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Hardwood Flooring

Lights are up in our main level living room remodel and our flooring is officially done too. We’re rocking and rolling now! 

Here’s what life in our house has looked like recently, minus the light, which we just got that hung this past week too.  Up until this point we hadn’t had time to lay our engineered hardwood flooring because, you know, we have littles, so we covered all of the concrete and sheetrock dust with paper to try to maintain a little bit of a cleaner construction site. 

Once we were ready to roll we rolled up the paper and rolled down this underlayment, which is the first step to laying any engineered hardwood flooring. 

We also have a full How to Lay Hardwood Flooring tutorial for you here. We laid this same flooring, the same design which was Lambrusco by Urban Floor when we renovated our kitchen last year. This living room is right off of our kitchen that used to be divided by a railing. But when we renovated the kitchen we removed the railing and instead made one long step down into our living room. One of the best decisions we made because it opened up the space so much and made it feel a lot more welcoming.

We contemplated on whether we should replace our former carpet with carpet again or do hardwood but in the end, we decided on hardwood because of the high traffic area that it is, being right off of our mudroom. And the fact that we have two little dudes who literally ruined our carpet with poop, food, cereal, and muddy stains.

So we said goodbye to our carpet and are already loving our decision of laying engineered hardwood flooring. 



Lambrusco from Urban Floor is a European style that brings in natural light while still maintaining those creamy hues. Each plank is extra-long and 7.5″ wide, and are wire-brushed to give additional texture, color, and charm. 

When we shared this on Instagram stories we kept getting ask what was up with the tape?! While in our kitchen we stapled our boards down, here in our living room we glued. So it was to hold the glue in place until it dried. We removed the tape 24 hours later. We glued down our living room because we needed the boards to float since they’re on a concrete slab whereas our kitchen is on sub-floor plywood so it could be stapled down.

Even with the tape on, our home already looks so great and so different! We couldn’t love it more. Excited to continue to share with you how this area is coming together. Next up, we’re bringing our fireplace out, flush with the walls we framed in and we can get to tiling. Then Jamie is making a couple of benches and floating shelves for the sides of the fireplace. We still haven’t decided 100% on what tile we’re going to go with but one thing Jamie knows for sure, he wants to do creative wood paneling above the mantle and maybe even on the sides. I’m excited to see what he’s scheming up in that creative mind of his. 

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