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Multi-Level Outdoor Living Spaces to Inspire Your Landscaping Ideas in Glen Cove, NY

While some homeowners may view a sloped backyard as a burden, others view it as an asset. All that is required to harness the dramatic potential of a hillside landscape in Glen Cove, NY, is a well-planned landscape design that makes the uneven land accessible. Homeowners without sloped landscapes are tasked with figuring out ways to add depth and dimension to their backyards, such as by adding platforms, walls, and other vertical structures. Here are a few multi-level patio projects, undertaken by contractors in New York, to inspire your growing list of landscaping ideas.

This grand outdoor living space is complete with a relaxing poolside, covered outdoor kitchen, and dining area. However, it is made even more elaborate by the addition of a raised pathway and rounded stairs that descend onto the patio. Copthorne pavers from Unilock are featured predominantly throughout the project in a blend of three rich shades. The Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, and Old Oak shades all serve to deepen the color palette of this outdoor living design and contrast the cool blue hues that fill the pool.

Brussels Block in the light Sandstone color variation has been used to frame this entire living space and emphasize the presence of the stout stairway. When planning a multi-level landscape, it is important to connect various levels effectively using steps and walkways. This will ensure that the landscape looks and feels continuous and cohesive despite its segmented design. Pairing Brussels Dimensional System in the same Sandstone shade with Copthorne banding also ensures that the vertical components of the design, such as the outdoor kitchen and retaining walls, are visually continuous with the rest of the hardscape.

This Tuscan-style patio offers the epitome of luxury al fresco dining. The sandy Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers used throughout the hardscape pairs beautifully with any vibrant greenery nearby. A slightly darker shade of the same paver was used to demarcate individual outdoor rooms, keeping the paver selection simple and elegant.

Two sets of curved walls were constructed to enclose the dining area, and the grill was perched on a platform that overlooks the rest of the landscape. Estate Wall from Unilock was used to construct walls with a classic, weathered finish and elegant appearance. This aesthetic is complemented by the addition of a characterful lantern near the grill. Unilock offers both sleek and textured wall units for which vertical structures of any style can be constructed.

Retaining walls, and the terraces they create, are a staple component of any multi-level landscape design. This project showcases how they can be used to create terraced planters that can be filled with color and greenery. Plants add further texture and personality to any outdoor living space and are invaluable in elaborate multi-level designs.

When you’re contemplating a variety of landscaping ideas, know that there are various vertical components that may be used to accentuate the dimensions of a multi-level landscape design, such as trellises and living walls. Trellises look particularly charming in rustic settings and can be covered with climbing vines to create a screen that enhances your privacy in your landscape design.

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