Using Combination Chemistry to Help Customer Reclaim their Outdoor Living Spaces

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Using Combination Chemistry to Help Customers Reclaim their Outdoor Living Spaces

Mosquitoes require water to complete their life cycle. The first step in a mosquito management program is to assess the areas where they could be breeding/completing their development. Removing standing water where mosquitos prefer to lay eggs and complete their development, you can stop some species of mosquitoes from using the property to breed. It only takes about ¼” of water for these mosquitoes to complete their life cycle, so it is important to be thorough in your inspection and removal. Common containers where mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs include birdbaths, old tires, buckets, pails, children’s toys, tarps, and plant trays.

Regardless of what type of mosquito management program a PMP offers, the goal is to minimize the number of biting mosquitoes. Property owners want to reclaim their outdoor living spaces and avoid aggressive biting mosquitoes. Most people recognize there is a connection between mosquitos and water, but don’t understand the specifics of what is needed for mosquitoes to complete their life cycle to become biting adults. It is our job to help to explain the connection and to help property owners manage the standing water and reduce mosquito breeding.

By utilizing the most effective science and products available to the industry, Combination Chemistry, Pest management professionals have access to products with multiple active ingredients that work to disrupt the development and survival of undesired pests.

Here are 7 tips to help you manage mosquitoes using Combination Chemistry and ultimately to reduce the number of call-backs you receive.

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