Eldorado Stone’s Sue Nadolski on Outdoor Living at IBS

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The International Builder’s Show (IBS) recently concluded in Orlando, Florida. The annual trade show drew in a crowd of 80,000 for talks on the innovative products and ideas leading the industry forward today. Eldorado Stone employees attended the event and enjoyed three days of educational sessions and exciting manufacturer/supplier conversations.

Sue Nadolski, our director of business development for the Outdoor Living division, was a panelist during the Outdoor Living: From Novelty to Necessity session along with two other industry veterans. Here’s a recap of what she shared during the panel discussion:

On meeting customer expectations.

The overall use of a space throughout the year tends to remain the same regardless of climate. Homeowners adapt their spaces based on local climates to maximize the time they can spend outdoors. We tell our team not to be afraid of taking things outside, because many indoor items transition well to an outdoor setting. Designers must ask clients the right questions to help them expand their kitchen spaces seamlessly to the outdoors. Every detail, from the lighting to the textiles used, matters. 

How do you walk clients through the thought process?

We listen to their stories and dreams to make educated recommendations. For example, many of our clients have children. We help them think about the flow of the space. Would you want a bunch of grass-stained 8-year-olds traipsing through the home to grab a juice box, or would an outdoor refrigerator make more sense?

What are some key trends you’re seeing beyond outdoor kitchens?

We’ve noticed the use of fire features outside the barbecue space. From installing a new outdoor fireplace to clustering smaller elements together for an intimate conversation space, designers and clients are getting creative about where and how they use the outdoor space. The fireplaces and smaller features weren’t common in the industry 10 years ago. In the same way our industry evolved in thinking about basements and great room design, we’re now moving into outdoor living spaces.

What are some needs and concerns for establishing an outdoor space?

In many ways, outdoor spaces are like new home constructions. Designers and clients must take lighting, plumbing, and other infrastructure elements into consideration. Often, people invest a lot of money in the space, so we strive to build it out properly.

On the future of outdoor spaces in the next five years.

The outdoor design frontier is expanding beyond residential spaces to large living environments in universities, apartments, and condos. Students want to spend time outside, and schools are taking advantage of new options to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Commercially, hospitals, government buildings, and parks are bringing more activities outside (similar to the restaurant trend of rooftop bars). In general, people want to be outdoors, and the key question we must answer in the next few years is, “How can we take other types of products outdoors and enjoy them there?”


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Boho and Minimalism Top Our List of 2019 Outdoor Living Trends

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It’s easier than ever to create an outdoor oasis that’s an extension of your home, and this summer’s biggest trend is creating a backyard space that is as comfortable as your indoor one. Design styles like bright and bold boho and Scandinavian minimalism are heading outside, according to our 2019 Outdoor Living Trends Report.

“The lines have been blurred between what’s indoor-only and what you can use outside, which means it’s never been easier to create an outdoor space that’s cohesive with your indoor design,” says Kerrie Kelly, design expert and founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

Here’s her rundown of this year’s five hottest outdoor trends:

1. Mixed materials

This summer, design elements that were once considered indoor use only – brass, rope, textured upholstery and webbing – are combining in new, unexpected ways for outdoor spaces. Chandeliers, soft rugs and cozy floor cushions are now popular for outside, and new fabric options now include outdoor-safe velvets, leathers and nubby chenilles.

2. Minimalism to the max

Scandinavian minimalist design is now showing up in outdoor furnishings. Lounge chairs, love seats and bistro tables are trending this summer in lightweight, powder-coated aluminum. Finish the look with neutrals like black, white and gray, or mix-and-match with a natural material like teak.

3. Some like it hot

This summer it’s all about elevated outdoor spaces that feel as stylish, comfortable and functional as interiors – with all the amenities. Fire features and outdoor kitchens continue to be extremely popular, providing a sense of “indoor cozy.” Beyond adding ambiance, Zillow research found home listings mentioning outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces sold for significantly more than expected.

4. Pops of color

Splashes of bold color are brightening up neutral upholstered furnishings. This summer’s top color trend of citrus-bright oranges, reds, yellows and pinks are lively and vibrant outside. Think about adding a touch of Living Coral, Pantone’s Color of the Year, or play with newly trending emerald green in your accessories.

5. Go green outside

Eco-conscious landscaping, outdoor furnishings and fixtures have gained traction this year. Living walls make a design statement and reduce your carbon footprint, and solar-powered LED accent lights provide upgraded illumination without complex wiring or tricky installation. When it comes time to sell, listings mentioning outdoor lighting were associated with homes selling for 19% more than expected.

Outdoor trends to leave behind in 2019

Matching patio sets

With more options than ever, there’s no need to rely on matching patio sets for a pulled-together look. Instead, curated, eclectic outdoor spaces continue to rise in popularity. Own a patio set? Add mix-and-match, multi-patterned outdoor pillows, a textured ottoman and a vintage rattan side table for a unique look.

Rustic farmhouse

Weathered barnwood dining tables and industrial metal chairs are getting a 2019 makeover with a sleeker combination of teak and aluminum. Take your existing farm table and give it an upgrade with a set of bright, cheery mesh aluminum dining chairs.

