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Isn’t it great that June is finally here?? Since we’ve had those long weekends in May here in Spain, I have been in a major summer mood and just can’t wait for it to start. So I’m excited that I’ve got my coastal summer patio ready. Finally. It took me a while to get it all set up, but now it is finally finished and I am so glad! I’m extra excited, because my friends are joining me today, so you will get extra inspiration at the end of this post. Make sure to ckeck out all the other outdoor spaces as well!

Well, I have to say, our patio didn’t change a lot from last year. We are actually house hunting, so we might be moving. I know I shared here that we were going to buy this house that we’ve been living in for the past 4 years. But a while back already, the owner changed his mind about selling it. So here we are,  still renting it and therefore those changes that we really wanted to make to it, didn’t happen.

A big idea of ours was, to enclose our patio. Make a sun room that you can fully open in the summer, but still use in the winter as well. We had a million other ideas that we wanted to get started, but hey, I’m sure it was just not meant to be in this house.

Anyways, I thought we would be out of this house already by this time. But we just can’t find anything we really feel could be ours right now. So here we are. Trying to make the best out of this rental without spending a ton of money.

Coastal Summer Patio

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So have a look at my coastal summer patio! We live a couple of minutes away from the beach and so it feels only natural to have a beach-y relaxed theme going on here.

We bought this outdoor sofa set about three years ago and I just love it! I normally prefer lighter tones, but I have to say, grey tones are just great for outdoors as they are easier to keep clean.

I used lot’s of blues and different patterns that work well together. At first I wasn’t sure about the grey curtains behind the sofa, because it looks a little too grey. But we do need the shade and they provide that perfectly.

Lot’s of plants, baskets and shells add a tropical touch to it all.

You can see my potting bench in the back. I change it up all the time and it’s just a great addition to the patio.

This is the back part of the terrace. It is too small for our outdoor dining table and chairs, so it is just another relax/chill zone for us.  I ordered this hammock and added some pillows and a throw and it is the perfect spot to have a nap!

And the bunnies are a big part of it all as well as you can see. Our Blanco just fits right in and found his favourite spot!

Well, my patio tour is done here, but below are the links that will take you to my friends blogs and their outdoor spaces! Enjoy & Thank you for stopping by today!

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