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Replacement Windows

When it’s time to replace those worn-out, drafty windows in your Colorado home or business, you can’t do better than to go with vinyl windows made in Colorado to stand up to our often-harsh conditions.

A window replacement project represents a big investment.  When the project’s complete, you’ll want to know you’ve done it right; that you’ve made a wise decision for the look, feel, and value of your property.

For that reason, though there are many options available to you when you go “window shopping,” you’ll thank yourself for going with sturdy vinyl replacement products made right here in Colorado.

For beauty, strength, and overall value, you just can’t beat locally-manufactured vinyl windows.

Why Vinyl?

You might hear about a “hot bargain” on other types of replacement window materials… so why is it important to “go vinyl” when you replace your windows?

Aluminum frames are cheaper to buy… at least, at the outset.  But when you factor in the heat loss associated with cheap aluminum frames, those windows really aren’t a bargain after all.  It doesn’t take long for vinyl frames to save you more money on your utility bills than their slight extra initial cost.

Wooden frames?  If you’re looking for insulating properties, wooden replacement windows aren’t too bad… but they require a lot of maintenance over the years.  More costs that you don’t incur when you go vinyl.

Compared with other materials, vinyl is the champion for replacement windows, hands-down.  It keeps the weather outside, where it belongs.  It doesn’t fade – so your property has that beautiful “new windows” look for many years to come. 

And you just can’t beat today’s “rigid poly” vinyl products for strength, durability, and long-lasting weight tolerance (a key factor in standing up to Colorado’s climate).

Why Local?

A window salesman also might entice you with a “bargain” on vinyl windows made out east, in plants in such places as Florida.

Beware, Buyer!

There will be extra cost associated with trucking those replacement windows from the east coast… and not just transportation costs.

Today’s replacement windows are manufactured with two or three panes of glass, separated by spacers and by filler gases (usually argon).  By the time your windows arrive at your Colorado property – at least a mile higher than the east-coast plant from which they came – it’s likely they’ll have warped, or even cracked due to the change in altitude, and the expansion/contraction of those filler gases.

Another factor: those Florida windows are manufactured with a Florida climate in mind.  Here in Colorado, the weather can change so abruptly that many windows can’t withstand the fluctuations in temperature, wind speed, and precipitation.

Finally, we’re a mile closer to the sun here in Colorado… so your property is constantly bombarded by more-intense UV rays than property owners experience out east.  That bright Colorado sunshine can wreak havoc on windows which aren’t made to stand up to it.

Luckily, there’s a great local manufacturer of high-quality replacement windows made to withstand the specific conditions Mother Nature creates here in Colorado.  Ask your window replacement company for Amerimax vinyl windows.  Go vinyl… go local… and you can hardly go wrong.

Author’s Bio:

Jay Lillien is the owner of 303 Windows. For the past 18 years, 303 Windows has been dedicated to providing their customers the best service possible. As part of their commitment to their customers, 303 Windows installs only Amerimax Windows. These windows are built to withstand the extreme Colorado climate that causes most other windows to fail.

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