Choosing the Best Replacement Windows for Texas Homes

New windows can provide great energy efficiency benefits for your home, assuming you purchase the right models for where you live. For instance, homes in warm climates will have different needs than homes in cold climates. If you own a home in Texas, therefore, you’ll want to be sure that the new windows you’re investing in are designed for a warmer climate. Otherwise, you could overspend on windows that are decked out with additional features intended for a colder climate and that won’t necessarily benefit your home.

Replacement Window Features That Work Best for Texas Homes

When shopping for replacement windows for your home in Dallas, San Antonio, or elsewhere in Texas, look for the following features:

  • Glass that is insulated on the outside – Given the nearly year-round warm temperatures of the region, it makes more sense for the glass inside your windows to be insulated on the outside so that it reflects the heat away from your home. Glass that is insulated on the inside, conversely, works better for colder climates as it keeps heat inside the home.
  • Double panes of glass – A great way to improve insulation is with multiple panes of glass. However, in Texas, there really isn’t a need for more than two panes of glass. Triple-pane windows are great for cold climates, but for Texas homes, two panes will suffice, so there’s no need to overspend on anything more.
  • Moisture-resistant features – New replacement windows should not only boost your home’s energy efficiency, they should also prevent any moisture from leaking in. Considering the rainy season in Texas, you’ll want to make sure your new windows are capable of preventing all that moisture from entering your home.

Beldon® – The Premier Window Specialist Serving the Great State of Texas

If you have questions about which replacement windows will work best for your Texas home, just reach out to Beldon. We install energy-efficient windows with double panes of insulated glass and frames that contain internal chambers, all of which work together to keep the heat out and lessen the workload of your HVAC system, potentially reducing your monthly energy bills. Plus, our windows have a sloped sill that diverts water runoff, protecting your home from moisture infiltration. To speak with a representative about how our replacement windows can improve your home, contact Beldon today.

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