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Top 2019 Outdoor Living Trends | Trex

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The heart of the home is shifting outside where the hottest trends and newest products do not simply feature the look of the indoors – but the functionality as well. Advances in all-weather materials and furnishings have made it possible for the outdoors to act as a seamless extension of the home. As these comforts have become the norm, homeowners are seeking other ways to extend their time outdoors and the usefulness of their exterior spaces. Here are the products and trends that will be influencing the look, feel and function of outdoor living spaces this year.

Sustainable Solutions

There is growing interest in eco-friendly alternatives to wood products, which contribute to deforestation and leave a heavy carbon footprint. Composite decking, such as Trex, is made from recycled materials, outperforms wood and has fewer harmful environmental impacts.

Comfy Cozy

Among the hottest design influences is “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah) – the Scandinavian term for a feeling of coziness. This year, outdoor spaces will beckon homeowners to relax with hygge-inspired accents, from plush cushions and throws to warming features.

Minimal Maintenance

No one wants hours of annual deck upkeep! Unlike wood, composites resist fading, staining, scratching and mold – and won’t rot, warp or splinter. No sanding, staining or painting is required. Plus, care and cleaning is simple – spills wash off with soap and water.

Railing Redefined

While railing matched to the decking remains popular, more homeowners are installing complementary designs afforded by new railing materials in modern, metal finishes, as well as sleek, minimalist designs inspired by commercial architecture, such as Trex Signature® Railing.

Cooking with Class

Outdoor kitchens are finally living up to their name with well-appointed and fully-integrated cooking stations. Expect this trend to result in increasingly functional outdoor kitchens complete with cooking islands, smokers, pizza ovens and refrigerators.

Integrated Storage

Another must-have is outdoor cabinetry that blends interior style with durability to withstand the elements, similar to the Trex® Outdoor Kitchens™ collection. Expect to see more color-coordinated drawers and pull-out trash bins for a completely finished look.

Year-round Enjoyment

 Thanks to innovative products and design approaches, homeowners everywhere are transforming their outdoor spaces into multi-seasonal extensions of their homes. For example, deck drainage systems like Trex® RainEscape® create usable space underneath an elevated deck.

Illuminated Spaces

Outdoor lighting is another “bright” idea in high demand. Look for increased use of LED lights integrated into decks and railings to enhance the ambiance and safety of an outdoor space, and extend the time spent enjoying it.

Decidedly DIY

More homeowners are feeling confident about building their own outdoor living spaces. Lighter weight deck boards, such as Trex Enhance®, as well as innovative, easy-to-install railing panels, have made DIYing a dream deck easier than ever.

High-tech Decks

Home automation is huge, so it’s only natural that the tech trend should migrate outdoors. From controlled lighting and weatherproof speakers to outdoor LED televisions, homeowners are now able to bring entire entertainment systems outdoors.

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Using Windows and Doors to Blend Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

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I’m an outdoorsy guy. I always have been and always will be. So when I was designing my house it was really important for me to create a strong indoor/outdoor connection.  I knew from the beginning that a lot of large windows would be a key factor in the design.

Throughout the house we made sure to include large windows everywhere we could. The bedrooms all have multiple windows, and in most cases, they’re floor-to-ceiling. In the great room, which is two stories high, we were able to accommodate three sets of French doors, plus large windows above each in order to get the maximum amount of natural light possible. Those were easy decisions.

But the pool area was a bit different. Living in Canada means that outdoor pools are only good for a few months of the year, so when designing my new home I decided to include an indoor pool. We had some space available at the back of the house, and given how much we love to swim together as a family, it was an easy decision. But it always feels like there’s something a little unnatural about swimming indoors, and I decided that if I was going to have an indoor pool, it needed to feel like an outdoor pool as much as possible.

I thought about mimicking the French doors in the great room, and I considered sliding glass doors, but somehow neither one felt quite right in the space.

We had already used Pollard windows throughout the rest of
the house, and they had given us some great advice, so we went to them and
asked what they recommended.

Their recommendation, and what we ultimately went with, was a multi-panel, folding door system. When closed they look like floor-to-ceiling windows, but when open, they completely retract, leaving a wide, open space. In the summer we can open them up and basically be outside, while in the winter we can keep them closed but still enjoy all the natural light.

What do you think – did we make the right decision? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Take Your Outdoor Living to the Next Level with Outdoor Kitchens by the Pool in Ottawa

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  Add an outdoor kitchen to your pool patio and create a functional, dreamy area that will take your summer outdoor gatherings to the next level. A skilled Unilock Authorized Contractor(https://unilock.com/find-a-contractor/) using Unilock pavers and wall units will be able to turn your Ottawa, Ontario backyard into a vibrant oasis. From fun and functional outdoor …

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Outdoor Living for Millennials – MicroD | Online Solutions for the Home Furnishings Industry

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Outdoor Living for Millennials

With millennials making up the most of the country’s purchasing power, it should be no surprise that they’re taking over our backyards too. Millennials love to be outdoors. Whether it’s a  hangout site, hiking spot, or beach trip. But outdoors doesn’t always mean outside of your home. With outdoor and patio furniture becoming the hottest buys this summer, millennials could probably teach us a thing or two about outdoor living.

