial architecture and a bit of land. The home affords 5,751 square feet of living space, with lots of “entertaining potential.”

“This property offers buyers a newer-built home on over an acre of land and plenty of privacy all around,” Peralta said.

For buyers in search of a home of this kind and category, this particular property offers a complete package, according to the listing broker: It’s in a quiet neighborhood setting, is located minutes from the highway, and benefits from a number of improvements.

For example, the kitchen was recently remodeled. The new design incorporates granite countertops, custom oak cabinets and stainless appliances. It’s an expansive space, with an easy-to-maintain tiled floor and plenty of room for a large breakfast table.

French doors lead from the kitchen out to one of the home’s patios.

The listing broker described the interiors’ aesthetic as open, classic and timeless, with a nice flow for entertaining. The front entrance opens to a two-story foyer and then to home’s living room, which in turns opens to the formal dining room, he pointed out. The living room has lovely hardwood flooring and a decorative fireplace, while the formal dining room is drenched in natural light from a large bay window.

The hardwood flooring is carried through to the second level of the home, where four of the five bedrooms are located, including the master suite. Here, buyers touring the home will find their eyes are drawn upwards to the high vaulted ceiling. The suite includes a walk-in closet with built-in organization and a master bath with a tub, a custom shower and dual vanity sinks.

The seller of 4 Coachmans Court also finished the full walk-out basement and smartly appended it with a full bar — practically a full kitchen — and a media room/family room.

A brand new outdoor hot tub was installed this past summer, a nice addition to the “outdoor living spaces” here, which includes several patios, balcony lookouts and a pool.

The 1.03-acre lot is beautified and rendered private by mature trees and shrubbery. It’s also partially fenced. “[It is a] very spacious backyard with infinite possibilities,” Peralta suggested.

A complement to the attached three-car garage, the new residents will have plenty of additional parking in the paved driveway.

4 Coachmans Court is conveniently located near the access to Rte. 15, several area parks and golf courses, shopping and restaurants. “[This is a] quiet neighborhood in a very desirable area of West Norwalk, with easy access to I-95 approximately five minutes away,” the listing agent pointed out.

Listing agent: Christopher Peralta, LLA Real Estate Group, Executive Premier Properties; (203) 216-4391 cell; chrisperalta@llareal

Number of Rooms: 8

Features: Built in 1965 and recently updated, this five-bedroom colonial has 5,751 square feet of living space, with an open floor plan, a blend of formal and casual interiors and outdoor living space in the form of patios and balcony decks. The house has an attached three-car garage with a mudroom, and an expansive paved driveway. The 1.03-acre lot is level, with mature landscaping and partial fencing. This property is served by a private well and septic system. It has a zoned central air system and propane-fueled hot water system.

Schools: Fox Run Elementary, Ponus Ridge Middle, Brien McMahon High

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Outdoor Living Spaces Accent Landscapes Inc For Flagstone Patio Diy Flagstone Patio Diy Tips And Ideas — The Decoras Jchansdesigns : Flagstone Patio Diy, Tips And Ideas

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This photo about: Flagstone Patio Diy, Tips And Ideas, entitled as Outdoor Living Spaces Accent Landscapes Inc For Flagstone Patio Diy Flagstone Patio Diy Tips And Ideas – also describes and labeled as: Dry Laid Flagstone Patio,Flagstone Patio Cost,Flagstone Patio Diy,Flagstone Patio Ideas,Flagstone Patio Mortar,Flagstone Patio On Concrete, with resolution 3232px x 2380px

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Outdoor Living Design Trends 2018 | Design Matters by Lumens

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When you think of your outdoor living space, do you envision a few lounge chairs and a grill scattered across the patio? The fact is, modern outdoor living at its best embodies all of the style, comfort and joy of indoor living, with the added benefits of a natural setting and fresh air. In 2018, the concept of outdoor living gets an exciting overhaul, with a variety of new trends that are sure to make your outdoor living space vibrant and inviting.

Tickled Pink (and Green and Yellow and Red)

Want to revitalize your outdoor space in a vibrant way? Going all in with splashes of color can get the job done. Create a centerpiece for your deck or patio with a dining set that features chairs in different colors, like green, yellow and red. Mix and match lounge chairs, pairing complementary colors like cactus and plum to stunning visual effect. And by all means, go to town on the pillows. Decorate your lounge furniture with pillows of all colors, stripes and geometrics. Something to keep in mind is that vibrant colors like yellow and pink really pop against the natural greenery of your outdoor environment, so take advantage.

