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Following the economic turmoil of the late 2000s, it is refreshing to see a rebirth in domestic manufacturing across a wide variety of industries.

While many outdoor furniture suppliers have moved their manufacturing out of the United States, there continue to be a number of excellent manufacturers, like Homecrest Outdoor Living, who are committed to making furniture in the United States using American materials and employing talented and hard-working American citizens.

There are some real benefits to patio furniture shoppers when they choose to buy American.

Reason #1: The Specialty Store Shopping Experience

American-made outdoor furniture manufacturers normally sell through authorized specialty retailers who specialize in high-quality custom products while offering outstanding service. These shops are usually owned and operated by families in our hometowns, and they take great care to offer both a product selection and a consumer experience that is uniquely different from what you’ll find at the mass merchants.

Besides the great economic benefits that come with shopping local and investing into our communities, shopping in a specialty store really is a treat. One of the best parts about buying American-made outdoor furniture at a specialty store is that you really can order just about anything you can dream up, in any color and configuration that suits your space.

Reason #2: Custom Ordering for American-Made Outdoor Furniture

High-end outdoor furniture manufacturers pride themselves in producing made-to-order furniture in reasonably short lead times (the best companies tend to run at four weeks or less). These suppliers offer a full complement of patio furniture options, from dining and deep seating furniture to unique tables, fire pits and accessories. The best part is, every item these suppliers sell is typically available in a myriad of frame color and fabric options, tailor-made to your specifications.

Since the furniture is made from American materials by American people at an American facility, there aren’t any of the challenges that come with buying furniture made by an offshore furniture manufacturer. You’re not going to find that a table is back-ordered because it didn’t ship on the last container from China or that the extra chair that you ordered won’t be in for 14 weeks because the warehouse is out of stock. When you place a patio furniture order with an American manufacturer like Homecrest, the company will already have the materials on hand and have systems in place to make sure every piece you’ve ordered is tailored to your exact specifications.

Reason #3: Easy Post-Purchase Care

Almost everyone has had or has known someone who has had a miserable “tail-light” warranty experience with an import product from a mass merchant. When it comes to furniture, even if there is a one-year warranty on a set that came from offshore:

1) It’s going to be difficult to get service.

2) That warranty won’t cover freight from overseas, which likely costs more than the replacement value of the chair!

When you buy a set of American-made outdoor furniture, not only are you going to have a great warranty, but you’ll have the care of both the specialty store you bought the set from, as well as the supplier, as long as you own the furniture. Whether you’re looking to add on a couple of pieces a few years down the road, or if you need some touch-up paint or replacement cushions, you’re going to be taken care of years after you’ve made your purchase!

When it comes to American-made outdoor furniture, Homecrest has you covered!

All Homecrest outdoor patio furniture products are proudly manufactured in the United States and offers specialty, seasonal and furniture retailers across North America. 

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