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I don’t know about you, but every week that goes by during this COVID-19 pandemic seems like a month. Last week (feels like last month), I was thinking about what folks might do to enhance their lives if they felt like taking on a kitchen remodel was just too much at this time. What could be done to your home so you could enjoy life more while you’re stuck with the people that you already have to live with 24/7? Why not invest in an OUTDOOR kitchen?

Folks, it’s spring, and it’s beautiful, and we live in South Carolina, and most of us are blessed enough to have our basic needs met. Why not splurge a little and go for extending your living space into the great outdoors? You’ll enjoy it even when the coronavirus news subsides. More than that, you can keep your interior kitchen tidier just by moving some of the mess outside. Today’s outdoor kitchens have their own family of products rated for outdoor use, such as under-counter refrigerators, cabinets made of durable materials that will not rust or fade when exposed to the elements, and sinks that make food prep and cleanup simple. The scale of your outdoor kitchen can be large or small, and can vary widely in style.

Can you imagine making the moments count on a pleasant evening? Light some lanterns. Pour some wine. Enjoy the experience with your loved ones in your new outdoor kitchen.

Joel R. Linn, Principal Designer

Forest Kitchen Design Studio

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