Outdoor Living That Feels Like A Vacation

outdoor living

Backyards, pools, and patios that are styled after resorts are becoming a popular choice for custom home clients. According to U.S. Real Estate News editor, Devon Thorsby, “Homebuilders, residential architects, and landscape construction specialists are seeing more and more homeowners looking to include outdoor living – or better yet, a design that allows for flowing indoor-outdoor living space – in their home design.”

Outdoor living

For many homeowners, being able to enjoy the exterior of the home is equally as important as the interior. In the custom-home industry, our clients desire luxury and ease of living. Their outdoor living spaces pull in aspects from resorts they have visited, or beautiful vacations they have taken. With resort-style pools, luxury outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and water features, these backyards become a vacation right at home.

Let’s Talk Food

The key to designing any space is personalization, and this especially rings true with outdoor kitchens. Plan with your tastes and preferences in mind, as well as how many people you would entertain and what kind of food you like to serve your guests. If you like to grill, make that a priority in the kitchen space. Maybe smoking meats is a priority for the man of the house, that is a possibility too! Or maybe you are a pizza chef extraordinaire, think about installing an outdoor pizza oven like those that Alfresco grills offer.

Storage also ranks high in importance for the outdoor kitchen. From pull-out meat cutting boards to barbecue spice racks, to storage pantries, knowing what you will cook outside will help you determine what storage options you need.

It’s Pool Time

Several new trends in the backyard pool industry are popping up for builders and architects. There are spa-sized pools, resort-style pools, or simple backyard pools graced with fire features and waterfalls. The size and design of your pool need to fit the house it accompanies. Maybe you want a resort style pool but it doesn’t seem to fit with the exterior of your home. Talking with an architectural designer will help you get the most out of what you want while still fitting into the style of your home.

It is also important to keep in mind the value-added from building a pool in your yard. Chances are, if several of your neighbors have pools, building a nice one in your yard will increase the value of your home. If the pool is graced with beautiful landscaping and the other outdoor living features mentioned in this blog, your home’s resale value is sure to increase.

Pool fits the home

Somewhere Over the Waterfall

Water in motion engages a multitude of human senses; we hear it, we see it, we feel it, and all of these experiences make us feel different types of emotions. The sound brings a sense of relaxation and peace to our minds and bodies. The look of it lures us into the depths of its environment…

In order to receive all of these restorative, tranquil feelings, your water feature needs to fit into the design and style of the home, outdoor living area, and pool. Talk with an architectural and landscape designer when deciding the size, style, and location of your pool’s water feature.

Outdoor Water Feature

Your Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor living areas are one of the topics we discuss with clients when doing a lifestyle analysis. The outside of the home is equally as important as the inside of the home. Both should offer peace, safety, tranquility, and relaxation for the homeowner. To ensure this, they should still fit into the overall design of your residence. Finding the balance between inside and outside could turn your home into a beautiful vacation away from the everyday stress of life.

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