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When you think of your outdoor living space, do you envision a few lounge chairs and a grill scattered across the patio? The fact is, modern outdoor living at its best embodies all of the style, comfort and joy of indoor living, with the added benefits of a natural setting and fresh air. In 2018, the concept of outdoor living gets an exciting overhaul, with a variety of new trends that are sure to make your outdoor living space vibrant and inviting.

Tickled Pink (and Green and Yellow and Red)

Want to revitalize your outdoor space in a vibrant way? Going all in with splashes of color can get the job done. Create a centerpiece for your deck or patio with a dining set that features chairs in different colors, like green, yellow and red. Mix and match lounge chairs, pairing complementary colors like cactus and plum to stunning visual effect. And by all means, go to town on the pillows. Decorate your lounge furniture with pillows of all colors, stripes and geometrics. Something to keep in mind is that vibrant colors like yellow and pink really pop against the natural greenery of your outdoor environment, so take advantage.

Outdoor Breeze Anytime

Perhaps one of the most popular trends of 2018 is the addition of an outdoor ceiling fan–the ultimate way to bring indoor comforts to your outside world. All it takes is a covered deck or patio, and with the installation of a damp or wet location rated ceiling fan, you can stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days. Know that ceiling fans are smarter, sleeker and quieter than ever before, and they’re being made to blend seamlessly within your patio or porch environment. Selecting a fan with wood blades in a distressed finish like barn wood will match rustic outdoor environments with ease.

Let There Be Light

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking any old light, but rather indoor-quality lighting for the outdoors that serve as high-quality task, ambient and accent lighting. Lit correctly, your outdoor space can set the mood for bright dining, dark lounging or anywhere in-between.

In 2018, we’re seeing an exciting new trend of pendants that serve both as decorative accents and provide better visibility at night. Such suspended lights are perfect for porches, gardens and outdoor dining. String lights are sturdier, more outdoor-friendly and longer lasting than ever before. We also love the latest portable outdoor floor lamps, as their versatility allows you to quickly transform your deck or patio into a living room-like space.

Enhanced Outdoor Furniture

Let’s face it, it’s really hard to get comfy and relax when you’re sitting on weather-beaten wicker furniture. The fact is, there’s no reason you can’t have indoor-quality furniture outdoors, and that’s exactly what many outdoor furniture manufacturers are delivering now. You’ll find a variety of fully upholstered outdoor sofas that feature soft, durable and weather-resistant fabric. You’ll also find traditional materials, like teak and wrought iron, done in a more modern and refined style that further gives the feel of indoor quality. Ultimately, it’s a trend that allows you to organically extend the look and feel of your home’s interior to the outside world with ease and style.

Light Your Fire

There’s no doubt that, when it comes to our home environment, we’re all fascinated with outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. And for good reason. They’re at once a focal point, a gathering spot and a source of warmth on chilly evenings. As more people want the campfire experience in their backyard, this year you’ll see more fire pits built into the lawn and surrounded by lounge chairs. You’ll also see flames centered in the middle of a table. Both elegant and functional, fire tables provide ample table space for entertaining all while keeping your guests warm.

As you look to design from scratch or revitalize your existing outdoor living space, allow these easy-to-incorporate trends to guide your choices, and enjoy a stylish summer.

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