Most millennials aren’t looking to buy and own homes. They prefer to live in small comfortable apartments or townhouses. But with little space, comes big imagination. And a big imagination goes a long way in the home furnishings industry.

Because millennials are an eco-conscious bunch, they’re looking to see what they can do to be environmentally responsible. You can recall things like indoor plants or solar lights. Millennials long to live in homes that are flexible, personalized, with open floor plans and outdoor living spaces. In fact, 59% of millennial home buyers say the outdoor living space is the number one must-have.

Which finally brings us to their style and approach when it comes to outdoor living for millennials. In fact, outdoor living MicroD is going to take you through some fun facts about the different types of outdoor styles millennials just can’t seem to ignore.

Fire Pit Central

First up, fire pits. Furniture Today lets us know that millennials want to buy fire pits more than any other outdoor furniture. A good 26% are interested in upgrading their outdoor living space with a fire pit. The outdoor fire pit caters to the socially active lifestyle millennials favor. Can’t have a cool summer night out by the fire without any fire! Not to mention you can use all year-round. It’s the fun of being outdoors, but still be at home.

Everyday Modern

Six out of ten millennials prefer modern styles. And more than half have to touch, sit on, and “test out” outdoor furniture before making a purchase. This is mainly because durability and product quality are the two main factors millennials look for when buying outdoor furniture. Millennials plan to keep their outdoor furniture in good condition between two to four years. Thus, the quality is a major factor for them. Just make sure you don’t flash any brightly-colored outdoor sectionals. Muted colors are preferred over bright ones according to 57% of millennials.

Glamorous Camping

Camping isn’t what it used to be now that millennials have put a twist on it. Their obsession and love for the outdoors seem to have a limit. But leave it to millennials to do it in style. They’re not going to let a little harsh weather ruin their glamorous ways. They prefer a finer surrounding. Things like sitting in camp chairs with drink holders, and sleeping in tents with LED lighting.

Open Space Fever

Remember when we mentioned open floor plans? Well, according to Hearth and Home, 85% of millennials believe outdoor rooms, with areas for both cooking and relaxing, are “very important”. Over half plan to decorate their outdoor living space as they would an indoor dining or living room. And 77% want to make their outdoor areas feel like an indoor room. This explains the constant craze over lofts and studio apartments!

Providing millennials with furniture for the outdoors shouldn’t be a challenge at all. Especially if they want to make their patio a living area and their living area more outdoorsy. If it was possible to live outdoors permanently, they probably would (given a few adjustments)!

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How to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space into a “Wicker Paradise” – Wicker Furniture Blog

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How to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space into a “Wicker Paradise”

At Wicker Paradise, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide both comfort and function to your outdoor and indoor spaces. Whether it’s a basic wicker chair to transform your patio into an exotic dining destination or sunroom furniture to outfit that cozy living space of yours, we got you covered.

Now, don’t overlook all the opportunities that are available for your outdoor space. With the right wicker furniture sets, you can turn your home into a beautiful getaway that will beckon you outside. Here are some of the best tips for choosing the right patio furniture pieces for your living space.

While cheap plastic chairs might be ideal for your backyard, over time they’ll become brittle and eventually break down on you. Furthermore, they don’t add much of a visual flair to your patio. Be sure to always shop with care and purchase products that are built with quality in mind. The last think you’ll want is some indoor wicker furniture pieces made from fake wood and plastic.

Create a List

What type of outdoor living space do you want? What function are you looking for in your patio? Do you want it serve as a dining area? Would you like it to host your next summer dinner party?

Make a list of what you’re primarily going to utilize it for and use it as a guide to determine what type of furniture you’ll need to complete that look. This will help you stay true to your initial design without straying too far from the appearance that you want.

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with SunBrite’s Veranda Series Outdoor 4K UHD TVs with HDR – Optimistic Mommy

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This time of year is my favorite – the warmer weather just makes me happier because it means the outdoor entertaining season is here! And right now is a great time to upgrade your outdoor entertainment setup with the SunBrite Veranda Series Outdoor 4K UHD TVs with HDR!
If you’re like me, you host outdoor bbqs and family parties during spring and summer. The Veranda Series of SunBrite TVs is perfect for taking your outdoor space up a notch! These TVs are designed specifically for outdoor use so you know they are perfect.

I know, I know – the real question is, what if water gets on them? Well, the SunBriteTV Veranda is a family of weatherproof televisions that are designed for full-shade outdoor spaces, like covered patios and screened-in porches. And they’re engineered to survive just about any climate in North America, resisting the harsh effects of rain, snow, dust, insects, and extreme temperatures.

And even though they are made for outside, you don’t have to skimp on quality picture-wise. They come standard with direct-lit 4K UHD screen with HDR, which is up to 50% brighter than your indoor television! They’re more durable, safer, and provide an overall better experience than using an indoor TV outdoors. I love that they’re available in 4 different sizes – 43″, 55″, 65″, and 75″. This makes them great for any size space!

The SunBrite Veranda Series Outdoor 4K UHD TVs with HDR are a wonderful option for your outdoor entertainment space. Whether you are just wanting a TV outside to be able to enjoy the outdoors more, or whether you throw a lot of parties outdoors, I highly recommend this series of televisions.