Outdoor Breeze Anytime

Perhaps one of the most popular trends of 2018 is the addition of an outdoor ceiling fan–the ultimate way to bring indoor comforts to your outside world. All it takes is a covered deck or patio, and with the installation of a damp or wet location rated ceiling fan, you can stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days. Know that ceiling fans are smarter, sleeker and quieter than ever before, and they’re being made to blend seamlessly within your patio or porch environment. Selecting a fan with wood blades in a distressed finish like barn wood will match rustic outdoor environments with ease.

Let There Be Light

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking any old light, but rather indoor-quality lighting for the outdoors that serve as high-quality task, ambient and accent lighting. Lit correctly, your outdoor space can set the mood for bright dining, dark lounging or anywhere in-between.

In 2018, we’re seeing an exciting new trend of pendants that serve both as decorative accents and provide better visibility at night. Such suspended lights are perfect for porches, gardens and outdoor dining. String lights are sturdier, more outdoor-friendly and longer lasting than ever before. We also love the latest portable outdoor floor lamps, as their versatility allows you to quickly transform your deck or patio into a living room-like space.

Enhanced Outdoor Furniture

Let’s face it, it’s really hard to get comfy and relax when you’re sitting on weather-beaten wicker furniture. The fact is, there’s no reason you can’t have indoor-quality furniture outdoors, and that’s exactly what many outdoor furniture manufacturers are delivering now. You’ll find a variety of fully upholstered outdoor sofas that feature soft, durable and weather-resistant fabric. You’ll also find traditional materials, like teak and wrought iron, done in a more modern and refined style that further gives the feel of indoor quality. Ultimately, it’s a trend that allows you to organically extend the look and feel of your home’s interior to the outside world with ease and style.

Light Your Fire

There’s no doubt that, when it comes to our home environment, we’re all fascinated with outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. And for good reason. They’re at once a focal point, a gathering spot and a source of warmth on chilly evenings. As more people want the campfire experience in their backyard, this year you’ll see more fire pits built into the lawn and surrounded by lounge chairs. You’ll also see flames centered in the middle of a table. Both elegant and functional, fire tables provide ample table space for entertaining all while keeping your guests warm.

As you look to design from scratch or revitalize your existing outdoor living space, allow these easy-to-incorporate trends to guide your choices, and enjoy a stylish summer.

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3 Reasons to Add a Patio Cover to Your New Outdoor Living Area

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3 Reasons to Add a Patio Cover to Your New Outdoor Living Area

If you’re transforming your backyard into the perfect outdoor living area for your family, don’t complete construction piece by piece. Instead, design the space to have all the elements you’re looking for so you can start relaxing in the backyard during all four seasons. One of the most important elements that’s often forgotten about is a patio cover. Here are three reasons to incorporate this shady cover into your outdoor living space design as soon as possible:

1. Many patio covers require permits.

If your patio cover is a permanent structure, it probably needs a permit before construction. Every city and county has its own rules about what can be built in your backyard, and those rules change depending on other nearby constructions. Talk to your designer about the right patio cover immediately so you can get the design you want without worrying about complications.

2. Make sure the total design is appealing.

While it’s never too late to add a new element to your outdoor living space, sometimes the overall design looks better when the planning is done at the beginning. If you start considering patio cover designs quickly, the cover will be better integrated. The beams can be built into the patio for better structural support. The cover can be connected to your roof so there aren’t gaps. Even the design aesthetic and wood color integrate better when the planning is cohesive.

3. Keep your outdoor living space comfortable all year round.

A patio cover isn’t just a summer addition. You can have a patio cover that keeps your patio shady during the summer and shielded from the wind in the summer. Pergolas and solid patio covers can also hold fans and electrical extensions for space heaters.

Go to Allied Outdoor Solutions here to schedule an appointment and start protecting your outdoor living space from the elements.

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Sponsored: A $500,000 remodel creates beautiful indoor-outdoor living in Almaden Valley – East Bay Times

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Turn the key, open the door and start living in style at this recently remodeled Almaden Valley home.

This more than 2,000-square-foot, single-story home at 1093 Cloverbrook Drive comes with four bedrooms, including two master suites, and three-and-a-half bathrooms. 

A $500,000 remodel turned an ordinary home into a spectacular single-story dream home at 1093 Cloverbrook Drive. The remodel also included beautifully designed and professionally landscaped front and back yards, which are now filled with low maintenance drought-resistant plants, slate tile walkways and patios, and inviting entertaining spaces. Stylish lighting and an inviting front walkway to the porch create instant curb appeal.

Gorgeous solid wide-plank walnut flooring flows throughout the more than 2,000-square-foot home. There are four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, including two master suites.

The formal living and dining rooms are full of light. 

