Hardwood Flooring May Be Impractical %

Hardwood flooring has an incredible aesthetic appeal. It is durable and has the warmest look when placed throughout the house. It doesn’t even begin to compare to vinyl or tile, however, it is not practical flooring for the kitchen. While hardwood floors are great, they are not made to withstand water damage quite like other flooring options. If it is placed in the kitchen beneath the cabinets everything has to be removed to fix the damage and replace it. This can be time-consuming and costly to the homeowner.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wood flooring can buckle if an icemaker or dishwasher leaks onto the floor.
  • Hardwood flooring may be impractical in a kitchen due to potential water damage from appliances.
  • Damaged boards under cabinets must be removed and replaced.

But today I’m sharing my tale of woe regarding my hardwood floors, specifically in my kitchen.”

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