Which size SunBrite outdoor TV would be perfect for your space?

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Family Outdoor and Backyard Activities – Outdoor Living by Belgard

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May is time filled with family gatherings — that time of year when everyone comes together to celebrate mothers, new beginnings, and those who have given their lives for our freedoms. Whether you’re hosting the family on your patio or bringing “everyone and their mother” to the beach house, May is the ideal month to take advantage of the long-awaited spring weather! The following assortment of activities is a great way to keep everyone entertained while enjoying your outdoor living spaces.

Showers of May Flowers

Tandem® Wall

Now that the showers of April are gone, take a look at your backyard oasis: flowers, flowers everywhere! Having just sprucing up our yards during National Lawn & Garden Month in April, our backyards are now blossoming with opportunities to show Mom some love with a lovely homegrown arrangement.

Give each kid a basket or shatterproof vase, along with some basic instructions on stem length and which plants to avoid, then set them loose to gather some flowers and greenery. The object of this activity is to put together unique flower arrangements to display around the house or in your outdoor kitchen. You could also have your crafting box nearby to add ribbons or other accoutrements to their creations. He or she with the best arrangement wins the best prize one could win: a hug from mom and much coveted bragging rights!

Love You Berry Much!

Make a grilled dessert pizza with your fresh berries! (click for recipe) Photo: Kate Sears, Styling: Susan Vajaranant (courtesy Time Inc.)

Spring is the perfect time to visit your local farm or orchard for some berry picking, a perfect outing for the whole family! Consider making it a competition with the prospect of unlimited gourmet jams.

Be sure to come prepared with a bunch of baskets or buckets, though, because the berries will surely pile up fast! As we can see in annual easter egg hunts, kids can certainly find something quickly if they have the right motivation.

When you get home, you can keep the outdoor family time going by getting everyone to help make yummy grilled dessert pizzas with the spoils of the day.

Wine Not Paint Together?

Evident in the popularity of “sips and strokes” art establishments, it is without a doubt that everyone has an inner Bob Ross. But who says it has to be an out-of-home experience? Make it a family affair! Or invite some friends over and make it a party for kids of all ages — including the young at heart.

Arteza offers a bulk box of 14 mini 4″x4″ painting canvases with easels included that can be purchased at WalMart or Amazon for under $30. Plenty to go around, and the perfect size for painting a May flower! Add a bulk order of inexpensive paintbrushes and acrylic paints, then pick up some paper plates to use for painting pallets, and you’re ready to go. All you need now is a couple of bottles of wine, some sparkling grape juice for the kiddos, and your garden for inspiration. Those who don’t want to participate in the painting can still join in the fun by filling glasses, grilling up some goodies for the artists, or judging the art show when the painting is done.

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Outdoor Living Trends and Ideas

outdoor living

According to the American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey in 2018, outdoor living spaces have consistently been the most popular special function spaces in American homes. This trend increased for 6 consecutive years through 2017, indicating that it continues to be in demand and may even become the standard, even in new construction. Wayne Visbeen, founder of Visbeen Architects in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, says 100 percent of the homes his firm designs throughout the U.S. include indoor-outdoor living. Outdoor living spaces could very well turn into features that are here to stay, just like open floor plans that connect living rooms and kitchens.

This article looks at the basic elements of outdoor spaces and will hopefully provide some inspiration for your own project!

Landscape Design Basics

Your landscape serves as the backbone and glue for everything else happening outside. By applying some basic principles, you can actually get away with a small amount of materials that have a dramatic impact. With a little planning, you can even complete the project in stages if you’d rather spread out the cost that may be required for larger spaces.

Connected “mini rooms”

Consider dividing your outdoor space into connected mini rooms, each with varying design treatments. This gives you more flexibility in having slightly different design approaches while reducing the chance of clashing

Interior viewpoints

Think about the view from inside your home when laying out your plan. Look out your windows to understand the lines of sight from within your home so you can keep less attractive things like portable grills or storage structures out of sight.

Exterior viewpoints

Walk the entire outdoor space as you plan your placement of items and consider what’s in the line of sight from other outdoor areas. This can provide surprising inspiration for colors and textures. For example, use the color of a distant tree’s foliage as a color in a much closer design element, whether it be a plant or a container.

Explore variation in colors and textures

Our eyes and senses like variety and interest which is why professional designers use a variety of colors and textures to please our eyes.

Here’s an article on the basics of landscape design that provides a detailed look at these topics.


Areas where you and your guests have to regularly walk will require special consideration to avoid costly redesigns and hazards. This includes areas like front walkways and areas immediately outside of exterior doors. These should be flat and stable and easy to keep clean and free of debris. These areas should also have adequate lighting, whether it’s from fixtures mounted on your home or path lights. You can get more adventurous with all kinds of materials in other less critical locations in your outdoor living areas.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.

Outdoor Structures and Rooms

Qualified Remodeler surveyed its readers and found that deck expansions had the most interest from homeowners out of all outdoor remodeling projects. Think about expanding your existing deck or consider an add-on room or stand-alone structure in your yard if your space and budget permit. Covered outdoor rooms are a great way to extend your living space outdoors and offer greater protection from the elements. Mixing up indoor and outdoor design treatments opens a lot of fun and creative options. Even reclaimed materials you may have lying around can take on a new life and help transform your outdoor living spaces.

