Trending Flooring Types used in Building and Renovation

Hardwood Flooring

Have you planned to get new flooring installed in your home? Then you might be looking for flooring types which are in trend these days. Choosing the right flooring is a critical decision to be taken. It can add value to your property and can make your place look appealing. You can find a variety of trendy flooring types in the market but important is to select the one which satisfies your needs and goes with the interior of your house. Also, if necessary you should take the advice of a flooring expert. Go with the following trending flooring types to have a clear knowledge about them. Also, it will become easy for you then to select the right flooring for you. 1. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Having tiles in the bathroom is the best option, but many people like to have them in the kitchen, dining area, or laundry room. Tile can be considered as the most versatile flooring as there are certain tiles having the design of hardwood and durability of ceramic. Porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles require very little maintenance and are most durable. The tile needs not to be expensive. It only requires the right person for the installation process. 2. Hardwood and Bamboo – When it comes to hardwood flooring, nothing can beat its aesthetic appeal. Hardwood is a fantastic option for living areas and kitchen in some cases. But it should not be installed in areas which get wet frequently like bathroom, mudroom, and laundry room. The plus point about hardwood flooring is that it can go with almost all types of interior decor. Bamboo flooring is similar to hardwood in terms of cost, installation, performance, and maintenance. Hardwood flooring demands extra care because if not kept clean, it gets scratches easily. 3. Carpet – No doubt, carpet is an attractive option and is available in many colors and styles. Also, its installation is very easy and quick. Carpets are very warm, quiet, and soft, and it is the reason that most homeowners like to have it in their bedrooms. Remember carpets are prone to damage from pets and stains. So be cautious while selecting a carpet if you have pets and kids at home. 4. Laminate – Laminate flooring is a low-cost alternative. It is made up of resin and wood pulp and can give the look of real wood. It is quick and easy to install and is created for the click-together floating-floor installation. It can be glued on the floor, but is not recommended. 5. Vinyl and Linoleum – Both vinyl and linoleum belongs to resilient flooring and are almost similar. The main difference between them is that vinyl is plastic, usually acrylic, PVC, and the same polymer, whereas Linoleum is made of natural materials like cork and jute. They come in the form of tiles, sheets, and planks and are easy to install. They are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Furthermore, they are moisture-resistant, highly durable, and are a good option for high-traffic areas.  

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