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by Crystal Hosking, Hosking Hardwood Flooring

Ranking a 1450 on the Janka Hardness Scale (Red Oak comes in at 1290), Maple is a wood species that has been used for hardwood flooring for centuries in part because of it’s exceptional durability. Also, Maple’s creamy white coloring and subtle grain patterns can really open up a room and can be used to complement virtually any aesthetic taste.

Because of its naturally lighter color, natural Maple hardwood flooring is perfect for residential areas with heavier traffic and tend to hide imperfections like scratches and dents more readily than its darker counterparts.

Additionally, Maple flooring can be very versatile, as there are different grades available with varying amounts of color variation and/or character marks. For a elegant and sleek look, go with a higher grade like Clear Maple or Select & Better Maple. These grades have the cleanest look, with minimal color variation. For a more casual aesthetic, you may want to go with a Select or Rustic Grade as these grades will show darker character and a broader spectrum of the natural color variation of Maple.

The downside to Maple is that it can get kind of expensive, depending on the grade and clarity of the boards. We’ve decided to make getting your hands on a solid Maple floor for your home a little easier on the wallet.

For a limited time, we’re offering two different natural Maple 3/4 IN. thick solid hardwood floor products from PREMIUM manufacturers. These are two of the best Canadian hardwood flooring manufacturers out there and we used our exceptional buying power to get you the goods at amazing prices.

Lauzon Solid Maple Natural 3-1/4 IN.

The first one is from the prestigious Lauzon Wood Floors. It’s a 3/4 IN. x 3-1/4 IN. solid Maple Natural in a Select & Better grade. It features a uniform appearance and the 3-1/4 IN. width really makes it perfect for any type of room. This Maple Natural comes with a 30 Year Residential Finish Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

The owner, Jeff Hosking, loved this solid Maple Natural floor so much that he purchased an entire truckload and is passing the savings down to you. Usually retailing for anywhere from $8 to $10.99, you can find it here for $4.99 per square foot. We’ve already sold over 6000 square feet of this amazing solid maple, so make sure to order a sample and get your new maple floor now, before stock is depleted!

Mont Royal Maple Natural Extra grade 4-1/4 IN.

Our second solid Maple Natural is a product from the up and coming Canadian mill Mont Royal. Mont Royal offers a wide range of domestic wood species in a variety of grades. They offered us an amazing deal on their Maple Natural Extra grade (their version of a Select grade). This Maple Natural Extra offers a beautiful range of color variation and a moderate amount of darker mineral streaks for that more casual look. Additionally, these solid boards are 3/4 IN. thick and 4-1/4 IN. wide. The wider boards really offer an amazing canvas to showcase all the beautiful natural character included in a Select grade Maple.

If you’re looking for a premium quality solid Maple Natural floor in a wider width, you’re not going to find a better price than this: $4.18 per square foot. For a 4-1/4 IN. wide solid Maple! Samples are available via our website. We recommend ordering more than one sample, so you can truly see some of the variation included in this Extra grade. Special in-stock pricing is only available for a limited time.