Check out this great collection of outdoor room ideas from Sunset Magazine.

Outdoor Kitchens

A recent Home Design Trends Survey by the The American Institute of Architects revealed that outdoor cooking spaces were at the top top the most-wanted list in the kitchen and bath category. There are lots of design considerations and material choices for outdoor kitchens and your budget should be the first thing to consider. This will help narrow down the scope of your project and your choices for materials. Your project scope will also determine lighting, electrical outlets, audio/visual equipment, internet connectivity, gas lines, countertops, cabinets, seating and more.

Better Homes & Gardens collected some great outdoor kitchen ideas here if you’re considering an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Cooking Stations

A good alternative to creating a full-blown outdoor kitchen is to dedicate a portion of your outdoor area for an outdoor cooking station. This usually includes a grill of some kind and maybe even an outdoor oven and it’s is a really good solution to reduce the cost and required space and there are so many exciting and creative options!

Here are some beautiful and creative outdoor cooking stations from DigsDigs that will give you some ideas.

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NALP ‘Top 5’ 2019 Outdoor Living Trends: Bringing the Indoors Outside

outdoor living

A recent National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) survey reveals the top outdoor design trends that will influence the design and maintenance of backyards across America in the year ahead. As outdoor design continues to focus on functional spaces that bring the indoors out, homeowners are turning to their backyards as an extension of the home and truly enjoy using their space.

These outdoor living trends for 2019 show that homeowners and design innovation are transforming the backyard from a simple patio into a functional outdoor oasis. For inspiration on transforming your space visit our inspirational outdoor design Pinterest boards or go to Belgard.com/inspiration. To find a qualified contractor near you, visit our contractor locator page.

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Dixieline Lumber & Home Centers | Get Ready for Outdoor Living! | Click to download full ad – Dixieline Lumber & Home Centers

outdoor living

Dixieline Lumber supplies building materials, lumber, engineered wood, millwork, tools, hardware, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, paint, and kitchen & bath design to builders, contractors, and homeowners from 9 home center/lumber yards in Southern California. Dixieline also operates separate truss manufacturing facilities and lumber distribution centers catering to large production builders throughout Southern California.

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Our Outdoor Living Space + Article to the Rescue! • One Lovely Life

