Nirau House: Outdoor Living Coupled with Smart, Green Design

outdoor living

When you live in a city where you can enjoy the weather outside almost all year long, it does makes sense to design a home that seamlessly blends the interior with the outdoors. Nestled in a lovely little neighborhood of Mexico City , the Nirau House designed by Paul Cremoux Studio is a wonderful example of a flowing design where the exterior and interior become one. A large wooden deck terrace that sits right outside the open living area becomes the heart of this energy-efficient Mexican home where smart corner windows and sliding glass doors create a fabulous indoor-outdoor interplay.
The lower-level living area of the house seems a lot larger than it really is, as it flows into the outdoor social zone that is surrounded by a blanket of greenery. On the inside one sees a neutral color scheme, with skylights and large windows bringing in an abundance of sunlight, adding to the cheerful ambiance. A sculptural staircase that leads to the top floor is surrounded by a wall of books, with the vertical space on offer being utilized completely.
Despite its seemingly unassuming appearance, this ingenious home does all it can to keep energy consumption down to a bare minimum, with the architects estimating no more than $15 worth of electricity and natural gas being utilized each month by the homeowners. Cutting back on its carbon footprint by utilizing passive cooling techniques, a rainwater filtering system further enhances the green credentials of this ergonomic residence.
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