A solid mahogany front door with beveled glass panels opens onto the spacious formal living and dining rooms that are drenched in natural light. The living room has a large front-facing picture window and slider to a private outdoor deck. The formal dining room has a tray ceiling with up lighting and also front-facing window. A wall of custom cabinetry provides lots of additional storage space.

The home’s open living plan brings together the casual dining area, chef’s kitchen and family room. 

The masterfully designed chef’s kitchen showcases beautiful finishes including Caesarstone counters and large island/ breakfast bar, a stacked stone backsplash, stainless farmhouse sink, and custom cabinetry with upper frosted display glass cabinets. Top appliances include a Bertazzoni five-burner cooktop with Gaggenau stainless hood, dual Bosch ovens, Bosch dishwasher with custom panel and refrigerator with custom paneled facade. There are skylights in the kitchen for additional natural light. The kitchen is open to the family room that has a fireplace with the same stacked stone surround, built-in cabinetry and oversize sliding glass door to the backyard space.

Two of the four bedrooms feature en suite full bathrooms, also beautifully redesigned. One bathroom has a single vessel sink vanity, shower with mosaic marble tile floor and decorative tile surround. The other master bedroom has a bay window with backyard views and a bathroom with dual floating vanities, undermounted sinks, stylish wall-mounted faucets, and wall of custom cabinetry and wardrobe. A walk-in closet with custom shoe racks and organizers is behind a pocket door. The walk-in shower has dual showerheads.

Two additional bedrooms are spacious with large closets. A full hall bathroom features a large soaking tub/shower combination with ceramic tile surround and single-sink vanity.

Entertain and relax in the professionally landscaped backyard that features slate pavers with grass, an outdoor kitchen, garden beds and a bocce ball court. 

Entertain and relax in the redesigned and landscaped backyard that features slate pavers offset with grass, a built-in outdoor kitchen with cement counter, 60-inch double Jenn-Air grill, Dacor stainless sink and counter seating. A raised covered dining pavilion has a view of the bocce ball court and an intimate seating area that wraps around a gas fire pit. There are also raised garden beds.

Additional features include a large laundry room with cabinetry, utility sink, room for stacked washer and dryer and counter space, top-down window shades, Trane HVAC, copper pipes, a two-car garage with floating storage cabinetry, heating and air conditioning, and laminate wood flooring and floor-to-ceiling mirrors ideal for home gym or dance studio or two cars. Extra attic storage. All bedrooms have built-in closet organizers. The powder room features a chisel-edged, leathered granite counter with vessel sink, floating vanity and mirror with stylish lighting.

The home is in a fabulous Almaden Valley neighborhood and located close to shopping centers, restaurants, and freeway access to other parts of Silicon Valley, San Francisco and south to Monterey County; multiple parks and recreation areas including the Almaden QuickSilver County Park and its miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails; the Almaden Country Club, and top-rated schools including Leland High School.

Price: $1,599,000Where: 1093 Cloverbrook Drive, San JoseOpen house: Wednesday, Oct. 10, and Friday, Oct. 12, from 4 to 7 p.m.Website:www.TSwan.comListing agent: Therese Swan, 408-656-8240, tswan@apr.com, Alain Pinel Realtors

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Spectacular indoor-outdoor living on South Pender Island, B.C.

outdoor living

This breezy contemporary holiday home was designed by The Airey Group, with interiors by Marrimor Studio, located on South Pender Island, in British Columbia, Canada. Perched on a plateau that is over 100 feet above the ocean, the design of the home required it to be more minimal in design to blend into its natural environment. The 4,000 square foot dwelling features a drawn-from-nature color palette, with open, airy and cozy spaces throughout. Featuring a perfect balance between comfort and openness, while at the same time giving it’s inhabitants the privacy they need for both the homeowners and overnight guests. A central glass pavilion (shown in the image above) is the heart of the home, separating the family wing from the guest wing. Concrete flooring in the open plan living, dining and kitchen areas seamlessly extends out onto a spacious terrace that offers sweeping views over the rugged landscape and beyond to the ocean. A steep staircase leads to a path that takes you to the beach. Sliding glass doors opens the space up to the outdoors, allowing sea breezes, natural light and nature to makes its way in. This is a vacation home for a young professional family that likes to escape the hustle and bustle of Vancouver any chance they get, with only a 15 minute plane ride away!

The living room is defined by a large area rug, that adds warmth and comfort to the cold concrete flooring. This is a favorite spot for the homeowners and family friends to kick back and relax, enjoy the views and watch television while enjoying a roaring fire in the natural stone fireplace, a focal point to the space. The dining bench can be easily moved into the living area to allow for more seating if needed, making this home very flexible.

