Tech Gadgets That Will Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

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Tech Gadgets That Will Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

When you think of the latest and greatest technology, you might think about devices we usually use indoors — things like big-screen 4K TVs that are the size of Rhode Island or smartphones that have tons of cool high-tech features.


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While this type of tech is noteworthy, there is also a huge variety of high-tech devices that are changing the face of outdoor living. Here are some of the insane new technology that will transform your backyard from average to amazing.

1. Outdoor security camera systems

If you’ve ever seen grainy footage taken by traditional security cameras, you’ll be blown away by the high-tech options now available. For instance, Lorex has upped their game to give their camera systems incredible features. This is the case for their innovative Diurnal Wire-Free Security Camera Systems that are battery operated — this means no more hassles with installing cables, and you can place them pretty much anywhere you want. And, since everything in the world emits infrared light, the camera’s Thermo-Sense Infrared Sensor will continually measure and detect this type of infrared energy that radiates from all living beings. If a person, animal or car moves into the camera’s frame, it will detect the infrared light and automatically start recording.

2. Sprinklers that check the weather forecast

Ever forget to turn off your sprinklers on a rainy day? Thanks to the Hydrawise irrigation system and its “Predictive Watering” feature, this issue will never happen in your backyard garden. Hydrawise will automatically adjust its amount of watering, based on the accurate and internet-sourced local weather data—and it does this all on its own. The Hydrawise system will look at the forecast and also its past history to ensure that the perfect amount of water is given to your garden. Not only will this save you big bucks on your water bill, but you can also rest assured that you are not wasting water and that your plants will not end up being harmed due to too much H2O.

3. Weatherproof loudspeakers

If you like to listen to music outside, we have come a long way from the boombox that had to be kept under cover. For instance, the Niles RS8Si Granite Pro Rock Loudspeakers look exactly like large rocks, and their weatherproof design surpasses the Military Standard 883 for corrosion resistance. The speakers are also UV exposure and water resistant, so you can set them up around your pool or hot tub, crank the tunes and not worry that the speakers will break mid-song.

When it comes to outdoor high-tech, we have come a long, long way. From wireless outdoor security camera systems that can see in the dark much better than we can to devices that save valuable water to speakers that look like rocks while playing crystal clear rock and roll, there are many options for accessible, weather-friendly and uber cool tech.

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