Vineyard Daybed by Vondom will Elevate Outdoor Living Space

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Vondom rolled out its 2020 collections a few months back; the Vineyard Daybed designed by Ramón Esteve is the first product out of the collection. It is a simple, hut-shaped daybed that will elevate your outdoor living space to a new height. It will make a cool place to sit, converse, meditate, sleep, or simply relax.

The Vineyard Daybed features clean lines and a pyramidal shape inspired by traditional architecture. It comprises an aluminum structure and a double reclining mattress that ensures complete comfort.

Each unit has two sides open and two canopied sides with a unique pattern that blocks sunlight while also allowing adequate light inside. The placement of the daybed will also decide the amount of shading it provides. The Vineyard Daybed sits on small legs that ensure just appropriate height from the ground. It can accommodate two persons at a time.

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Customers can choose from two finishes – fabric and woven according to their requirements. With its smooth blend of materials inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and modern architecture, the Vineyard Daybed will sit just perfectly alongside the swimming pool in your property.

Image: Vondom

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