We have showcased another incredible home on Pender Island, British Columbia that is worth taking a tour of, have look: Mid-century modern beach house retreat on Pender Island. If you want another B.C. home tour, take a look at this popular feature article Sustainable modern home design in Vancouver.

What We Love: How the design of this home embraces and maximizes views and captures the natural light, with sleek and low-slung furnishings that doesn’t detract or obscure from the surrounding beauty. This is one vacation home that we would never want to leave! How about you, could you picture yourself living here?

Artful pendant light fixtures hanging over the dining table helps to the delineate the space without blocking the spectacular landscape views beyond. These fixtures are designed by Marset, check their where to buy section to see if they have a retailer in an area near you… or there is always shipping!

A powder room offers custom designed rift-cut white oak cabinets topped with white marble countertops with a gray veining.

The guest wing allows plenty of natural light… and nature to flood into the hallway and stairwell.

The master bedroom cantilevers out over the landscape with floor-to-ceiling glass windows creating a feeling of floating in the mature growth trees. The ceiling is clad with cedar panelling that extends out to the soffits for continuity. Concrete flooring is softened by a plush area rug, linen window treatments that drape onto the floor and cozy bed linens in soothing hues of taupe and grays. A chandelier suspended from the ceiling is a modern take on an antler chandelier that is characteristic in vacation cabins in the woods.

The master bathroom features travertine slab walls and ceiling tiles to match, with the color taking its cue from the rocky seascape just outside. A spa-like oasis with a walk-in steam shower and a window that opens to the outdoors to not only filter out excess humidity but to also give a greater feeling of immersion with nature.

Above is a cozy little nook in the guest/playroom featuring stylish poufs that are very flexible and mould into shape for comfort, sourced from Casalis.

The daughter’s bedroom offers a girly vibe with bright pops of pink and a playful chandelier on the ceiling. A bunk bed offers extra space for sleepovers, while cedar panelling on the ceiling infuses some warmth and texture into the space.

A guest bedroom features a sectional / sofa bed and tiered coffee table complimented by nature-inspired artwork on the walls, creating a stylish space to host overnight guests.

In the laundry room / mudroom, a built-in concrete bench allows the perfect spot to sit and take off shoes. Giant hooks that resemble lego are a playful addition to the space and offers a quick spot to hang a jacket, scarf, beach bag or even a purse.

Making the interior architecture visible from the outside through expansive floor-to-ceiling glass helps to connect the interiors with the exterior.

Photos: Courtesy of Marrimor Studio


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5 Tips to Create an Outdoor Living Room

outdoor living

Author : Money Pit Team

5 Tips to Create an Outdoor Living Room

outdoor living room

Outdoor living room spaces are quickly becoming one of the most coveted home features. They expand living space without expensive renovations, offer a relaxing respite from everyday stress, provide a safe place for kids and pets to play, and an amazing outdoor entertaining area for guests.

Here are the top 5 ways to create the outdoor living room:

Declutter & Clean

The first step to sprucing up the outdoor living room is to clear dirt and clutter from the space. Store lawn equipment, children’s toys, and pet play things in a shed or garage. Give the entire outdoor area a good scrub down, sweeping away dust and debris to create a fresh, clean canvas.

Invite the Outdoors In

Blending interior and outdoor living spaces helps the exterior area feel like an extension of the home, not an afterthought. Ensure blinds and curtains are open to the family yard, highlighting the outdoor oasis.  Make certain the indoor and outdoor décor complement one another and utilize similar colors, materials and styles both inside and out.

Create Cozy Sitting Areas

Create easy traffic flow throughout the outdoor living room, while offering a number of places for people to sit – at a table, around a fire pit, or in a cozy chair configuration. Also, offer some shade by using umbrellas or outdoor curtains to minimize sun glare and maximize visions of enjoyment in the outdoor living room.

Soften the Outdoor Space

Introduce a few soft design features into the outdoor area to create an inviting atmosphere. Rugs, throw pillows and upholstered patio furniture are a few ways to accomplish a “cozy” feel. Ensure these items are looking fresh and clean and not worn and dated. It’s relatively inexpensive to swap out new pillows and rugs. Create outdoor ambiance by hanging string lighting, introducing a fire pit in the center of a patio, setting up a zen-like water feature, or adding candles, small plants and freshly-cut flowers to tabletops.

Utilize Living Landscapes

Photo Credit / Pixabay

Nothing says “welcome home” quite like a beautiful living landscape, complete with flowering shrubs, trees, flowers, and other vegetation. Freshen up the family yard by weeding, mulching and planting flower beds and pots with colorful flowers and verdant plants. Vases of flowers can also help bring life – and a pop of color – to outdoor tablescapes.

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