outdoor living

Our Outdoor Living Space – After hemming and hawing for a year, we found the PERFECT outdoor furniture to create a cozy outdoor living room we LOVE with Article.
This post is written in partnership with Article . All opinions are my own.
I’ve been BURSTING to share our latest home update with you! Grab a drink, don your sunglasses, and let’s jump in!
One of the biggest draws to this home was its open floorplan. You can see a glimpse of it  here , where the kitchen, living room, and dining area are all open and connected. It creates a light, open feel that’s so refreshing after years of small, dark apartments and rentals. The other element of an open layout we LOVE is that the living room has a 12 foot sliding door that opens all the way, extending the living room outside.
We’ve always envisioned being able to style the backyard as an extension of the living spaces inside, especially because you can see outside through that sliding door anytime you’re in the open living space.
When we bought the home, the backyard was a cement patio and dirt. Last January, after over a year of saving and planning, we landscaped the backyard. There was a HUGE difference in the feel of the house. Looking out and seeing green space, travertine, trees, plants, and flowers instead of dirt and cement makes a HUGE difference!
We had big plans to finish the outdoor spaces off with furniture and twinkle lights shortly after we landscaped. And then we couldn’t find any outdoor furniture that felt like US. We wanted whatever we bought outside to have the same feel as what we use inside, since, visually, the outdoor spaces are an extension of the open living space inside.
Enter: Article!
Article’s New Outdoor Collection
I was already in love with Article’s interior pieces–their Sven sofas are my FAVORITE (see why I love them here ), and they just launched their new outdoor collections .
I’m. In. Love.
First, they have a helpful design quiz to help you choose an outdoor style that fits what you’re looking for. Then, they’ve curated three main outdoor collections– Garden Scandi , Industrial Pop , and Boho Patio .  I love that you can mix and match pieces in each collection to design a cohesive look that’s unique to you. There are plenty of choices within each collection, so no two spaces need to be the same!
There are GORGEOUS pieces from every collection (seriously, go look ! ), but the Garden Scandi collection felt like the perfect extension of what we love inside. The pieces are a beautiful blend of neutral colors, clean lines, and natural materials–everything we love inside, too!
What Pieces We Chose From Article’s Garden Scandi
Outdoor  Collection
PALO PALOMA GRAY SOFAS. The Palo Paloma Gray Sofas  we chose are perfect. They are lightweight enough that I can move them around when I want to rearrange things, but sturdy enough to hold up to some extra love from my busy, bustling children. The grey is GORGEOUS, and the perfect backdrop for all sorts of accessories. I also love that the Palo Paloma Gray Sofas are a bit wider than many “loveseat” style sofas you see, which means they’re roomy enough to squeeze two adults and a child or two at a time, or have plenty of room to kick back and relax on your own. This style also comes in a gorgeous larger sectional sofa , if you’re looking for something larger, and even come in a really chic dark charcoal color , too.
(I also loved that the sofas came with furniture covers, so we can easily keep them protected when the monsoon season hits later this summer, or store them when we’re not using them–woot!)
ELEYA CERA GRAY LOUNGE CHAIRS. To round out the look, we ordered 2 of the Eleya Cera Gray Lounge Chairs . They’re structured enough to provide lots of support, but roomy and padded enough to be cozy for a long evening outside or a cuddle with Milo or Sophie while we read a book. The grey matches the sofas beautifully, and the white metal frame keeps things light and fresh. I LOVE the teak wood detail in the arms that grounds the piece and ties it in with our coffee table. They also come in a gorgeous rocking chair option that I seriously considered. (So chic!)
LATTA COFFEE TABLE IN BEACH SAND. Speaking of which, we ordered the Latta Beach Sand Coffee Table for drinks, games, and food. It’s the perfect place to set down your book, set up a board game, or lay out the snacks or treats. You could tie things together in another area with their pretty Latta dining table , too!
(PS – If you ordered the darker sofas, you may prefer the darker slate gray Latta coffee table . It’s gorgeous!) 
More to Love About Article’s Outdoor Collection:
MIX & MATCH TO CREATE YOUR OWN LOOK. Since all the pieces are from the same collection, they can be easily combined to create a coordinated (but not too matchy-matchy!) look. I love the blend of clean lines, the elements of natural look wood, and the neutral colors that feel restful and light. Everything looks gorgeous! And, within our Garden Scandi collection, we could have easily added in things like these breezy lounge chairs , colorful side tables , or a sleek, sophisticated rocker .
WEATHER RESISTANT MATERIALS AND EASY CARE. On our pieces, all the upholstery is wipe-able, the metals have a weather resistant powdered coating, and the wood is made to last. I love that all the cushions on our sofas and chairs are removable, so we can wipe everything down as needed. Plus, the sofas even came with covers, which makes them easy to keep clean and cared for.
ONLINE FURNITURE SHOPPING MADE EASY . The *last* thing I want to do on the weekend, is to schlep everyone around from store to store, and Article makes it easy to shop online worry-free. They have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee , so you can try the items in your home with confidence. Plus, the prices stay lower because there’s no showroom markup!
FREE SHIPPING & EASY RETURNS. I love that Article goes the extra mile, with flat rate shipping on orders less than $999 and free shipping on orders over $999. Plus, if you change your mind within 30 days, you can return everything easily. The return policy is great–they’ll pick up and refund your items if you change your mind, minus a delivery/pick-up charge (which is about $49 in most cases).
We LOVE what we came up with and really feel like our outdoor space is finally put together!
And, if you need us, we’re probably outside. Thank you, Article!

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Sean Collinsgru, Owner of Premier Outdoor Living Is Sold on CAMO® EdgeClips and CAMO DRIVE

outdoor living

Sean Collinsgru, founder of Premier Outdoor Living, LLC of Palmyra, NJ saves more than a day and a half in labor thanks to new CAMO Drive and EdgeClips, despite weather and Inspection delays.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (PRWEB) August 16, 2019

Sean Collinsgru, founder of Premier Outdoor Living, LLC, in Palmyra, NJ, 10 minutes from Cherry Hill, is a self-proclaimed skeptic who expects to see proven real-life results. He recently wrapped up a deck project plagued by heavy downpours and inspection back-ups right on time thanks to the CAMO® DRIVE™ stand-up tool and CAMO EdgeClips™.

“I am a skeptic no more,” said Collinsgru, who was fed up after years of deck clip systems not working. That changed after he revved up the CAMO DRIVE tool for the first time to drive in the lined-up EdgeClips which uniquely hug the groove and joist. “I yelled out, oh my gosh this thing really works! I am super impressed,” said Collinsgru. See his reaction here

He speedily went up and down the Deckorators grooved boards, and “zoot zoot– drove them in without kneeling or bending–a game-changer.” He estimates it saved him half a day on deck board installation alone. “It took five minutes to line up about six boards with the EdgeClips,” he noted. Thanks to the extreme time-savings, Premier can move on to their next deck project and build more decks during the season.

According to Collinsgru, Deckorators and the new CAMO systems work like hand and glove. The grooves on Deckorators’ boards are a bit narrower than most, but the gusset on the EdgeClip grips the board tightly and doesn’t slip or ping away like most clips systems. Deckorators recently added CAMO EdgeClips to their approved list of fasteners.

Collinsgru said he only offers fastener-free deck surfaces to his customers, and EdgeClips are the long-awaited answer to the issues with clips. He looks forward to trying the new CAMO Starter Clips for perimeter boards, to eliminate face fastening on the first, last, and outer boards.

Throughout the South Jersey and Philadelphia suburbs, Premier specializes in decks, patios, and landscaping that reflect homeowners’ styles and the way they live. Collinsgru and his crew continue to rely on CAMO to ensure the highest quality work and to get it done in a timeframe that pleases customers. “I was very impressed with how EdgeClips grasped onto the joist, making it really easy to just keep going. I can’t do it with any other clip system. There’s a lot of engineering and creativity behind these products, and we’re in for the long haul,” said Collinsgru.

