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Many people consider their outdoor living spaces to be just as important as their indoor ones. In fact, some families spend more time outdoors grilling, hanging out by the pool or lounging on their decks than they do inside their homes. No matter what type of outdoor living space you want to create, there are plenty of types and features to choose from. Additionally, there are various companies, such as Softwoods Adelaide, available that can assist you with designing your spaces or provide you with the materials and tips that you need to do it yourself.


Pergolas give you the ability to create outdoor spaces that are private and protected. Usually, pergolas are custom-designed to fit your home. However, you may also purchase pre-manufactured ones and simply place them where you want them. Some people like to place their pergolas directly against their homes and connect them with decks, whereas others like to place them in a random location on their landscape. Where you want to place your pergola is all about personal preference, but pergolas certainly make charming additions to homes and landscapes.

Perhaps one of the most popular types of outdoor living spaces are decks. Many people have decks that connect to their homes and are accessible through sliding glass doors. Others have decks around swimming pool and spa areas. Still others have decks that are a combination of both and connect the swimming area with the home. Decks may be enclosed or uncovered, and they can be built in virtually any fashion that the homeowner desires. Decks allow you to expand your outdoor living space as much as you want it and get you up off the ground so that you can enjoy the conditions outside no matter what the weather, even when the ground is wet and soggy.

The type of outdoor living space that is best for a home is influenced, in part, by the homeowner’s personal sense of style as well as his or her budget. For instance, some more elaborate types of pergolas and decks can cost more than simpler models. Some people might simply prefer simpler designs. No matter what type of outdoor living space you choose to invest in, selecting one that complements your home’s design is essential to creating an advantageous space. For instance, if your home doesn’t feature any sliding glass doors, then you might need to consider creating a deck that accommodates a different type of access.

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