Start the New Year With New Outdoor Living Projects for Your Home

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The Next New Thing for a Brand New Year

With the chaos of the seasons, family get-togethers, office parties, and the culmination of the efforts of 2018 coming to an end, the last thing on your mind probably isn’t looking at your next renovation project.  But while you are in the process of putting together your list of New Year’s resolutions, how about considering one you will not only keep, but will truly enjoy for the rest of the year!

A place for all seasons

Outdoor living isn’t just limited to places where it almost never snows.  Just because the temperatures drop below zero and the snow drifts pile up, it won’t be long before you will be wanting to put your indoors outdoors again.  Here are a just a few of the things that are going to take 2019 by storm when it comes to outdoor living projects for your home!

Patio or Deck Living:

Source: Home Depot

Whether you are a fan of a nice wooden deck or your tastes tend to be more evocative of a Mediterranean lifestyle, a patio or deck can make an inviting area where you can enjoy the outdoors during all seasons!  Decks offer an area with good drainage that requires very little maintenance.  The natural wood, or painted surface is very versatile when it comes to the architecture of your home.

Patios are a little less flexible, and drainage may be a problem during the wet season.  Proper installation will make sure your tiles, stone, or brick is dry and ready to use in no time.  Add some trees, potted plants, and hanging flower pots to complete the look, bringing your outdoor living space even closer to nature.

Bring the elements together with fire pits:

Source: Home Depot

When it is more than just providing heat that you have in mind, nothing mesmerizes and draws people together quite like a fire pit.  Whether it is a nice hardwood blaze in an iron fire pit, or a propane fueled fire pit that turns on or off with the convenience of a switch, you and your guests are sure to love the light and warmth it provides.  Many gas fire pits add the aesthetic of combining other visual elements to the party.  Colored glass, rock, and even water can come together to bring about a whole new viewing experience.

Using outdoor propane heaters on your deck or patio will make sure that chilly days and nights are not a problem when it comes to entertaining outdoors.

Source: Home Depot

Pergolas are a great design feature in that they allow light and airflow to compliment your outdoor area while offering shade during the heat of the afternoon.  Unlike a completely enclosed patio or deck, a pergola has the benefit of allowing you to see the sky, enjoy the natural light of the day, and provide a place for hanging pots, strings of light, and other features you might wish to add.  The added benefit of not having a roof means less maintenance in the long run (unlike a roofed area), and better ventilation which keeps an area free of mold and that stale, closed in feeling.

Source: Home Depot

Why should you be inside slaving over a hot stove when there is a party going on outside?  Now you don’t have to be!  With the same utility as an indoor kitchen you can incorporated the food making experience in with the rest of the entertainment!  No longer just a reserve for gas barbecue grills, you can have a working kitchen outdoors, complete with refrigerator, sink, range, and oven. The best part is during the hot summer months, you won’t feel like you are sweltering inside while braising shortribs or making duck confit for a party of twelve.  The kitchen used to be a place where everyone in the home would gather, and with an outdoor living kitchen, it came outside to where the fun is!

Source: Home Depot

Like the outdoor kitchen a bread/pizza oven can put a fresh twist on entertaining family and friends.  Usually too hot or bulky for the indoors, these wood fired ovens are perfect for the outdoors.  In the cooler months, they provide warmth to your outdoor living area, and in the warmer months, the heat is dispersed outside.  There is nothing more inviting than the warm glow of the interior of a wood fired bread or pizza oven.

Start your plans for a New Year today!

Whether it is a DIY project or a professional installation you have in mind, Zabitat is there for you from rough sketches on napkins to the first time you turn on your outdoor lighting.  Visit our website if you want to learn better ways to turn your backyard into an extension of your home!  There is no better time to start thinking about it than now.

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