About CAMO

CAMO exists to provide the best deck fastening installation experience for hard-working folks who take pride in their work and value their wallet. That’s you. Whether you install decks for a living, offer to help build them with a buddy, or maybe build just one in your lifetime, CAMO products are engineered to save you time and ensure your work looks and performs as you expect it should. CAMO® Deck Responsibly™.    

For more information or to locate a dealer, visit camofasteners.com or call 1-800-968-6245. Be sure to “Like” @ camofasteners on Facebook and @camodeckfasteners on Instagram. Search CAMO Fasteners on YouTube to find our channel or check us out on Pinterest. To learn more about the CAMO EdgeClip and EdgeXClip, visit http://www.camofasteners.com/clips.

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3 Design Tips for Inviting Outdoor Living Spaces

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Create alluring outdoor Senior Living spaces with engaging design and fresh furnishings! Appealing outdoor spaces not only expose residents to mood-boosting fresh air and sunshine, but they can help the community promote socialization as well.

Senior Living communities often create robust outdoor activity plans to involve residents, so designing a space that accommodates these activities will help keep residents active and thriving. Consider spaces for outdoor games, lounges and dining activities that will inspire residents to go outside.

Here are a few design tips that will help communities get residents outdoors:

Infuse fresh furnishings

Incorporating outdoor furnishings made for seniors is key. There’s nothing like sitting around a fire on a beautiful summer night, but a gas fire table that has extra safety features makes the experience Senior Living-friendly. Gas fire tables are an excellent choice because they’re easier for the community to maintain and don’t produce smoke that can cause breathing issues. Best suited for environments with independent seniors, fire pits can help foster community.

Including dedicated space for cornhole bags, a putting green, game tables and other lawn games in your design are all fun ways for a community to engage residents. The key to making them ideal for Senior Living is adding seating nearby so residents can rest in between turns. Positioning the games near a lounge area offers residents the option to take part or watch the activities.

Think outside the box

Consider how communities will want to mix up the regular routine by moving activities outdoors! Taking meals outside is easy when there’s a dedicated outdoor dining space with an appealing design. Add a pergola to the dining area for shade, or incorporate a grill or pizza oven for a fun dining experience.

Communities also offer health and wellness classes outside. Whether it’s a walking group, therapy or tai chi class, exercising outside changes up the routine while allowing residents to benefit from fresh air and sunshine. Designing a walking path around the property can encourage exercise, while adding benches and shade structures offers residents a place to rest along the route.

Appeal to residents who love gardening with a community garden. Caring for plants is a great way for residents to get outdoors. Make the space ideal for seniors by adding benches and standing gardens, which reduce the need to bend or stoop.

Make room for the surrounding neighborhood

Some Senior Living communities will invite the surrounding neighborhood to special events to encourage socialization. Whether it’s an outdoor concert complete with speakers and easy-to-move chairs or an outdoor movie with a sheet as the screen and popcorn machine, residents will enjoy the special event and interacting with members of the neighborhood. It’s important to learn which activities the community will host so you can design accordingly.

Create an amenity space that the resident’s entire family is excited to visit by adding a playground. It’s a fun way for grandkids to run around while grandparents watch. Or consider designing a dog park for four-legged friends. Not only will residents enjoy watching the pups play, but inviting neighbors to bring their dogs to the park promotes connection to the local area.

Designing an appealing outdoor living space doesn’t have to be difficult. Implementing a few fresh furnishings and ideas can transform how a community uses the outdoors. When planning your design, order furnishings at least a couple months in advance so they arrive in time for residents to enjoy all season.     

For more design tips, check out how to create attractive rehabilitation gyms or contact us today to start your Senior Living project.

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Outdoor Living | Homemakers Blog | Hm etc.

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Enjoy outdoor living at it’s finest this summer with help from Hm etc.! Browse posts to help you find the outdoor furniture that works for your space. Prep for outdoor entertainment with our ideas for summer holidays and outdoor parties!

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Pergola Plans for Your Outdoor Living Space

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Everyone has their own idea of the perfect outdoor living space. If your plan includes a pergola, picture yourself lounging on a comfy sofa under a beautiful patio cover to transform your space into a relaxing retreat. Build in a pergola and you’ll find that your design is both functional and enchanting. A garden feature that dates back to Ancient Greeks and Romans, the pergola is an outdoor structure that makes your patio an inviting haven.

As you review your pergola plans, jot down some measurements for the area you want to be covered with the pergola. Think about how much filtered light you’d like to adorn your patio, the style and finishes you’d like, then compare that with the features of our wood pergola kits. You’ll be well on your way to enhancing your outdoor living space.

Features to Consider for Your Pergola Plans

Imagine the perfect picture for enjoying your new outdoor living space with friends and family. What comes to mind when you think of adding some shade and structure in that picture? Is a sturdy, more permanent structure appealing? If so, a pergola is a great way to expand the use of your living space. Read on, and these common questions can help you with your plans to include a pergola in your new patio!

How much patio shade do I need?

The style you choose depends on how much light you’d like filtering through your pergola to your patio. Described below, the Big Kahuna pergola kit offers the most patio coverage. There is a range of patio coverage with each pergola style.

Attached Pergola Kits - Plans for Attached PergolasDo I want my structure attached to a house or other building?

Attached pergola kits can create a room that extends right out your back door. Freestanding pergola kits also offer that feature  but can also be built in a location further away from your home.

How much space do I need for my patio furniture?

If you’re planning to entertain large groups or would just like to have enough space to comfortably move around under your patio cover, you can opt for a large pergola ranging between 17×17 up to 20×20. If you prefer a small or medium size, there are sizes ranging from 8×8 up to 20×20, as well as custom pergolas that can be built to fit in any space.

Will I have an outdoor kitchen area for cooking and should I plan to have it covered?

Even if your outdoor kitchen plans consist of simply rolling your Weber Grill out for cookouts, you’ll want to take measurements to factor that in to your pergola measurements. If you’re not sure how to measure for a pergola, a good rule of thumb is to start with the measurement of your patio (existing or to be built), and then determine how much space is required for the furniture or BBQ area.

There are other factors to consider, but these will get you pointed in the right direction. Our Guide to Choosing a Pergola is a helpful resource, as well as How to Measure for a Pergola as you develop your patio design.

Next we’ll talk about the highlights of each of our pergola styles and some typical uses for each pergola to see how that fits with your pergola plans.

Typical Uses for Each Pergola Style

We build 5 styles of pergola kits. Three of the pergola styles are full-size pergolas that can be built in freestanding or attached. Our full-size pergola kits (Big Kahuna, Sombrero, and Fedora) are typically chosen for patio covers, outdoor kitchens, carports, or poolside shade. They’re offered in standard sizes ranging from 8’x8’ all the way up to our large 20×20 pergolas. Any custom size can be built, and we’re available to assist you in measuring for a custom pergola.

In addition to our full-size pergolas, we also build the Visor pergola kit and the Brim pergola kit. The Brim is available only in freestanding and the Visor is available only in attached. This snapshot of each style will guide you in tackling your pergola plans and completing your outdoor living space today!

Patio Pergola Plans Full Coverage PergolaBig Kahuna Pergola Kit. The Big Kahuna pergola kit is a classically designed pergola built for creating a shaded area over your outdoor patio. The pergola is a gorgeous wood structure that adds appeal to any backyard. Once assembled, you can add accessories such as hanging plants, string lights, or curtains. Since the Big Kahuna is built to stand up to hurricane force winds, it’s an excellent and sturdy choice to complete your patio design. You can also opt to make this style pergola solar ready. We’ll configure it so that it’s ready to attach solar panels (solar panels not included). Top uses for the Big Kahuna pergola include:

  • Patio cover next to your pool;
  • Covered parking area or carport;
  • Outdoor kitchen;
  • Outdoor living room coverage;
  • Solar patio cover configured to be used to mount solar panels for various solar projects.

Pergola Plans Medium Coverage Pergolas - Sombrero PergolasSombrero Pergola Kit. The Sombrero Pergola Kit is very similar to our Big Kahuna design. The difference is that the Sombrero has half the # of rafters and half the # of top slats. This equates to an equally beautiful pergola to the Big Kahuna, but built to filter in more light. The uses range from outdoor BBQ station cover to backyard retreat. If your pergola plans include a patio cover that provides medium sun coverage, the Sombrero is the one. You can even add a hammock to relax while you watch the sunset from your patio pergola!

Fedora Pergola Kit. The Fedora Pergola Kit follows our high standard of quality and style. For pergola plans that require a more open design, the Fedora is a match! Built to last, our stylish Fedora pergola has a taller, un-notched roofing system that completes your patio design for many uses. This pergola works as a cover over any outdoor seating area next to your pool or any size yard. Add hanging plants, curtains, or lights to make your pergola sparkle – or leave it as is to admire the beautiful wood grain of our western red cedar or southern yellow pine. Do your plans include attaching the pergola to the house? You can order the Fedora as an attached pergola kit or freestanding.

Brim Pergola Kit. The Brim Pergola Kit works well as a border in your garden or along your patio or walkway. Typical uses for Brim pergolas are to create trellis for trailing or vining plants, a pergola arbor, or a plant hanger to display your favorite blooming plants. Other pergola ideas using our Brim include hanging string lights for seasonal decorations or a border for your patio pavers. Typical uses for Brim pergola kits include:

  • Garden border
  • Pergola arbor
  • Trellis for vining plants
  • Plant hanger

Visor Pergola Kit. Our awning style pergola kit, the Visor can provide shade above door openings or windows, and adds a decorative feature to your home’s exterior. Typical uses for Visor pergola kits include:

  • Awning
  • Plant hanger
  • Decorative feature

How to Incorporate a Pergola into Your Patio Design

If you don’t know how to build a pergola, one of the best ways to incorporate this classic patio cover into your design is to purchase a pergola kit. Ours are built so that you can assemble it yourself with a couple helpers in a weekend. Or you can hire your favorite contractor to give you a hand with the installation. Either way, you’ll be able to turn your dream pergola plans into a reality with a quality pergola kit from Pergola Depot!

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